Where did you go? ...
Did you have a meal? …

These are Thai old-time greetings. May I use these sentences to greet everyone in this review.

Before Songkarn festival, I have a chance to travel in provincial area, no far from Bangkok. It is suitable for one day trip. Traveling by personal car takes around 2.30 hours …

Go to Kan. Let's travel …

I'll bring you to Amphoe Sai Yok to spend 6 hours in "MALLIKA R.E.124" together. I don't care if you are ready or not. Because you have read to this point already. Everyone takes a seat on a car ready to go! ... Kanchanaburi.

I am pleased to experience "livelihood of villagers in MALLIKA R.E.124" and I will bring my family here again.

"This place ... displays way of life and beautiful ancient atmosphere much better than I expected."
Let's see together.
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Sunday morning ... is a day without rush. So, we don't wake up early, have breakfast, read news, chat with friends in social and depart at noon.

Today ... from hotel to destination, doesn't have traffic jam at all. Drive conveniently. During the way, we stop by gas station to grab some coffee which is the only stop on the way.

14.00hrs – Arrive at MALLIKA R.E.124 | Sai Yok (Kanchanaburi) …

… The Journeys is about to begin.

MALLIKA R.E.124 is established on area of 60 Rai in Amphoe Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi. It reproduces city in the lately age of Phra Bat Somdet Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua (Rama V) when the abolition of slavery was announced.

His Majesty announced "Slave Abolition Act R.E. 124" on April 1, 1905 in order to liberate all slaves.

The website fully explains all details. I recommend you to read it before visiting. It will make you enjoy the city even more. http://www.mallika124.com/history.html

You can dress as usual.

But if you want to get utmost feelings, I suggest to rent traditional Thai dress at MALLIKA. They provide full costume for male, female and kids.

200THB : breast cloth, loincloth, accessory, belt and umbrella
300tHB : leg o' mutton sleeve with silk cloth, loincloth , accessory, belt and umbrella
100THB : Chinese shirt, loincloth and waistcloth
300THB : Raj pattern and loincloth
50THB : sleeveless top for girls and Chinese shirt for boys with loincloth
Remark : price as of April 2017

Q : Where can we keep our clothes?

A : MALLIKA provides locker. So, you don't need to be worry about your belonging.

When various clothes combines together; shirt, breast cloth and multicolor loincloth, MALLIKA becomes even more lively.

Entrance fee and money exchange | MALLIKA Gate …

1. One day
- Adult : 250THB
- Kid and elder : 120THB

2. One day pass + dinner with shows
- Adult : 700THB**
- Kid and elder : 350THB

* Free for kid under 100cm.
* Kid's price applies for height 100-130cm.
* Elder aged over 70 years

By visiting the city, you can choose to walk or use rickshaw service (commonly called Rodjek), which will provide different feelings. I personally like to walk as I can easily stop along the way spending extra time at interesting things.

Remark : 50THB per round

Another important thing to do before entering is exchanging money to MALLIKA currency called "Ru". It will be used for buying food and snack in the city. Don't worry it's not enough. There is "Bank Siam Kummajone" at business quarter.

Remark : 1 Satang = 5THB (as of April 2017)

Pre-spend on Saphan Han | Saphan Han …

Once entering, you will hear the word "kor-rub" and "jao-ka" (olden words) from villagers.

At first stage I have odd feeling because the words are different with nowadays. But after a while I become apart of the city enjoy visiting all shops.

After the entrance we walk across "Saphan Han". This bridge dose exist in real world.

"Saphan Han" was formerly a small bridge located in Sampeng area, Chakkrawat subdistrict, Sampanthawong district across Rop Krung canal or Ong Ang canal.

The name came from the bridge's character. In the past, the bridge was made of single wood placing across canal where one side of the wood was tied up. Another side was free. The bridge could therefore turn from side to side facilitating the boats to pass. Nearby there was a small row house selling things like dried persimmon and variety of fruits.

Saphan Han contains shops selling containers, snacks and dried fruits attracting us to spend Ru money.

Fresh and dried fruits

As we are not hungry, we don't visit business district yet.

We directly go to see livelihood of community in that period. MALLIKA has imitated shelter of diverse classes for our learning.

Start with;

"Ruan Kahabadee"

is considered a house of rich people working mainly in artistic field; banana leaf work, flower work, mobile work and carving work.

"Ruan Deaw"

Ruan Deaw is ordinary people's house who are working class; farming, gardening, milling and weaving.

He's the owner of this house. Trimming basil twig to make it grow. I talk with him for a while.

There is a kitchen nearby which is a main location for cooking, for guests and villagers. This area consists of mill, barn and preparation area. It demonstrates how to winnow, mill, pound and cook the rice in large frying pan. The whole cooking process is done with stove.

Do you know how many steps it take to transform paddy to rice?

They show traditional milling and pounding method. Start with paddy from barn.

After milling process is "winnowing".

This man is explaining how to cook the rice.

Ruan Pae …

Then take a break at Tung Who Coffee which is the most modern coffee shop in that time. It imports coffee bean from abroad and offers diverse food, both on floating raft and visiting boat.

This is Chao Guay. The seller is so cheerful calling customers all the time. Lovely.

Traditional Pad Thai is very popular and delicious. Must try.

Center of nice food. Walking and tasting food in business quarter.

The most significant business district in that time includes "Prang Nara Road", "Prang Phutorn" and "Prang Suppasart". These places offer well-known and the most fashionable products.

Moreover, there are Bangrak District and Yaowaraj District where holds plenty of delicious desserts. All food and dessert are freshly made. If you want to know the process, feel free to ask.

After that we try sweets which look appetizing. These sweets are only easy to find, so we almost every shop.

Sea-Po Rice consists of duck, roasted red pork, crispy pork, Chinese sausage, stewed pork and egg. All together 7 meats topped with stewed sauce. It is 10 Satang per serve.

"Krong Krang Pork Ball" is also hardly seen. I have tasted it and like it a lot. The taste is sweet, spicy and salty. It is made from minced pork with seasoning sauce and coat with full-flavored boiled sugar.

"Namkaeng Sai"

Served in container made from dried leaves.

Khao Griep Pak Mor is freshly made and comes in soft texture. Very delicious.

An old style Kanom Krok. When I was a kid, I always asked my parents to buy for me.

You can find variety of Thai sweetmeats including Sa-Nae Jan, Kanom Jamongkut, Kanom Thong-Eak, Kanom Yok Manee, Kanom Bu Lan Dan Mek, Kanom Chan, Kanom Tuay Fu, Kanom Jeeb Thai, Kanom Nam Dokmai, Kanom Rae-Rai, Kanom Piak-Poon, Kanom Kai Pla, Kanom Tom Khao and Kanom Tom Daeng.

Kanom Thong-Eak is one of auspicious desserts that is hard to find in present. Because it takes very long time to cook. However, you can try it at MALLIKA.

During return round, we stop by fragrance zone buying perfume and fragrant candle made by MALLIKA.

Hor Chom Muang …

Hor Chom Muang, in the past, was used for patrolling prisoners. But at MALLIKA, it is used for watching city's landscape.

Dancing Art and Dinner | Ruan Mu

'Ruan Mu' is wealthy person's house used for welcoming state guests. The house normally has its own performance for guests. It therefore reflects custom of Thai playing art. In addition, the exquisite decoration and taste of Thai food is another highlight since this Ruan Mu is considered the largest one in Thailand.

MALLIKA provides dinner together with performing arts.

Dinner consists of

  • Grilled mackerel and chili dip
  • Traditional sweet crispy noodles
  • Salad of chicken and seven vegetables with sour-salty and sweet curry dressing
  • Chicken massaman curry
  • Fried chicken wrapped in pandan
  • Entrails soup served with hot steamed rice
  • Fruits

I wish you to see the show by yourself. I can take photos only some parts. Performers are very talented. Each movement represents tough training. They seem to learn in this field directly.

End with this Thai drink. Feel refreshing.

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Lastly I would like to thank you "MALLIKA R.E.124", Khun Julia and Readme
for giving me an opportunity to visit such special place. Thanks a ton.


 Thursday, May 11, 2017 4:20 PM