Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my experience when I have an opportunity to stay at Baan Kokkok, Kanchanaburi province. Previously, what I have heard about Baankokkod from many websites and reviews is that it is a place of "an accommodation that cost just hundreds THB but the atmosphere is far beyond the price". I like to visit this place for quiet some time but I still don't have good chance yet. But recently during last month I have a good chance to do some travel here, I have heard that we have to make reservation in advance for a long time before. Baankokkod just recently opens the operating once again in July this year after 2 months of renovation. Once they open for reservation, I hurried reserved the room because I am scare that I will not have a chance to stay here.

Let's done with the long speech and not wasting any more time, we shall go watching the scenery of Baan Kokkod right now.

This time we travel by our own vehicle, for the direction:

- From Bangkok, take Phetkasem Road or Baromrajchonnee Road, pass Nakhon Pathom, Tha Maka, Tha Rua, Tha Muang and then getting into Mueang District, Kanchanaburi province.

- From Kaeng Sian intersection, Kanchanaburi city, ride along Highway no.3199, Kanchanaburi - Erawan Waterfall route approximately 36 kilometers (25 kilometer-stone) will arrive at Pong Pat junction (riding pass The Nine-Army Battle Historical Park approximately 1 kilometer)

- Turn left at Pong Pat junction (Highway no.3457) and then ride straight approximately 1.4 kilometers and will arrive at a river bridge.

- Turn right at once after cross the bridge ( you will find Krua Lung restaurant on the left hand side), ride along the road approximately 2.5 kilometers and Baan Kokkod will be on the right hand side.

I would use the map and direction from Baan Kokkod website to post in the review. It takes around 2 hours and a half from Bangkok to get here and we also have a short visit at some places during the journey.

When we arrive and done with our baggage and now let's watch the atmosphere of the accommodation together shall we?

There will be the parking lot located at the front of the resort.

Just only one step into the resort, we can feel the fresh atmosphere which full of tree and nature. Walking along the way, you will see the signboard leading to check-in counter.

This is the check-in area and it is the same area for having breakfast.

This area is also a place for relaxing and reading while watching the nature's atmosphere.

And it is already check-in time, we just inform the reserved name to the owner and then we receive the room key. It is the easiest check-in process as I ever seen. After check-in, we will keep our baggage at the room, we reserve "Dam View House" type. Let's watch our room together!

Along the walk way to the room is a bamboo bridge. The resort quite focuses on nature-friendly decoration. However, the disadvantage of bamboo bridge is the voice, there will be the voice along the way while walking so you will hear the voice always, when someone walks by.

And this is our room tonight, "Dam View Home"

Let's see inside the room. There is no air-conditioner, refrigerator, TV and Wifi provided in our room.

The trendy decoration style of the room focuses to get along with the nature with the colorful tone. It looks cozy to stay here.

And this is the scenery from the front of our room. We can watch tree, river and mountain scenery right from our room.

Let's see the bathroom! Our room has no private bathroom, therefore, it is a shared bathroom.

At first I questioned that how was the shared bathroom? And the answer is their bathroom is pretty clean, there is nothing to worry about. The bathroom's fence is built by the bamboo and there are additional decorations of wood products which can precisely add the feeling of the nature's atmosphere. It is another area that I really like the design and decoration of this place.

This is the urinal for gentlemen. Wow! It is very cool, I never seen other places decorate the urinal to get along well with the nature like this before.

Umn!! Hey! It is a bowl, isn't it?

But it becomes a shower head here, I feel stunned by the design.

After exploring the room and bathroom, let's walk around to see the atmosphere of the resort.

This is the walkway to the raft which is the landmark point of the resort.

How was the sit back area and how spectacular of the scenic view it is?

And this is the raft area that guest can sit back and watch the view here or jump into the water or paddling the boat. However, the tide is low during the evening so we don't swim or paddling the boat.

It is a pity that it's quite cloudy today so we cannot see the sun set. I think if there is the open sky, this place must be the stunningly beautiful view point.

There will be 2-3 receptionists dogs and they like to come around us.

It is a pity that the sky is closed tonight as well, therefore, we cannot see the star; otherwise we definitely might lie back in front of our room and watch the star all night.

The weather during the night is quite pleasantly cool and it's not hot. At first we are worried as there is no air-conditioner provided in the room but when come here, we can sleep comfortably.

We wake up early in the next morning hoping that we could watch the mist. We hope that we are lucky like other people to watch the mist in the morning but we are unlucky as there is no mist in the day we went. However, this is the atmosphere that we get in the morning.

After finish taking the fresh atmosphere in the morning, then it is time for breakfast now.

The breakfast here is fried egg served with hotdog and bread. I personally think that the portion is too small. For the atmosphere like this, some hot porridge are so much better.

After breakfast, let's take more photos and indulge ourselves in the nature atmosphere a little more.

Finally, it is time to get back to Bangkok. This is the weekend trip that I stay with myself, my beloved one and the nature.

The accommodation cost of "Dam View Home" is 1200THB for 2 people.

We travel 3 people so we add the extra bed for 300THB, therefore, the total price will be 1500THB.

Over all, if divide by 3 person, it will be 500THB for each person for accommodation cost.

To get here, it is not necessary to have a car, you can also take the public transportation.

Baan Kokkod
Tel. 085 519 1953 (8.00am - 20.00pm)
Email : [email protected]

Overall about the accommodation of Baankokkod that I have experienced:


- Can get close to the nature among tree, river and mountain.

- The accommodation is located at the peaceful and private area.

- It is reasonable price.


- The bamboo walk way in front of the Dam View Home always has voices when someone walk by.

- The portion of the food is quiet small, it is better if changing to hot porridge instead.

I think that the accommodation at Baankokkod might suit the person who are easygoing as there is no facility provided and there is nothing luxury like those in the luxury hotel. This place will give you just only natural view like tree, river, mountain and star and the chance to stay with yourself and the people around you more. You will get the chance to put down your mobile and pick up the book to read, and can truly experience "Slow Life" lifestyle, no need to be rush, just relax with the breeze, the sunlight that surrounded by the nature and the fresh air. I think this place is absolutely suitable for relaxing and charge the energy during the weekend time.

Lastly, I would like to thank you to everyone for reading this review. If there is any mistake, I would apologize herein. Let's find a free time for yourself and the people around you, give good things to each other, find some relaxing time, stop using the communication equipment for a while, try to pick up the book and read it among the nature, take a slow life lifestyle, you will find that the happiness is around you.

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Thank you and Sawasdee.