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1. Bingin Beach

The beach is famous for suring. It is not that far from Uluwatu Temple and there are many choices of hotels, restaurant, and bars. Moreover, there is a surfing course for beginner if you are interested. (The course is about 500 - 800 THB)

2. Blue point beach/Single Fin

It is a must to visit this place, it is also the best place for surfing and also be the most beautiful place for sunset when see it from Single Fin Bar. Sigle fin Bar is the most famous bar that all tourists will come and join the party which will start from 5.00pm.

3. Uluwatu temple

This is also a must to visit, it is a landmark of Bali. The entrance fee is 30,000 IDR. It is another place that is best for sunset viewpoint. It is only 15 minutes from Single Fin Bar by motorcycle.

4. Tibumana waterfall

The fall is located in Ubud which is another place that you should not miss. We suggest you come in the morning because there will be less tourists so will feel like it all yours. And the atmosphere in the morning is so great.

5. Besakih temple / Mother temple

Here is the biggest and oldest temple in Bali which located on Mount Agung. It is the most important temple and claim to be the most holy place of the island. The entrance fee is 60,000 IDR including motorcycle delivery to the temple and guild. On the way back, you can walk but it is quite far or you can take the motorcycle taxi down for 10,000 IDR.

6. Kintamani Volcano and Batur lake views

It is another viewpoint of Bali that you all should not miss where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the volcano and lake view.

7. Rice terrace at Tegalalang village

The greenery of rice field and coconut tree is making us feeling so fresh. For the entrance fee is up to us to give them.

8. Tanah Lot temple

The temple is the symbol of Bali where local people call Pura Tanah Lot which means "Land in the Sea" because the temple is located at the beach front.

9. Old Man Surf Spot Canggu

This is another place for surfing which is not that far from Seminyak. There are high waves and surfing service is 50,000 IDR for 2 hours. If you also need a teacher, it is going to have an extra charge.

So this is all about a short trip in Bali for 3 days and 9 famous places.

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A Sexy Journey

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