Sawadee Krub, My friends!

I am back again after my Europe trip during last month with 21 days in Europe with less than a hundred thousand Baht budget.

This time we will travel to “Pakistan” then.

As of my review topic "Fall in Love at First Glance", I named it like this because at first I did not intent to go, I just want to see how the country looks like and I might not be able to go if I am older so why not now!!.

Nonetheless, there is more of this country than it looks. Yet, many people would have some negative points of view when thinking of this country.

I am not saying that this country is 100% safe, but vice versa as Thailand itself is not 100% safe for foreign tourists as well, even for Europe itself or America. Therefore, travelling must be subject to restrictions, rules or instructions in a safe areas, then you can go anywhere in the world.

#### I would literally make you all forget everything, trust me ^ ^

And you will “Love” Pakistan like I am that surprising fall in love at first sight on the first day ###

---- Actually, at first I want to write a book in a documentary style, not just like a tourist guide. It's in a process—however, it's close to the season, and thus, I would like to share this review in advance as if waiting for my whole book to print out, it would take a long while. Moreover, I am not quite sure it would be printed out as I still need someone to help my dream come true on this project. With respect.

##Just only want to share the experience of travelling the world to all my friends. ### Thank you for following.

For Camera matter, many people have asked me about, I use

>>> CANON 5D MARK II LENE 24-70F2.8##

>>> CPL

>>> Adjustment for the camera while shooting white balance, f, ISO and most importantly, the light exposure obviously will help to enlighten the color of the photo.

Let's get to know this country little by little and then deep down to the details at


PS. Next year, I plan to set up a trip to this place again, on my own, if anyone interested, you could contact me via Inbox at Facebook ^ ^ (It would not be a business arrangement, I only want companion to go with ^^).

I want you to look into this young boy's eyes. Do you feel anything?....^^

This trip takes about 11 days and 10 nights direct flight from Bangkok to Lahor. It takes approximately 4:30 hours and costs around 70k.

My first impression is the warm welcome and a sincere smile from everyone. (But a strong starring like they want to eat me comes before a wide smile, feel such a contrast as their smile make me melt)

Visiting here, I feel like a celebrity because there are so many people want to take photo with me, believe it or not.

During the period, it's around November which is autumn season with very bright and colorful atmosphere.

I have already posted a lot of mouth watering pictures but haven't even started my review yet.....^^

Alright, I am going to start my writing right now. Hahaha....Here it comes.

Badshai Mosque >> is the second largest mosque in Asia and the world's fifth largest. Look at the people in the picture so you could understand how big is it?

When we head out of the Mosque, the most important thing to do when I travel is the trip to the museum. However, the highlight of the place is The statue of the Faith Buddha which was found at Tak Sila town that we rarely see this kind of statue elsewhere.

In the late evening, we travel to the Wagah border checkpoint which is the border between Pakistan and India. Every late evening, it would be closed by the Pakistani and Indian soldiers.

You could click this link for more information

You could see a smile in every places in Pakistan....

Nevertheless, I would like an out-going person who could eat or sleep very easy and very entertaining at the same time since this is not a tour company as I just want a friend to walk and have fun with.

Right now, there are so many people wishes to join me already, I would love to go too, maybe we could set more trips for all season on that then.

Why should we spend so many trip here. Let's see the next chapter.

We continue our trip and stop by at Khewra Salt Mine, the ancient salt mine and the second largest in the world.

The place has a great management. it looks dazzling inside to me as we do not have a place like this in our country.

For more information, you could visit this link :

Look at our driver, his posture just seems like a model.

Finally, we have reach Islamabad and have a delicious dinner before heading out again tomorrow.

I feel so sleepy after finish dinner and feel exhausted from the trip, hence, see you tomorrow then Sawadee Krub.

Now, let's continue.

This old man, the highlight is his beard.

#On the way to Gilgit, we have to go around the hillsides, some routes are very scary but fun....^^

Along the way, it seems that Pakistan people likes taking photo. It is great as I love taking picture and they like to act, it is just a win-win situation.

Even when they are cooking, they also act for me. He makes me think of Romeo and Juliet movie, the one that fights with Leo, who still remember that?.

Handsome guys.....Let's act.....

See, they all like to take photos. Some even ask me to take photo of them.....Wow, I love this.

We are on the road for more than 10 hours but I couldn't close my eyes because the view is so stunning.

At the rest-point ##Very adorable donkey##

Travel on the road for quite some times and the road is very bumpy, makes my stomach hurt. During this time I think in my mind where are the beauty scenes that I have seen in the picture? I keep complaining now but for now just look at the sky and the yellow bridge is beautiful already. My eyes is blurry that I could see the mountain but no trees because of the cold weather. The river is turbid and the road is pretty rough.... @ ,, @

When we reach the check point, we have to get down for the passport check. However, thanks to this smart young man as he just poses for us.

Travelling for two whole days and during the late evening, I could see beautiful scenery.

Nanga Parbat is the 9th highest peak in the world and the second largest in Pakistan second to K2 (the second highest in the world).

In Pakistan, there are many peaks in the top 10 list. You could search for more information, however, the famous one to do the climbing and trekking to basecamp is K2.

We finally reach our accommodation during the late night, What am I doing today?

#In a car

#In a car car

#In a car car car

#In a car car car.... car.....

They let me sleep, tomorrow the plan is to go to see the peak view of Lady finger which is the name of the peak.

I take my exhausted body out of the bed. I am still lazy in the early morning as the weather is so cold, if I could continue staying in the warm blanket would be awesome.

Knock Knock Knock! The tour guide knocks on the door pretty loud, hence, I have to carry my exhausted body from two days ride to wake up then.

Well, Where Where Where is the Lady Finger???

#The sun starts to move out of the horizon. The brightness begins, I hope to see the her, the Lady Finger. >,,,<

At the Back!!!! The guide shouts out loud.

#Lady finger is a sharp peak that looks like a finger shape#

OMG! seriously!!!just that??? I have spent the whole two days sitting in the car. Come on! No way!. But when the light comes, I think this is worth it.

I take photos like crazy people, just few moment and my memory card is already full.

I am done with the shooting and I am happy now, then let's head back to the hotel.

Sip a cup of coffee with this wonderful view!

Now it time to continue the journey again.

Hey, another ride? my butt still hurts so bad but the view is spectacular, it feels like I am in Switzerland.

We switch up some car. Then next station is Hopper Glacier. The ride is ready but I am not, just give me some times for a walk.

Now let's continue the review then## I think I would finish this review by weeks and the reason are

# I don't want you to rush

## You could fully feel it

### You can feel the beauty

#### and see the deep side

Actually, I am busy so I could not put it all out at once. Sorry for that, I want you guys to feel the atmosphere with me in every single picture as I always feel the mood like I am there every time I see those photos.

This picture will make many people decide to join me in the next trip.

Did you know?...

It is known that the foreign tourists who come to visit Pakistan the most are the Japanese. Yes! Pakistan people like Japanese tourists very much because they are very generous in spending money and they have etiquette in tourism. They respect the place and they are not noisy which is very important.

For European tourists, I did not see much of them here. It might be because of the conflict between the government. It just my guess.

Let’s continue our journey then. We are heading to the Hopper Glacier, the road leading there are dirt roads along the way and going through the hillside which have high cliffs all the time.

Everywhere I pass, there are leaves changing color along the mountains in a long line. I start to get used to watching them, are there going to be anything more interesting to catch my eyes?

Going down...continue walking. I am. Wait for me to get down to you, I would like to have a taste of the ice.

=== Walking for a little while, then I turn my back === Ohhh...How did I got here?? .... ^^

That's why I feel a bit exhausted. I don't want to think about walking back ---- >,,,,<

>>>>> I hurry head back and get pretty sweaty while stepping down. And just then when I look up and scuff my sweat, the beautiful scenery in front makes the tiredness gone.

Look at the Glacier nearby now and go back to see the previous picture. it's really enormous! I thought that it would be smaller than it looks, however, it seems we are so small.

>>>Let's see the Glacier closer once again. This is my first time as well....very excited<<<

The Glacier look like icing here, hence, there is still ice melting throughout the basement part. Even on our standing point, we still could stand but we still can hear the sound of flowing water down below.

==By the way, let's me taste these ==

>> This stunning view with the cool air. And this is "Pakistan" <<

I would head back to the house and have some sleep first. The weather is pretty awesome, it would definitely be a fresh morning to wake up.

Send you a good sleep which the picture of this kid. I like her sharp eyes very much.

##I'm still in her eyes view ###Search by yourselves. Can you see me?

P.S. The guide says that people from the Northern part, their face would look like European because Alexander the Great once came to this route. Eiei the word on the street, tell me that ...

Are you guys ready to the next destination. Let's hop on the car ^^ Which one is good. Hahaha

Let's continue with the Altit Fort --- From the information I have been searching, there aren't exactly sure what year or when it was built. Some say it was build in the 11th Century, some say it's around 1100years. So let's says it's quite old then.

Looking from the top of the fort, it looks pretty beautiful, yet they said that it is the place to throw the prisoners down.

##For whom who are likely to travel there, please do not watch too much as it would not be exciting when you travel there##

One of the friend asks me that is this #a review or #raving. Oh! Maybe I am really babbling. From Altit fort, we will head straight to Baltit fort which is located at another corner of the mountain and from these two forts, you could view the overall scenery of the city.

Unfortunately, my battery died just then. I got only a few photos from that place. But I could tell you that the scenery there is stunning and moreover it’s already registered as the World Heritage..

>> For more information <<

Next morning.

And the next one.

=== And the next next one ===

Let's go with triple WOW.

I have heard that many people are waiting and wanting me to finish this review already.

Please be patient, you guys. I am working on it as well, the review would be done by the end of this week for sure.

Our next destination will be the khunjerab pass, the border between Pakistan and China. The Pasu Glacier is one of pakistan's famous glacier.

Starting off from the Karakoram Highway, one of the most beautiful routes in the world.

After driving for a while, we finally reach Attabad Lake.

This lake just occurred around 2010 caused by the landslides from a major earthquake in Pakistan.

It blocks the waterway and turns into this beautiful lake.

Now it is time to swap from a car to a boat instead because the road is under construction and could not pass. Moreover, it is under process for the new tunnel as well.

We are on the boat and the water is very clear.

### If I am not busy taking photos for you guys, I would definitely jump into the water for sure ###

Lol, Actually, I wouldn't as it's freezing with a very strong wind out here.

--- Wowww again....the more deeper we go, the more beauty it shows ---

==On the shore, there are welcome smiles greeting us. == They are smiling at the girl, so I secretly filming it.

==They grow their own vegetables == The Vegetables must be very delicious because the atmosphere is a mixture of that.

After a drive and boat, now we are on the road once again. The atmosphere starts to change here as it is getting colder and we seems to getting higher.

== We have reached Pasu== This warm welcome makes me dizzy as the oxygen seems little and I couldn't breath.

### Welcome ###

How dare you Pakistan, why are you so cruel, why you looks such stunning.

Until now, I am just lost in time and my memory card are full.

There is no question that what is great in this country?

Sky are blue. Lakes are green. Trees are yellow. Mountains are white. Everything is just "Right"

Heading to Khunjerab pass.

=== As we reach Khunjerab border crossing between Pakistan and China. It just seems like we are in Scandinavia ===

During my visit at Nov.2014, they are renovating the custom building and I took some pictures from my mobile camera but now I could not find it anywhere. Then, I would show you some pictures around that area and you would have to see the real one by yourselves.

After returning from the border checkpoint, we head back to the hotel. There are million stars up above, moreover, it was a dark night. I take some photos but the quality aren't so great so I had to use ps to sharpen the picture.

Here comes the rider==

Look at all the young models. I do not dare to stand with them.

== Like Friends series promotion==

== I ask them to jump for me so this is the first try==

== As for the real shot== From both of the pictures, the middle one is not likely goes along with his friends.

Big Sister.

== Get ready for the journey again, this time we are heading back to Passu Glacier.

I do a little trekking which takes about an hour. This corner makes me think of a scene of movie "Lord of the Rings".

-- Look at its huge, when comparing to us --- we seems so small.

Here it is, Passu Glacier. The weather is pretty bad today as there are clouds blocking the peak. Passu Peak is about 7,200 m high. While we start walking, we still see the peak and we plan to going down to touch the ice at the bottom as well. However, while our guide tries to find the way to go down the weather just suddenly changes and the guide asks us to head back right away. Then just around 15minutes after that it starts to rain pretty hard. I do not want to think if we are still down there and face this horrible weather, we would be devastated.

--- The thing I would like to say is that we must listen to our local guide, would be the best idea---.

== The wide angle == cr. Note3

== On the way back, we pass by this lake. Even though, the weather is not so good, the lake is still pretty ==

== The last light of today ==

--- Last night, we arrive at Gilgit city and wake up in the morning with the atmosphere like this ---

--- Today, we are planning to wander around Gilgit city. Let's start with Kargah Buddha which was built around the 7th century as a symbol of the prosperity of Buddhism in the past.--

---On the way back I meet these guys, the thinkers. What are they thinking, I want to know ^^ ---

---Gilgit is one of the most beautiful cities and it is a hub city to continue the trip to the northern part of Pakistan.

--- Just walking along the river would be worth it.

---Go for a walk at the Central market, let's see what we have here---

There would be a peanut for sure.

--- A young cap maker....---

---On our way back, we stop over at Tak Sila town where Buddhism flourished in the olden days. Most of them have been destroyed in the past and nowadays it is registered as a World Heritage Site -

----Our last destination before ending my trip. When we reach Islamabad, I immediately stop by the Faisal Mosque which is the largest Mosque in Pakistan.--

---- End of Pakistan Trip with these children with their cute hair style and sweet smiles ----

Thank you all of you@ Follow up my review.

Thank you for Readme@ For the space to share the happiness with all the friends.

Thank you Pakistan@ For open a beautiful world to me to experience.

Thank you Pakistan’s people @ For the friendship and nice smile even though they are not smiling, I can still feel the sincerity. Then I would definitely come back again ... if I have a chance of course ...

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This feeling does not happen easily.

If only a glance .... you would fall in love with.

### P-A-K-I-S-T-A-N ### I intent to post it but suddenly forgot it….This is a short clip, although, it may not be so clear if not the file would be too large.

The person who wants to go with me on the next trip if you see the route, would you change your mind?

==Thank you == I want someone to join me the trip, if anyone interested you could just ask me and the information would be in my facebook. Thank you everyone.

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