"Chumphon" is not only a passage way to the south but it's entirely a must visit town.

Some may see Chumphon as passage way or some may not know about it at all.

That's alright. Let's get to know "Chumphon" together.

Firstly I have to say that I may not go through deeply.

I just want to present Chumphon in my view point.

Because everyone has their own aspects. The presentation is therefore different based on writer's style.

I only wish receivers to open their minds seeing diverse aspects and experience what they like.

Why it's gotta be Serie #1? Though Chumphon is a small province, I can't visit all places in only one day.

For Serie #1, I will bring you to southern prat of Chumphon including Amphoe Sawi, Amphoe Thoongtago, Amphoe Luangsuan and ending with Amphoe Lamae.

Chumphon has variety of natural attractions. There is not only the sea but also mountain and waterfall (I didn't go in this trip).

Given these 4 districts (Amphoe), I don't travel all yet. So, there must be Serie #2 and #3 for sure.

If you are ready, let's go.

"Oh chumphon! Making a wish at Saen Sadudee...." Have you heard this song? By visiting Chumphon, you have to go to respectable sanctity for your luck first. Chumpon contains lots of sancities.

Start at Amphoe Sawi.

Phra Borommathat Sawi Temple holds ancient Buddha's relics of Sawi town which has beautifully renovated.

The temple is located at Moo1 Tumbon Sawi, Amphoe Sawi, Chumphon. A legend says King Sri Thammasokarat rested his army in Amphoe Sawi and faced with strange event. There were an albino crow and other crows flying and making noise over a ruin. The king therefore ordered to rummage the ruin and found large Chedi. He also found a casket containing Buddha's relics. So, he built Chedi in Ayudhya age. In 1916, there was a huge renovation where by building new Chedi covering the old one. At the front of relics, next to Sawi River, was a shrine called Phra Suea Mueang Shrine. Inside the shrine was a human-size sitting statue.

Area inside Phra Borommathat Sawi Temple is shady and equipped with convenient parking lots.

Walking in the temple, you will see simple yet gorgeous architecture.

There is a museum at nearby secteur displaying history and other details.

The Chedi is surrounded with beautiful and peaceful space suitable for taking photos.

Wonderful in Buddhist and Thai way

It is believed that ringing the bell will help to spread your reputation.

Phra Borommathat Sawi's architecture is based on Phra Borommathat Chedi Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Phra Suea Mueang Shrine has following history;

Before returning back, King Sri Thammasokarat was concerned that there would be no one taking care of the relics, he called one of the soldiers who was sleeping. The soldier, Mueang, reponded. The king asked whether he wanted to stay and look after this place or not. Mueang said yes. The king ordered to cut Mueang's head for propitiating spirits at a shrine. The shrine is so called Phra Suea Mueang Shrine, keeper of the relics. People nowadays worship the shrine as their sanctity, especially Chinese.

Phra Suea Mueang Shrine is located next to Sawi River, behind museum.

Transportation : By personal car, on highway no.41 (Chumphon-Luangsuan), the temple is 47km. from city.

There is a clear sign at entrance, 1km from main road.

Next station for Amphoe Sawi is

Prince Chumphon Veterans Memorial Shrine Hua Khao Tan is at Tambon Ta Hin, Amphoe Sawi, Chumphon. Here is the residence of Admiral Phra Boromawong Thir Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak where everyone has to visit for good luck. It is another sanctity opened for public. The palace is built on mount area called Hua Khao Tan near Sairee Beach. Allowing to see surrounding sea view and gorgeous landscape. It is considered as one of interesting viewpoints in Chumphon. Transportation is quite convenient, paved road all the way. From Amphoe Sawi downtown, take Sawi-Bor Ka route at Baan Nhong Pla School intersection or go straight on Bor Ka route. Turn right at Thong Kreng junction passing Daan Sawi Vittaya School. Go towards Sairee Beach for 8km. You will reach to the palace.

At this shrine, you can see entire sea view and and scenery excellently.

Let's take photos to show your friends.

The road to here is parallel with the beach which is very convenient. There are slight up-down hills and curves.

But what you will find more is beauty and calmness.

If you come from Sairee Sawi Beach, you will pass Paknam Tako. Going further is Paknam Luangsuan.

This place is not a famous tourist attraction but it's always beautiful for me.

And this is a reason I want to write review for those who don't know or haven't been here before.

Because I don't want to keep this charm only for myself.

Hua Khao Tan Fishing Community

If you drive along beach road passing route to Pitak Island, you will also pass Tako River Bridge.

It is a viewpoint for Paknam Tako and fishing community beside river.

Stop for watching view, getting cool breeze and seeing local livelihood. Sometimes villager comes for fishing here.

watching these things make me feel calm.

Go further from this point, passing beach road, is a pier to Pitak Island.

This time I don't stay at homestay on Pitak Island. I just take photos of dusk light at the pier.

Bitten by a mosquito is worthwhile.

Faraway light on island is Pitak Island

There is homestay on Pitak Island which is interesting to try.

Pitak Island is located on Thong Krok Bay, Tumbon Bang Nam Juad, Amphoe Luangsuan, Chumphon. The island is on Ao Thai coast around 1km. from bank.

If I have a chance to stay at homestay on Pitak Island, I will write a review.

Now I have finished 1 day with 3 sites but that's not enough. Let's continue tomorrow.

Here's Khao Talu. Have you ever heard for "Khao Talu Coffee" before? It is a Robusta Coffee from famous source in the south.

To be exact, it is from Tumbon Khao Talu.

"Khao Talu" has a hole on it. But what else we have to see?

Well, form the picture, you can clearly see the hole. I wonder what's inside the hole, haha.

Actually Khao Talu is a district within Amphoe Sawi which is full of coffee orchard, durian orchard and coconut orchard. Same as other places.

However, I like the nature here, There are spaces with refreshing green. I like driving and watching view on sideways. Just look at the photo. Isn't it beautiful?

I always fall in love with poaceae.

If you are lucky, you'll see the light shining through the hole.

That's not always happen.

If you go during raining season, you may see slight fog.

So charming.

For transportation to Khao Talu, you can go by personal car. It's 35km. from Sawi downtown. Turn right at Khao Peep junction and go along the way. There are signs the whole way, very convenient.

And last location of this review is Amphoe Lamae.

Lard Tai Khiem

Lard = Talard (market)

Khiem = Khiem Tree (Cotylelobium)

Lard Tai Khiem = market under Khiem Tree

Talard Tai Khiem or Lard Tai Khiem is located on Moo1 Tumbon Lamae, Amphoe Lamae, Chumphon in the middle of 7 Rai mellow rubber plantation. All shops are decorated with natural materials. The whole place is attractively beautified with local materials making is look relaxing and homely. It is a center of local products and food.

Open every Sunday from 9.00-16.00hrs.

It is a large weekly market.


Let's walk through. The market is shady because it is covered by trees. But still airy.

I take lots of photos.

We arrive at the market quite late, so the food doesn't look that appetizing.

Buy food and have a seat at provided table. Nice and pleasant.

This is candy palm, a local fruit of Amphoe Lamae. I just see and eat it the first time in my life.

Inside candy palm is similar to nipa palm but smaller and more firm texture.

Mix with syrup is refreshing and chewy.

Most of the shops sell food. If you are coming, I wish you enjoy shopping and eating.

It is my hometown, so I travel leisurely. I don't worry about time that much.

If you are coming from other provinces, you can ask for details again.

This is not all of " Chumphon " yet. There are plenty of places but gotta wait for next series. Stay tune.

This is the end of my review. I hereby apologize for any mistakes.

And sincerely thank you everyone for reading.

I'm not a great writer but present everything frankly ^^

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>>>> Hope everyone enjoy reading. <<<

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