Let's continue our journey to the land of India called "Lucknow"

Lucknow city is a railway hub city that connects to other provinces. There are varieties in classes here, some cities are pretty developed, some are extremely impoverished. This is our second time in India, we travel during 18-22 April 2017. And we already reviewed our first trip in India about Travel along Lord Buddha's route at https://th.readme.me/p/9519

After we travel on such a long journey from Savatthi, Kusinara, Lumbini and then cross to Nepal, at first our group plan to stay at the hotel in Kusinara and will continue our journey to Lucknow in next morning. Yet, our guide is afraid that we might feel exhausted with the connect journey, hence, he changes the plan for 6 hours directly ride to Lucknow. Therefore, we could have a rest at the hotel in Lucknow. Well, we arrive at our hotel around 9pm.

We stay in the 5- star hotel once again at Renaissance Hotel which we had stayed on our first night only a short while after we get down from the plane. Furthermore, we got an opportunity to stay for the whole night once again at this hotel.

It is already 9pm, we feel exhausted from the long journey and really want to have some rest. Nevertheless, we feel quite hungry so we go to eat something before on the 14th floor.

Our guide asks the chef to make Pad Thai for us. Wow, Pad Thai by Indian chef is not ordinary as it is really tasty that I have to double the order, though I feel really sleepy.

A hot served Pad Thai with fresh shrimps, the taste is just right that we don't have to flavor anything more, it already has a rich-taste, seasoning with lime. The taste makes me feel awake.

Dinner time around 9pm in India (around 11pm in Thailand) seems to be a usual thing as their dinner time actually begins during this time while in Thailand we begins to sleep tight already.

Let's cut to the breakfast time at the dining room in Renaissance hotel, we would not have to worry or complain about the food matter in this trip as our guide already prepared Thai food for us such as Congee and instant Thai food set. Hahaha

I could only take some pictures of these strange food, but we did not try as I do not dare to try it.

While I am having a breakfast on the 14th floor, I found out this corner.

Lucknow city is Uttar Pradesh state's metropolis in northern part of India. The city is the center of religious, culture, transportation and economy of the region which is full of history and beautiful architecture and it becomes to be the starting point of the tourism in the northern part of India.

And our trip in Lucknow would start in this morning. Well, today would be our last day in India and it will be a whole day trip for real among a peak heat at 39 degrees!

Along the way, we could see shops of Indian people that we simply calls them "convenience store of India" which they would mostly sell nuts, snacks and candy. The shops are located everywhere in small alleys or even along the walls.

It is a very tiny shop which just could accommodate only a vendor inside.

During the morning, we visit this place which is regarded as the main attraction of Lucknow, Bara Imambara.

Bara Imambara is a mosque of Muslim people which has a mix style of Hindu and Muslim. It is located at Lucknow and it is pretty huge and beautiful that wouldn't be a second place to any other places in the world.

Walking inside Bara Imambara, it is enormous and fantastic. The area is pretty spacious which I suddenly close my eyes and imagine the glory day of Lucknow in the past, how enormous could it be at that time?

Inside Bara Imambara would have a lot of nice corners for taking photos. We are pretty enjoying it but the weather is pretty hot that we are all sweating. The main part of Bara Imambara would be at the inside area, not just the outside, thus, let's follow and visit inside area together.

It really looks amazing!

The hall inside is pretty spacious without any pillars, the gimmick of the structure is using the natural light that comes from the holes on the wall which is also used as the inspection point from inside that could see through the main gate and people outside could not see through. Inside the building, there is an inner maze pathway which looks old through times. Moreover, there is a little wind flows to inside area and tourist need to put off shoes before visit inside, hence, we pay tip for keeping shoes at 10 Rupee.

While we are wandering around the place, suddenly one of the Indian tourist guy asks me to take photo with him, I feel like I am a superstar. Lol.

We are superstars from Thailand!


Now, we are heading out from the place and walk along the street of Lucknow to take some photos. I feel that the young man here looks charming, could say that Indian guys is rather handsome.

Except this guy, he looks fierce as I secretly shoot photo while he is flying a dessert. Hahaha

Now, it is shopping time. Most of the girls would love this moment, including me of course. However, I have got only around 3000 Rupee left in my pocket (around 1500Baht) that I guess I will spend up all of them here. It is the money left from our first trip in India anyway.

But until the end, this time we also have Rupee money left. Well, how comes? it is because we don't know what to buy.

Our guide takes us to walk along the alleys, he even takes us to bracelet shop in case we like it but apparently we don't. We don't like to wear too much accessories and furthermore I feel allergic wearing those stuffs. Hence, I would not spend my money on it for sure.

Well, there is a shop that we buy thing from them and seems like we have been cheating on! OMG...

We walk into a shop that selling shawl which costs 100Rupee per shawl. We choose 7 of them and pay money for it. Yet, the vendor says that there is one shawl that doesn't look like the others and it costs more expensive at 150Rupee, to me it is alright, so I pay 750Rupee for all the stuff and then go back to join my group and shooting photo together. Well, I really don't know that there is one shawl less in that blue bag! I found out when I arrive at the hotel and packing my bag, I feel frustrated, don't think that he will deceive me.

Nevertheless, other Indian people are pretty friendly, they always pose an act for me to take photo, just like this guy.

Except for this driver, when I turn a camera to him, he starts complaining and looks fierce toward me and then he rides his tricycle away. Lol.

He might think that why we like to shoot a lot of his photos. Lol.

We leave the market and already see the way of life of Lucknow people. But it's not all, we continue to wander in a department store as well.

Inside the mall, there are top brandname shops like our country and the price that I have calculated is just like those in our country. Thus, we haven't buy anything from here, just a glass of coke from McDonald.

We learn that though the weather here is scorching, ice is not famous among Indian people not like our hometown. In our country, when we buy a glass of coke, they will add up an ice full glass, then add coke into the glass later, but here, they only add only 3 cubes of ice into the glass and it melts pretty quick Lol. Our guide tells us that ice in India is not clean and it could not eat except those that produce by themselves like the ice that produces in the hotel.

During this time, the weather is burning that we would better go back to our hotel to take a rest in a cool air-conditioning air as we couldn't stand a hot 39degrees weather outside.

And in the evening, we would go to Ambedkar Memorial Park.

"Ambedkar Memorial Park" is like a public park that doesn't have a tree but instead it is a huge building. As the view that we see from our hotel, we think it already is huge but when we are here and see the real place inside, it is more than that.

We suggest you guys should take a walk here during the twilight time as it looks spectacular during that time and you guys could take a lot of nice photos as well.

Ambedkar Park is a memorial place of Ambedkar, one of the leaders of the change in the India's mindset.

A brief biography of him is that he was born in an untouchable caste but he is pretty smart at studying and think that India should be equal in each caste. Thus, he changes his religion from Hinduism to Buddhism as no-one would listen to him if he is still an untouchable of Hinduism.

I could not estimate how enormous of this place is, I just know that it is multiple times of Bitec Bangna in our country and what I surely know is that we could not walk all around the place for sure. Even that big dome, we also could not walk to see inside. Later, when I back home and search picture of the dome inside, I feel regret, why I don't walk to see inside with my own eyes!! When could I travel here again???!!

When we are here, we still seems like superstar, and this place is more than other places, they would walk straight to us and ask to shoot photo with. I think maybe the different of our look makes them feel interesting.

Not just the girl, but there are a lot guys asking to take photo with me. Unfortunately, something happens as when I prepare to go back , there are some children came and surrounded me and I wish to left them some money so I decide to give some money to them. When I take out some of the banknotes, suddenly there is a hand from a group of children grabs all the money and run away!

I stand still and feel stunned, it is pretty quick. Yet, I have some of other banknotes left, but I won't give it to them anymore. Lol.

Let's follow me to watch the stunning twilight light of Ambedkar Memorial Park then. It is extremely beautiful, I would say.

And this is a statue of Ambedkar, one of the leaders who change the Indian's mindset which I have mentioned earlier. His statue will be located at the most inner area, pass through those elephant statues. You could see his statue obviously from far distance as it was built on a high base.

All in all, I pretty like this place, Ambedkar Memorial Park in Lucknow with a light golden twilight light.

Now, it is time to head back to the hotel, take a shower, have dinner and check-out, then head straight to Lucknow airport to wait until midnight for our flight of Thaismile Airlines to take us back to Suvarnabhumi airport in the next early morning.

Well, Later when we arrive home, we just continue to sleep.

It is one of another colorful and fun trip to me for being close to an origin place of Buddhism, get to learn Indian people's way of life in each caste, eat exotic food, sleep pleasantly every night, ride on a car very long time and it is also a good memory to share with all of my friends.

Thank you for following my blogs.

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 Wednesday, June 28, 2017 9:54 PM