:: After heart broken for many times, we mostly tell ourselves "Next time must set aside a place for disappointment".

But did we forget that we have to put entire heart for true love ...


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:: When you feel blue, the sea is your destination. I have never thought I would be touched with this sentence until few days ago.

Anyway... Every love that happened, no matter how it ends, it's always beautiful...

Okay, lats night I get drunk enough to start with new things. The life that I choose.

After sober, a journey of single life has started. T T

:: Went back to last 6-7 hours, I was surfing on Facebook like normal heartbroken people do.

I was thinking do I really have to go to work alone. At least I should have a companion. Yes...at least I should have a friend going together.

So, I tried to find a companion from friend list in Facebook. While I was scrolling down, I found one person.

We have been friends for years but, according to the history, we have never talked. I gave her a nice greeting.

We get to know each other more and I invited her to be my companion... and she said yes : )

:: For this journey, we choose transportation services from Boonsiri which is a package of round trip from Bangkok to Koh Kut by van and boat.

It is 1300THB per person. The van parks at Khaosan road and departs at 6.00AM.

Takes around 5 hours from Bangkok to Laem Sok pier. We sleep the whole way.

:: After waking up few times, we arrive at Boonsiri's office where we declare the name to get boat ticket.

After that we wait for minibus to pick up and bring us to the pier. The bus comes at exactly noon in order to arrive at the pier by 12.30PM.

Laem Sok pier is boundlessly long in my thoughts. The sea is not as clear as southern sea.

But this place seems to be very peaceful because there are not many tourists. : )

:: It takes an hour from the pier to Koh Kut. The boat is in good condition. The atmosphere makes me wanna take photos.

We photograph for a while. Far away, there are mountains appearing from the sea.

Birds fly around the boat. Such a nice ambiance. Can't wait to see Koh Kut for the first time...

Oh! Another thing is you can search for travelling information from following website : http://www.boonsiriferry.com

:: Finish from photographing, we search for information about Koh Kut in the internet. Koh Kut is not a partying place...

But rather a town for relaxing your mind and body with nature. There are many beautiful beaches.

There is a must-visit waterfall named "Klong Chao". Another activity is snorkeling. We will see Kho Kut for the first time very soon. > <

:: My feeling after arriving at Koh Kut is difference of this place comparing to Pattaya, Phangan, Samui...

Or even somewhere I have been to. This island suits for living, spending long time and concentrating with yourself.

I think it's just the right place for my emotion right now...

:: Staffs are shouting resort name in order to get tourists on the van.

On the way to resort, sideways are full of plentifully greenish trees.

Could be because raining season but it feels really good. Can't believe 30 minutes just pass.

Now we are at "Koh Kut Resort". With excitement, we hurriedly get off from the van, put our bags on the floor...

and run to the beach. OMG... we are at the right place : )

:: I remember that we don't care about anything else, apart from taking photo and uploading on Facebook. LOL. We take lots of photos.

We enjoy photographing so much that we forget to check-in. We return to reception counter for checking in, keeping the bags and getting ready for swimming.

:: I book the room in low range which is garden view type. The rate at low season is 1150THB. Acceptable one.

The room atmosphere is in hipster style that you can take chic photos for huge likes on Facebook. LOL.

:: As we haven't eaten anything since we arrive, we decide to refill energy before swimming. Among the sea like this...

A glass of watermelon smoothie is a perfect match. But why I order Cheese Carbonara. Destroying the mood, haha.

The food is nice. We are easy-going. Staff says during low season, we can snorkel in area in front of the resort because there are corals as well. > <

:: If you are interested to stay at Koh Kut Resort,

Try searching more details from the website : http://www.kohkoodresort.in.th

:: At this part, I will not explain much. The first half day is spent with travelling. For the rest of the day, I will let photos describe themselves.

Let's see activities at Koh Kut Resort that we can do to put sadness aside...

:: Actually, there are corals beside the beach but we are too lazy and not in the mood. So, we swim only at the front area.

It is quite fun. Clear water and less people. I have a chance to tease someone I haven't never talked with. So much fun, haha.

:: Kayaking is superb. I go in the middle of the sea, like really far. Then I tell Wan to jump off the boat.

She asks if I really mean it ... Yes. Seriously? ... Yes. Splash!! She did jump. LOL!

:: When sunlight is softer, we sit by the beach and have a talk, like people talk to each other for the first time.

She is very artistic and wild in some moment. But she has a charm in her way. LOL.

:: Another day passes very fast. Yesterday I was drinking at Lardprao. Next day I'm at Koh Kut.

Life is somehow funny but today is quite nice for me. At least, there are activities to kill time of sadness for a while.

:: With this ambiance and this mood, I should drink to death, haha.

I'm sorry. I'm really heartbroken. So, the review is not joyful. But asking me to pretend I'm okay, I can't do that.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect for sitting, sipping cold beer and chatting to dawn.

:: With hunger, I mean I'm really really hungry. Last night I was so drunk that I couldn't remember anything.

Today I give my kidney a break. The food here is quite expensive. If you wanna save money, don't forget to bring some instant noodles in case you are hungry during the night, haha.

Overexaggerate! As we are on vacation, don't worry about it. Just enjoy the food.

:: Wake up in the morning and arouse myself with a nice song for CD she gave me the other day.

Reading book ... The poem that she used to cry while reading. Will absorb this moment as long as I can.

Sunlight reflecting on flowers, blowing wind and sparkling dew.

At this wonderful moment ... W h e r e a r e y o u? T T

:: I tell Wan that we will photograph hipster-style photos if, after breakfast, it doesn't rain.

Though we don't have any props and atmosphere also doesn't grant, we still intend to take hipster photos.

The hotel rate includes breakfast which is a light American set but enough to be full.

Let's start our hipster mission. Let's see how hip we can be. > <

" Wan, lay down, spread you hair and relax. "

" P'Mai, I think holding cat in the middle of the sea should be nice. "

" Wan, I want photos that are separated from each other. Can you go farther? I'll take photo from here. "

" Wan, I want photo with feeling that we love each other. "

" P'Mai, I think taking photo towards the floor is also nice. "

:: We spend hipster time for a while. Some are okay, some are not. But we try really hard.

I like feeling of that day a lot. It's a strange feeling in a tender way. Though it's the first time we meet.

:: After that, it rains heavily, like extremely. We can only stay in the room waiting until it stop.

Time passes with our bored heart of staying still. Okay, let's go out through the rain.

:: Wan and me rent a motorcycle from resort with rate of 400THB and ride to Klong Chao waterfall.

It rains the whole way. Distance from resort to waterfall is not far. Roadside view is splendid.

The scenery on left side is the sea and right side is green field, green trees switching with tall coconut trees.

Not too long, we arrive at the entrance of Klong Chao waterfall. We park the bike, walk inside and swim at waterfall.

:: Pathway from front area to waterfall is very slippy. Edgeways in first part are forest.

Then eventually changes to be watercourse. It's not that slippy but it's safer to hold hands ...

:: Exceptionally beautifulllll, haha. Splendid! I like it. The waterfall is 10 m. height. We know afterward that there is a pathway to go up for jumping.

We feel like it's a huge mistake. We jump from the tree with 7 m. height. That's fun enough but it would be even better to jump from waterfall.

We spend quite long time swimming through the rain. It's cold and freezing but extremely gratify. Anyway, may I advice one thing.

If you are not good in swimming, please wear life jacket. The water is deep and there are strong rapids during raining season. However, this place is beautiful like you can see. Everything is green and water is clear.

:: May be the waterfall is higher than 10 m. as compares to our height. Ohhhh, wanna go back. LOL!

:: I personally like this place a lot. It makes me feel joyful again and this is my life.

The life with cheerfully beating heart all the time. I like adventure, swimming, the rain and especially this place, "Klong Chao".

:: We stay at the waterfall for a long time and arrive at the resort around 6.00PM. Take a shower and get ready for dinner.

Tonight is the last night here. I don't know if I cause difficulty to Wan or not. I also don't have any idea if she is bored of this dark trip or not.

However, she already get involved. We must enjoy to the fullest extent, so tonight, let's drink till dawn ...

Mi Palapilii

 Monday, August 3, 2015 2:01 PM