A New Experience with a 5 Stars Resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket written by RinSa YoyoLive

Hi! Everyone Today RinSa YoyoLive would like to recommend you a 5 stars resort in Phuket province. Phuket is a Thailand's top tourist province which we have been visited it every year and every year we have stayed in a unique resort. Most of the resorts you have heard must be familiar be

A New Experience with a 5 Stars Resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket

A New Experience with a 5 Stars Resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket

Hi! Everyone

Today RinSa YoyoLive would like to recommend you a 5 stars resort in Phuket province.

Phuket is a Thailand's top tourist province which we have been visited it every year and every year we have stayed in a unique resort. Most of the resorts you have heard must be familiar because you guys must have seen many reviews from various media but for this time we have a chance to stay in Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket.

The name of the resort we never heard of it before and barely seen the review on online media that we not familiar to its name in Thailand. But, this resort is famous among foreign tourists very much and it is considered as a 5 stars resort that we're going to check in here ^^.

When talking about Mövenpick, we know that it's an unique ice-cream brand with a tender and soft taste. This is my personal opinion hehe.

We check in on 24-26 June, a Low Season which there is a chilly diverse atmosphere; a light rain, sunshine. It's relaxing time for us.

Let's talk about Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket. A lot of images and takes time for loading.

We buy a ticket from Thai Smile Airway for this round trip to Phuket and upgrade the seat to Smile Plus which the bag weight load is up to 30 Kilogram and a Royal Silk Lounge service too.

We check in Smile Plus at Counter E which there is a special counter with a pink symbol on it. After receive a Boarding Pass and pass the customer check, then we go to taste some snack at the lounge.

In the widen Royal Silk Lounge area, there are a lot of snacks and Bananas with Sticky Rice (Khao Tom Mat). But I just eat a few of its because I run to catch the flight..Eww, it's a night flight.

I take little time in the lounge but I can observe so many desert lines here haha.

Just a second then we are on the plane which are decorated with cartoon of Thai Smile. The seats of the class we get on have only 3 rows which are no.31-33. This class has a privilege of taking a good care from beautiful air hostess, starting from serving a Welcome Drink, refreshing towel until serving an unlimited of food and beverages along the way. I choose Spicy Chicken Sushi for this meal immediately when sit back on the seat hehe.

Along 1.20 Hours of the night flight on the plane, we do not have to sleep because there is a monitor to enjoy some programs along the way to Phuket.

When arrive at the Phuket Airport, Thai Smile Plus Class customer has a privilege to get off the plane first because the seat is close to the exit door ^^.

A car of Mövenpick Resort & Spais is waiting to pick up us at the airport which is considered as a resort's service but it depends on the package tour you have chosen too.

It takes around 1 hour to departure from Phuket Airport to Karon which Mövenpick is located there.

My first impression of me when the car moving into the area inside of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket is "Oh, such a huge place, is this the place we are going to stay??"

The area has allocated several accommodation types, the center area including swimming pool in the resort.

I heard that there are 4 swimming pools, excluding the pool in some Villa type.

The main building which is an Lobby area, Pacifica restaurant which we will have breakfast and lunch here, including conference room.

Our accommodation is a Superior type located on this main building. You should choose the Superior room if you want to stay near the dining room and a big pool.

Let's see the whole picture of the Lobby, this is the point that makes me shout out WOW again ^^.

The only word I can say is that it's so beautiful, luxury, huge^^ and many sitting areas.

From the time after getting of the car we receive a fresh garland flower and welcoming us with a fresh cool Welcome Drink.
It is my first impression while start staying here at Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket.

Check-in with one identification card then you will receive the room key and many other privilege cards for using at the other center areas. I get it too many that I am lazy to notice the card name so it's enough for me to just remember only my key room hahaha.

In the Lobby, there is a selling package tour corner for One Day Trip along with a recommendation given to customers. It's so convenient that we don't have to searching for detail of the attraction places. Let's take time for resting now.

After staying here for 1 night, I have not mentioned about our room yet but I want to mention the other area of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket together first, let's us feel gradually awake an excitement feeling.

PS. Someone has asked me to pronounce Mövenpick in Thai, Mer-Ven-Pik.

Pacifica is a dinning room that the most nearest to Lobby and Superior room type. We are going to have lunch here where the place is also serve a breakfast, buffet meal.

I am firstly want to mention about breakfast line here. Many various international meals including Thai, Chinese, American, Korea and Japanese which is well allocated here.

Breakfast room opens at 06.00 - 10.30 am.

If asking me about the breakfast line, I would say that there are so many food lines here.

Breakfast is an important meal, normally I eat not much but for this time I pick up the foods so many times that I feel strange hehe.

Different people can choose to eat what they like here.

My first dish is Sea Quest Salad, a fresh vegetable with salmons and crispy shrimps.

Let's see the picture of from the left side accordingly. The next menu is a Roasted Duck Wrap

Phad Med Mamuang with Chicken, this menu is so crispy and mix flavors.

Phad Kaprao with Salmon, a fried crispy salmon with a Kaprao (Basil saurce) scoop on salmon.

A crab fried rice, this dish is not only adding a crab meat in rice but also display a big crab meat on it which is so cool and tasty.

Seafood Tom Yum soup is not quite spicy but I eat it all hehe.

We have 2 nights and 2 days to stay at this resort without going out to any far place because the resort area is very wide. Almost the wide areas have been converted to a green area.

Seeing with one's own eyes and feel it with your heart, you will recognize the shady of the trees in all areas of the resort.

Since the area of the resort is very large so there is a free Golf car sending you to difference point but no bike to ride around because they want to keep the place calm, peaceful without any disturbing sound and this is a place to a real ease by strolling to see a green trees and more kind of living a Slow Life.

And there are a signs leading to different zones which we can imagine that we are walking in a Green Maze hahaha.

There is a green place in a family zone, a swimming center in another zones.

A Kid's club fitness room for both Indoor and Outdoor activity which is located in the high security area of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket that makes tourists feel peace in mind and full of joy while staying here.

The other public areas in the resort.

Let's see the Suite One Bedroom which we vote it to be our most favorite room type of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket so we place the picture in priority here hehe.

Suite One Bedroom has a modern decorated style like a simple and elegant condo.

I like its design, decoration and a perfect blend of drawing picture on the headboard.

The room suite is so cool that I want to have my own condo and decorates the same style (I personally say to myself) ^^.

A mini bar, refrigerator with transparent lid which I just have seen it for the first time, containing a various cold drinks with a price attached on the table.

2 Bottles of water and coffee tea are free for every room.

Suite One Bedroom, this zone is just opens for a while, I can say that its looks very new.

Now I will lead you to another type of room which it's a room that I have mentioned it at first; Superior room. The room is on the main building of the Lobby. You can see a sea view far away when open the curtain.

The room inside is decorated in a Thai with full facilities like other room type.

A light cream tone is painted to give a warm feeling, Bathroom is next to the bedroom and is connected to each other.

Good point of this superior type is it's near to the Pacifica breakfast room and big swimming but it's more far away from Karon Beach when compare to other room type.

But this is not a problem because the resort has a Golf car service but if I stay here, I would walk to the beach because there is a shady green tree throughout the area.

When looking down from the superior room that facing to the sea, we will see the big swimming pool down there which is one of our impressive corner here.

Let's see the real one closely.

A sunny afternoon and a shady corner of trees in the garden which a long blue stool would catch an eye of whoever walk through this corner in the garden.

Next I have a chance to take pictures of Gardern Villa room type

It is a villa in a sylvan garden and in a very private zone.

I also like this room type which is located in a good location near swimming pool, just a few step from the balcony then you can swim at the pool.

We are visiting the sea province so it would be strange if we haven't go to the sea. Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket is located next to Karon beach which is one of the beautiful, clean, peaceful and new organizing beach that tent canvas is not allow in the area so that it would not bother your eyes and you can fully appreciate the nature.

Sea sea I love you sea so ...

Now come to see the revealing of Penthouse Plunge Pool Villa which we stay here.

We reveal it in the last section haha.

There is a basement floor. The second floor is split up into a proportion of the bathroom and bedroom, .and the center of the room is the stairs going up to the rooftop, on the rooftop there is actually a private small pool to soak in. The size is not quite wide if you want to see the design of the room, let follow me then.

The bed is very comfortable soft here.

But we just sleep for a moment and have to wake up so we feel like the night time go so fast and when we awake and find out that it's a morning time then we want to have more sleep >"< haha.

The room we staying is very far from the Lobby and near the Karon beach but it has a strength Wi-Fi signal, very okay.

The bathroom is wide and big, separate the dry and wet zone with a full facility. I impressed with an aroma shower Gel of this place.

I feel fresh after taking a shower because of the scented hehe but there is something displease me that this resort has no rinsing spray. Except from hairdryer, safe lock there are also an ironing board for additional facility too.

Welcome Fruit, a seasonal fruits are preparing within the room in the afternoon. While we are relaxing here, the staffs have come and add the ice and fresh water too. The middle channel is the stair for going up to the rooftop.

The fruits and cool drinks are ready then now let's go soaking.

I don't know should I call it a swiming pool or a basin for body soaking in while looking at a beautiful surrounding of nature. This corner in the evening is so comfortable here.

Since I am so tried of carrying a camera and since we want to try a new thing so we have a chance to use a massage and spa room of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket too.

Private treatment rooms are build separately in building. It has split into a quite wide shower and changing rooms.

I feel a tight muscles when staff doing a acupressure on my body after I have not doing a massage for many months.

Whoever want to use the massage & spa here need to book for the queue first.

Today I want to try it myself, I feel so sleepy and enjoyable during 1 hour hehe.

Next we are going to have lunch at Karon Beach Square which is located beside the Karon Beach at Café Studio restaurant. This restaurant opens in the late afternoon until 7.00 pm. Teenagers like us would like it since it's decorated in a bright color atmosphere. There is a corner for taking many cool pictures here too ^^.

Café Studio

We order cold milky tea which this place serve a pale tea and separate syrup and fresh milk so that we can have our own drink blending. But we are not familiar with this way so the taste of our personal blending is not quite good haha because we don't know how much ingredient should be added hahaha.

But there is another interesting thing except from drink is these foods.

For example a Deep Fried Spring roll, it's so delicious when eating a hot fresh fried serving spring roll.

Another Wow menu that make us smile is a Pizza Tom Yum Goong and The Reef.

Pizza here is thin and crispy and full of topping, we appreciate both topping flavors.

Grilled Zucchini and Mushroom Wrap, my friend like to eat vegetable so they eat it all alone hahaha.

Café Studio is serve food, drink and bakery restaurant. If you have a meal here, don't forget to order a famous Mövenpick ice cream, there are many flavors of it there.

For us we have dinner meal instead.

Dinner meal is at El Gaucho room, starts opening from 6.00 pm. on the second floor of Karon Beach Square
Café Studio.

Here is a recommend menu, Brazilian Churrasco, which is a Brazilian-style grilled meat, various kind of steaks with unlimited Salad bar. With the price of 1200 Baht/person you can enjoy a 5 stars atmosphere.

We end up with a familiar name of Mövenpick ice cream.

and I truly believe that this review for today will make you guys familiar with the name Mövenpick which is not only a name of ice cream anymore but including (Mer Ven Pik) Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket

also, Smiley.

I would like to finish this review with a beautiful picture at night time of Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach Phuket which is considered as another a 5 stars resort that makes me impressed since the beginning I step in the area until I check out of the accommodation, including the staff service here which have passed good training and can answer questions very well. This point of impression I can not keep it alone so I want to share with everyone to let you guys know and come to experience this place more.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket
509 Patak Road | Phuket | Thailand
+66 76 396 139 | [email protected]

Thank You for follow me to this line. Thank You for visiting this page ^^

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