At a hotel right at the middle of Downtown Bangkok,
While one of my colleagues did some VDO Presentation testing for the wedding,
This below photo came up on the screen, and I was like wow! this looks so yummy.

"This is so tempting and they all looks so good, where is this place?", I asked right away.

"Ayutthaya, would you like to go together? it is not expensive either", my colleague answered.

"Let's do that!!", I responded without any hesitation.

And then the time has come when we have been hired to organize the wedding at the Auditorium in Ayutthaya Stadium.

The trip to go to Ayutthaya for salmon happens as we need to go and inspect the wedding venue.

However, I don't think it is worth it to go there just to eat salmon and inspect the wedding venue.

Therefore, I turn on my iPad and look for other tourist attractions apart from the temples that I have been to.

And these are what I have found.

*Million Toy Museum

*Baan Kao Nhom Cafe

*Ayothaya Floating Market

I think these 3 spots are more than enough.. so the target places have been listed and now it is down to the companion.

I look to the left and right and finally have got 4 more people to join the trip.

And the last person would be my colleague, the one who is the local of Ayutthaya and have told me about this salmon's place.

We have made the appointment to gather together at 10 AM at a Cafe.

The day has come and oh my god! It is already noon and I just woke up, will they be waiting for me? Oh no!

I make a call right away and have found out that everyone are not up yet either. Hahaha, I guess this is one of the reasons why we are still together.

I take a shower, get dress, and drive to the Cafe straight ahead and we are all ready at 2 PM.

"-- This is a slow life trip indeed --"

Now everyone is ready, let's go to Ayutthaya!

Thanks god that we live not far from Ayutthaya. We have arrived at the Auditorium in less than an hour.
However, everyone seems to be so hungry since no one has have food yet for today. Then I ask my colleague who is the local right away.

"If we are in Ayutthaya, we should have Boat noodles, right?", I ask.
"Do you misunderstand something??", he answer.
"What!, every time I am here I always have Boat noodles. Isn't it the famous food here?", I ask.

"Oh! This is the wedding venue, don't you want to stop here first?", he ask.
"No no, it's okay. Let's go and find something to eat first!", I answer.
Not far from Ayutthaya Stadium, there is a Chicken Noodles' place which has been confirmed by my local colleague that it is good even though the most famous one is near Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon.
And we have decided to eat it here.

While I am taking some photos of the food, I am almost killed because everyone is so hungry. Once I am done taking photos, everyone only focus on eating and no one talks.

Once we have asked for the bill, we have found out that It is so cheap. We wish it is the same in Bangkok.

*Porn Prapa Kai Cheek - Taste : Delicious / Price : Totally cheap, Highly Recommended

We are done eating and it is 3 PM right now.

As I have done some research on "Million Toy Museum", I have learned that it will be closed at 4 PM. So we are heading there right away.

I let my local colleague drive this time and we have arrived so fast without using Google map.

It is a 2-storey building and I have to admit that I have fell in love with this place from the outside already.

We have to buy the entrance ticket before getting inside.

We have got the tickets now, let's start the tour!

I think this spot is better with some models like this. ^^

There is a souvenir shop located on the lower floor.

This is one of the highlight, the old lucky draw machine. We are like searching for a 5-Baht coin right away.

It is 4 PM now, the front door of the museum has been closed but they are kind enough not come to chase us out.

We stop by the restaurant in front of the museum for some drinks and have decided to go and find a place for some desserts.

Let's go to our next destination, Baan Kao Nhom Cafe

My boy friends are all excited because they have heard that the owner of this Cafe is very beautiful.

We have arrived to the Cafe shortly. It is a small and nice Cafe.

The desserts and drinks can be ordered from this counter. On the other hand, the traditional Thai desserts can be taken directly from the buffet. You just need to write down what you take and then you can pay at the end.

The owner is present but I am not brave enough to take a photo of her.

*Baan Kao Nhom Cafe : It offers a very nice ambience. Coffee and tea are pretty good. So if you have a chance, don't forget to stop by.

We have spent some time at the Cafe and agreed to go to Ayothaya Floating Market before all the vendors go home because it is almost 5 PM now and it is a weekday today so they might close early.

We have arrived at the floating market and found out that most of the vendors have closed their shops already as expected. There are not that many shops that are still opened. Anyway, let's just take a walk around and spend our energy for a bit preparing for the big salmon dinner.

While we are touring the market, my local colleague pop up and say

"Do we forget something, why are we in Ayutthaya today?", he ask.
"No, I don't think so. What could it be?", I answer.
"The wedding venue!!", he answer frmly.

--- Oh my god! we are here to inspect the wedding venue and we haven't been there yet. --
"I guess we don't have time for that anymore. Anyway, it should be alright because I have heard that it is under renovation so we can come back next month.
This time we just want to know its location, where exactly it is in Ayutthaya. So it is good enough"

Finally, we have come to the main highlight of this trip, "Salmon!!!!"
We are heading to "The Sky shopping mall", my local colleague said that it is a super quiet shopping mall.

Once we have arrived and stepped into the mall, oh! this is truly quiet. It seems like no one is here. However, there is a treasure "J Garden", the Japanese restaurant.

A La Cart and Buffet menus are available.
We look at each other and agree to go for the Buffet menu!!
We have started to order right away.

We have ordered one menu after another and everybody seems to be very happy and satisfied. So this restaurant has been listed in our favourite restaurant list already.
It is very good value for your money.

Dinner is done and it is time to head back to Bangkok.


Expenses on this trip

Porn Prapa Kai Cheek - 50 THB

Million Toy Museum - 50 THB

Baan Kao Nhom Cafe - 60 THB

Japanese Dinner - 429 THB

Gas/ 5 persons - 80 THB each

Total 66 THB/ person


All photos are from 2 cameras and 2 photographers ^^
(1) iPhone5S editted by VSCO Cam
(2) Canon 7D


Thanks to you all who have read through this review.
This review might not be too informative like any others.
Because I intend to use this space to note down all of my journeys.
I would be so happy if it has been useful for some of you ^^. And I will see you next time.

ps. This is my very first review. If you have any comments or suggestions, it would be highly appreciated.


 Tuesday, July 28, 2015 5:09 PM