Hi all README fans

Welcome to my journey, Switzerland – Italy within 10 days

Day 1 : Zurich – Luzern

Arriving in Zurich in the morning, first thing to do is we go to buy a Half Fare Ticket at the Railway Travel Center at the train station for 120 CHF then buy a ticket to Luzern for 15 CHF each.

We decide to get on the direct train to Luzern which will take approximately 1.20 hrs. Once we arrive, we follow Google Maps to the hotel.

@@@ Hotel fox @@@

Hotel Fox is a small hotel which is located 750 meters from the station or just 10 -15 minutes walk. We have booked the hotel room for 4 people for 6,800 THB a night. This hotel is the most impressive one in the whole trip as the price per person is not that expensive plus there are comfortable beds and free bus ticket for the whole stay at the hotel. (We stay here for 2 nights so we get the bus ticket for 3 days).

Breakfast is not included if you would like to have breakfast here, there will be 15 CHF extra charged.

@@@ Macchi-Bäckerei @@@

A bakery shop that has many branches in this area. It is a grab and go shop. We stop by at the shop before heading to Chapel Bridge.

  1. Sandwiches is 6.2 CHF and you can choose fish, chicken or beef. The average price is about 5 – 8 CHF
  2. Focaccia is 3 CHF, the bread tastes like pizza bread with choices of vegetables. Eat it while it is hot, it tastes so good.
  3. Quinoa Salad is 4 CHF, it is very delicious.

@@@ 10' Dieci @@@

The ice-cream shop at Chapel Bridge which is located next to Starbucks. Moreover, there are also coffee menus for you to choose. This area is the main tourist attraction place so there are many people all day.

For ice-cream, we choose the cup size then choose the ice-cream taste. This cup size, you can choose 3 kinds of ice-cream for only 5 CHF.

@@@ Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) @@@

@@@ Lion Monument @@@

From Chapel Bridge, we have walked for 1 KM to the monument of Swiss Soldier.

@@@ Jeff's Burger (Made in Luzern) @@@

The restaurant is recommended by so many people and the restaurant is always fully booked. So we arrive at the restaurant early before it opens and get know the menus. This is a burger restaurant such as chicken burger, beef burger or veggie burger together with French Fries.

1. Big Jeff 22.50 CHF which is very delicious

2. Crispy chicken 16.50 CHF

3. Bollywood 16.50 CHF (Another chicken menu)

4. Cheese Fries 7.50 CHF

5. Amber beer 6 CHF

6. Cola zero 4.50 CHF

7. Tea chaya 4.50 CHF

@@@ Sim 2 Fly @@@

We buy a sim card from Thailand but it does not work because limited of mobile data so we decide to buy a local sim card which can be used for 10 days and free for 10 days with unlimited mobile data. We buy the sim card at Salt for 10 CHF. And we also have our own pocket wifi so we can share within the group.

Day 2 : Luzern - Mt. Pilatus

@@@ Rathaus Brauerei (Luzern) @@@

This restaurant is an all day dining which service for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

1. Pretzel with Roasted Beef 11.50 CHF: big and delicious

2. Pretzel with Roasted Pork 11.50 CHF : a little bit sour with Tomato Balsamic Vinegar dressing but over all it tastes so good.

3. Pretzel with Smoke Salmon15.50 CHF : topped with Horseradish Mousse and onion.

4. Cappuccino 5.50 CHF : serve in a big cup

5. Espresso 4.50 CHF: serve in a sigle shot

6. Hot Chocolate 4.50 CHF: serve hot milk with chocolate powder.

7. Sparkling Drink 4.50 CHF

The restaurant is located beside Chapel Bridge.

Then we walk to buy a cable car voucher for Mt. Pilatus from the station for 36 CHF per person. Then take the bus no.1 to Kriens (we get a free ticket from the hotel). After get of the bus, we walk cross the road to the church for about 10 minutes we will see the cable car station where we can exchange the voucher to the ticket. The ticket has to be inserted at the machine for get on the cable car.

First we have to get the small cable car then change to the big one to get to the top of Mt. Pilates.

@@@ Mt. Pilatus @@@

@@@ Steinbock Bar @@@

A small bar on the top of Mt. Pilatus which is located indoor where we can see an amazing view through the window.

1. Radler Beer 5 CHF

2. Latte Macchiato 5.50 CHF (from the coffee machine)

3. Coke Zero 5 CHF (171 บาท)

4. Hotdog 6 CHF

Go back to the same way....

Arriving to Luzern in the evening and it is time for dinner....

@@@ New Point (Luzern) @@@

During the weekend, many shops will be closed very early. We stop by Pizza Pasta Kabab as it is located during the way to the hotel.

1. Pizza Kabab 17.50 CHF; it is very tasty.

2. Penne Carbonara 15.50 CHF; it does not taste that good.

3. Lamb Kabab 14.50 CHF; it is a set serve with French Fries and soft drink, it does not taste well also.

4. Fanta Shokata 4.50 CHF; it is a new taste of Elderberry

5. Nestea 4 CHF

But staffs rarely speak English but they try to communicate with us.

Day 3 : Luzern - Interlaken Ost

Departing from the hotel in an early morning and buying the ticket to Interlaken Ost

By using the half price ticket, we can buy the ticket for only 16.50 CHF per person. The train departure in every hour and it is the direct train. It takes us about 1.50 hrs. Enjoying the view from both side of the railway ….😀😀😀

Before get on the train we need to have something to fill our stomach. As it is Sunday, most of the shops open late or even close so we end up at Coop at the under ground station for some sandwiches and fruits.

Finally, we are here…..Interlaken Ost

@@@ Youth Hostel, Interlaken Ost. @@@

Get off the train and heading to the hostel…. This hostel is the most famous for Thai people as it is located near by the train station and breakfast is also included.

Check-in time : 15.00

Check-out time : 10.00

We have booked a room for 4 people with individual locker provided and can activated by the key card. There is a sink in the room but the bathrooms are shared. The rate for a night is 189 CHF.

For breakfast, it is basic breakfast such as coffee, tea, juices, breads and hams.

@@@ Heading to Bern @@@

After check-in, we are heading to the capital city of Switzerland, “Bern” which is about 56 km. from Interlaken Ost. The ticket round trip for 29 CHF which will take about an hour to get there.

Bern is one of World Heritage Site City by Unesco.

@@@ Rice up @@@

The Thai restaurant that is located inside the station next to McDonald’s. To order:

  • Selection of rice such as white rice, brown rice or noodle
  • Selection of meat such as minced beef basil, garlic chicken, chicken ball or tofu
  • Selection of vegetable such as green bean, brocorri or spinach
  • Selection of sauce such as sweet and sour sauce or satay sauce

Our selection (for your idea):

  1. Rice + minced beef basil + spinach + satay sauce 14.90 CHF : the taste is a little bit less than original.
  2. Noodle + garlic chicken + green bean + sweet and sour sauce 15.90 CHF: a little bit taste less than original but over all taste is okay

@@@ McDonald's @@@

The one at underground station is quite convenience for tourists and very easy to order. You can order from screen, select the menus, topping and payment method.

- Crispy Bacon 8.90 CHF with Fanta Zero

@@@ Bern, The Capital City @@@

After that, we are heading to the old town city that buit in Gothic Architecture. Our destination is Berner Munster which is the cathedral of Bern. It is very amazing for us in every corner, we really like this town.

About 5 pm., we are heading back to Interlaken and get off at Interlaken West then walk back to Ost.

@@@ Bebbis Restaurant (Interlaken West) @@@

We decide to get off here because we are going to Bebis Restaurant which is located near by the station on the first floor of Hotel Bernerhof Interlaken. The restaurant is quite busy as it is full of customers.

  1. Meat Fondue 36 CHF, there are pork, beef, and chicken serve with 6 kinds of sauce.
  2. Cheese Fondue 24.50 CHF, it is alcohol cheese fondue ( but if you like non alcohol, they also can serve that)
  3. Chocolate Fondue 16.50 CHF serve with fruits such as strawberry, banana, apple and marshmallow. The chocolate is mixed with macadamia.

Day 4 : Interlaken Ost. - Mt. Schilthorn

Schilthorn is our destination for coming to Interlaken. If you would like to go up to Jungfrau, you have to start from here. And we choose to go up to Schilthorn because we can see the top of Bietenthorn Jungfrau and Allmendhubel. And it used to be a location for filming 007. “On Her Majesty Secret Service".

@@@ Schilthorn @@@

1. Interlaken Ost. - Lauterbrunnen by Train (3 Stops)

Lauterbrunnen is a small town where most of the buildings and houses are chalet. Only 10 minutes from the station, we arrive at Staubbach Falls which is a very small fall. After that we are heading to the cable car station which is closed to the station.

2. Lauterbrunnen - Grutscalp by Cable Car

3. Grutscalp - Murren by Train, a local train that running between the two stations.

4. Murren - Brig by Cable Car At Murren station, we get off here and continue walking for 15 minutes to the left for getting the cable car to Brig.

5. Brig - Schilthorn by Cable Car

Finally, we are here, it is a little bit late as we stop to take photos at every station that we change the train. (our ticket is round trip ticket for 65.90 CHF).

@@@ Skyline Piz Gloria 360 Restaurant @@@

Skyline Piz Gloria is a restaurant that locates on the top of Scilthorn and it is where they filmed James Bond "On Her Majesty Secret Service" since 1969.

The restaurant has 360 degree view as it can turn around. It provides both a la carte and buffet for only 33 CHF such as bread, salad, soup, pasta, cold cut and drinks.

We have tried a la carte menu.

  1. James Bond Spaghetti 22.50 CHF; spaghetti with tomato sauce topped with olives, bacon, mushroom and Chipolatas sausage. The taste over all is okay.
  2. Pork Steak 29.50 CHF; pork steak in mushroom sauce serve with grilled vegetables and Fettuccine. This menu is very delicious and it is the most favorite one.
  3. Breaded Pork Schnitzel 26.50 CHF; fried pork serve with French Fries. This menu is ok just like regular snack.
  4. Sausage Coil 21.50 CHF; sausage with onion sauce service with rosti potatoes. This is one of national dish of Switzerland.

So total expense here is 121.80 CHF....

@@@ Mt. Schilthorn @@@

@@@ Mt. Schilthorn - Interlaken Ost. @@@

On the way back, you can take the same way back but we have changed a little bit as we are going to take the bus.

1. Schilthorn - Brig by cable

2. Brig - Gimmelwald - Stechelberg by cable car

3. Stechelberg - Lauterbrunnen by bus (14 minutes)

4. Lautherbrunnen to Interlaken Ost. By train

@@@@ Truly Asia @@@@

Arriving at Interlaken, it is time for dinner and for today we stop by at Truly Asia restaurant. This restaurant is Asian fusion food such as Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. The restaurant is located in Interlaken Ost next to Linder Grand Hotel.

  1. Fries Noodle with Beef 17.50 CHF
  2. Noodle Soup with Crispy Pork 18.50 CHF (In the picture looks so nice but the outcome does not seem so)
  3. Fried rice 7.50 CHF serve in a small cup.
  4. Sweet & Sour Soup 8.50 CHF
  5. Pork Fries Rice 15 CHF

Day 5 : Interlaken Ost. - Brig - Milan - Venice

It is time to move on, we take the train from Interlaken Ost to Brig with the haft fare for 21.50 CHF then from Brig to Milan for 36 CHF. So total fare from Interlaken Ost to Milan is about 57.50 CHF. (This route we have booked in advance).

For half price card, you should have it with you at all time because they will your ticket and your half price card in all public transportation that you take.

The train has stopped at Gallaratebfor an hour as well as the other stay station so we arrive to Milan about 2 hours late. Once we arrive, we find the place to keep our luggage, it is 6 EUR per each.

Then go take a subway M3 to Duomo di Milano for 3 EUR (about 4 stops).

Then buy a new sim card 30 GB for 35 EUR.

@@@ Duomo di Milano, Milan Italy @@@

Duomo is a cathedral of Milan which very important and very beautiful. Next to the cathedral there is a shopping center of all brand name item calls Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

@@@ SAVINI (Milano) @@@

This is the most famous ice-cream shop in Duomo di Milano, who ever comes here have to stop by. The shop is located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II next to Louise Viton Shop. People are waiting on the line in front of the shop.

There are 3 sizes of ice-cream selling at different prices which are Small 3 EUR, Medium 4 EUR and Large 5 EUR. We have tried chocolate and pistachio, which are very tasty.

@@@ Milan - Venice @@@

From Milan (Milan Centrale) to Venice (Venezia S. Lucia), we have booked the ticket in advance for 19.90 EUR per person through (http://www.trenitalia.com).

Arriving to Venice around 7.00 pm., we walk from the station to the hotel which is located around 750 meters away from the station. While walking to the hotel, there will be local people try to help us with the luggage, even we have told them that it is okay, leave us alone. But they try to help us until get to the hotel. So we give them 10 EUR for helping us carry the luggage to the hotel.

@@@ Maria 3536 @@@

There are only 3 rooms, located on the second floor of the building, we choose the room that has a good view, near the canal. The hotel is bed and breakfast style or may be Air BNB style. For breakfast, they prepare in a set which includes bread, yogurt, fruits and juice and it is easy for the guests to take it up to their room.

Room rate is 126 EUR for 2 people.

@@@ La Patatina (Venice) @@@

Most of the restaurant in Venice is located beside the canal and the price is cheaper than in Switzerland. This is another small restaurant that full of customers. It is just an ordinary Italian restaurant that menus are mainly seafood.

1. Mussels and Clams in a pan 12 EUR, mussels and clams in white wine sauce serve in a big bowl.

2. Linguine with Lobster 18 EUR, Linguine in tomatoes sauce with a half lobster.

3. Spaghetti with Squid Ink 14 EUR, with mushrooms.

4. Ravioli with Shrimps Cream 18 EUR, with shrimp sauce

5. Local Sausage with Hominy 14 EUR

6. Roasted Sea Bass 5 EUR/gram serve with potatoes and grilled vegetables.

7. Sparkling water 3 EUR/bottle

8. Coperto 10 EUR

(The restaurant service charge for 2.50 EUR/person)

@@@ Twilight in Venice @@@

Day 6 : Venice - Florence

After breakfast, we walk around the town...

@@@ San Macro (Saint Mark's Basillica) @@@

It is a Catholic church which was built in 823, located in Piazza San Marco. There is also Doge's Palace which is the palace that decorated with gold located beside the canal and the under ground of the palace used to be a jail.

Also Ponte della Paglia is the oldest stone bridge of Venice which was built in 1847. And from this corner we will see Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Signs) which connects between the court of the palace and the jail.

Another bridge that people like to stop by is Ponte di Rialto that people use to cross the Grand Canal between San Marco and San Polo. At first, it was built by wood then changed to stone bridge later.

@@@ Aurora Caffe' (San Marco - Venice) @@@@

The cafe is located at Piazza San Marco where we can see San Marco right in front of us (which is the main tourist attraction place of Venice).

1. Latte 9 EUR

2. Cappuccino 8 EUR

3. 2 scoops of Ice-cream 3 EUR; Hatzelnut and Rum Raisin

4. Arrotolati 4 EUR

5. Peroni Beer €4

@@@ Bigoi (Venice) @@@

A grab and go pasta restaurant with many kind of sauces such as beef, pork, duck, seafood and vegetarian.

1. Bolognese (Beef) 5.50 EUR

2. Seafood 6.50 EUR

@@@ GROM (Venice) @@@

There are many ice-cream shops in Italy or even in Venice there are ice-cream shop in almost every corner. But there is one that you should not miss, it is located in Venice Train Station...GROM...

1. Large 3.80 EUR; 3 scoops (Dark Chocolate, Yogurt and Chocolate with nuts)

2. Small 2.60 EUR; 1 scoop (Pistachio)

3. Bar 2 EUR; (Strawberry)

Over all, we really like ice-cream from this shop and recommended that you all should try.

@@@@ From Venice to Florence @@@

We have booked the ticket from Venice to Florence for 29.90 EUR/ person through http://www.trenitalia.com/.

@@@@ Hotel Delle Nazioni @@The hotel is only 5 minutes from the station. It is a service apartment for 4 people, kitchen equipment is provided. For breakfast, it is normal breakfast such as scramble egg, milk, yogurt and breads.

The room rate is 169.15 EUR plus city tax 3.50 EUR/person so total 183.15 per night (for 4 people).

Day 7 : Florence - Pisa

After breakfast, it is time to move on to our next destination which is Pisa. We buy a single ticket for 8.40 EUR/person and we have validate our ticket at the machine other wise it will not work if there in an inspection.

@@@ Pisa @@@

We get off at Pisa Central where every one want to come and see an amazing architecture of Piazza Del Duomo (Bell tower). It was built from marble for 8 floor with the height of 183.30 feet, there are 293 stair steps and it bends 3.9 from upright position. And the tower was registered as world heritage site in 1987.

It is the part of Piazza Dei Miracoli which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and took 177 years to build it. Moreover, it is an experiment of gravity rule by Galileo.

Beside, there are Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta and Baptistry of St. John in the same area.

@@@ Bar Galleria (Pisa) @@@

The kebab grab and go restaurant which located near by Pisa station on the way to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

1. Chicken Kebab + Coke 6 EUR

2. Hot dog 2 EUR

@@@ The Mall Outlet @@@

Heading back to Florence and take the bus to The Mall Outlet. The round trip ticket is 13 EUR/person and waiting for the bus at platform 10.

Almost 100% of the people on the bus are Asian....

It takes about 52 minutes to get there....

@@@ DOT.COM @@@

Another ice-cream shop that we have tried. There are about 3-4 shops in the mall area.

1. Medium size two scoops 4 EUR; Dolce Latte and Mecrock

2. Small size one scoop 3 EUR; Cherry

3. Cone one scoop 3 EUR; Pistachio

@@@ Gucci Caffe @@@

After shopping, we stop by at Gucci Caffe which locates on the second floor of Gucci shop.

1. TORTA CIOCCOLATO ENOCCIO 6 EUR; Hazelnut cake with Mousse

2. Cappuccino 1.60 EUR

3. Ice Lemon tea 3.50 EUR

@@@ IL Portale Trattoria & Pizzeria (Florence) @@@

Coming back to Florence and stop by at IL Portale Trattoria & Pizzeria for dinner...

The restaurant is located next to the station, this is one of a famous restaurant here.
This are what we ordered....

1. Grilled Florentine Steak 500 g. 19 EUR

2. Pork Fillet In Vinsanto Sauce & Chestnut 16 EUR

3. Deep fried Calamari and Shimps 15 EUR

4. Homemade Chitarrette with truffle 13 EUR

5. Grilled Pork chop 12 EUR

6. Still water 3.50 EUR, Sparkling water 3.50 EUR

7. Service Charge 9.90 EUR

Over all, every menu is very delicious...^^Yummy Yummy!!!!

Day 8 : Florence - Rome

Before moving to Rome, we visit Duomo Di Firenze (Florence Cathedral) (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) which is only 10-15 minutes from the station. Then we continue walking pass David Sculpture to river at Ponte Vecchio Bridge where there are some gold shops and brandname shops.

Taking few photos then go back to the hotel, take the bags and move on....

@@@ Pizzaaglio @@@

This a Chinese restaurant near the station, they sell both Chinese and Italian food.

1. Beef Noodle Soup 7 EUR

2. Pork Noodle Soup 7 EUR

3. Fried pork 7 EUR

4. Fried rice 5 EUR

Over all, the taste is okay and the price is cheap.

@@@ Vinchi @@@

This is the chocolate shop that has many branches all over the country. We just want to try ice-cream of this shop and it is another one that we like as much as GROM.

3 scoops of ice-cream in a cone with topping for 5.50 EUR

@@@ Florence - Rome @@@

Taking a train from Florence to Roma Termini for 34.90 EUR and again the ticket was booked through www.trenitalia.com .

@@@ Hotel Scott @@@

The hotel is located next to the station. There are many hotels in the building, Hotel Scott is located on the 4th and 5th floor there are 34 rooms in total. The reception is on the 4th floor...

We choose the room for 4 but this time the room is very small.

For breakfast, it is the same as the other hotel; bread, milk, yogurt, and ham.

The room rate is 200 EUR/room/night plus tax.

@@@ Piazza del Popolo @@@

At least we have a place to stay, let's go out for shopping...

We buy a 100 minutes ticket to Flaminio for 1.50 EUR.

Get off the train and start to walk....

We walk from Piazza del Popolo to Via del Corso road which a shopping street where you can find all brandname both well known and unknown shops.

From this street, we can walk through to Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps), Travi Fountain and Colosseum. If you have time, we recommend you to go on the other day because it is going to be very tired with a day.

@@@ Piazza di Spagna @@@

Walking from Via del Corso street to Via del Condotti (passing LV shop), at the end of the road is Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps). It the the biggest and longest step in Europe and it used to be Spanish Embassy as it named.

They do not allow to eat ice-cream here as it might melt and drop down but they allow to smoke.

@@@ Numbs Piazza Di Spagna @@@

The restaurant is located near by Spanish Steps and Spagna Station. The restaurant is quite busy with customers both inside and outside the restaurant.

The atmosphere outside is very nice....

Let's see the menu that we have tried.....

1. Risotto with Shimps and Zucchini 13 EUR

2. Penne' with Seafood Mix 14 EUR

3. Crepes with Porcini mushrooms 10 EUR

4. Pizza Capricciosa 13 EUR

5. Sparkling water 3 EUR, Mineral water 3 EUR

Over all, the taste is very good but it might take time for each menu.

Day 9 : ROME

Let's buy Roma Pass 48 Hrs for 28 EUR/person which we can use as a pass to get on the bus, train and the pass for Colosseum and Roman Forum with in 48 hrs.

@@@ Roma Pass 48 Hrs.@@@

- 1 museum

- Metro, buses & trams (Free within 48 hrs.)

- Discounts and reduced price ticketing for events, exhibitions and tourist services

- Valid 48 hours from the first validation

For more information : http://www.romapass.it/

@@@ Colosseum @@@

It is the symbol of Rome where everyone must come to visit. With Roma Pass 48 Hrs, we can get on the subway to Colosseo for free and can get into Colosseum on a special lane.

We suggest you to have this pass with you.

@@@ Musei Vaticani @@@ (Vatican Museum)

Next Vatican Museum

@ Direction @

Take the subway back to Termini and take a Red Line (A) to Cipro or Ottaviano.

However, in the map would suggest that Musei Vaticani get off at "Cipro" and San Pietro get off at "Ottaviano".

Luckily, we have book the ticket in advance which calls "Skip the Line" for 20 EUR (at the entrance 16 EUR but you have to wait on the line). If you do not have that much time, we suggest you to buy the ticket in advance.

Booking : http://biglietteriamusei.vatican.va/musei/tickets/do?action=booking

We probably need at least half day to go around the museum, it is so elegant in every room.

@@@ Ristorante Cinese Ni Hao e Giapponese @@@

A Chinese Japanese restaurant near Vatican

The restaurant is quite big and provide buffet for 16.50 EUR/ person and a la carte.

1. Curry Fries Rice 3 EUR

2. Shrimps Fries Rice 3.30 EUR

3. Spring rolls 1.80 EUR

4. Sweet and Sour Soup 2.80 EUR

5. Fried Beef in Satay sauce 5 EUR

6. Fried Pork with bamboo shoots 4.70 EUR

7. Mapotofu 3.80 EUR

8. Stream rice 1.70

9. Still & Sparkling water 4.40 EUR

10. Service charge 4 EUR for all

Total 34.50 EUR which is very cheap and the taste is not bad at all.

@@@ St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican) @@@

The day that we go is Easter so Vatican is closed we can only visit Vatican Museum.

@@@ Roman Forum, Altar of the Fatherland @@@

After that, we come back to Coloseo station for Roman Forum by using our Roma Pass again. There are less people in the evening, we spend one and a half hour in here. Inside is a ruin city that used to be very flourished.

@@@ Colosseum at night @@@

After that we walk to Alter of the Fatherland and walk back to Colosseum for a night photo.

@@@ Angelino AL Fori (Colosseum) @@@

The restaurant is located near Colosseum, it was opened since 1947 and this year is a 70th year. The restaurant is quite big there are both inside and outside table.

1. Fettuccine Alla Romana 9.80 EUR

2. Cozze Alle Marinara 10 EUR

3. Lombatina Di Vitello; Grilled Sirloin Veal with Roast Potatoes 16.80 EUR

4. Tiramisu Casa 6.80 EUR

5. Sparkling 3.40 EUR

Over all, the taste is very good as it has been opened for many years.

Day 10 : ROME

Today, we take the bus no. 64 from platform H to C.So Victorio Emmanuele as we are going to Sant'Agnese in Agone in Piazza Navona which is a church in Baroque style and built in 1652.

As it is Easter so we have a chance to get into Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore at Piazza Navona which is another ancient Catholic church that was built in 1259 and it is Spanish National Church.

@@@ Pantheon @@@

Continue walking for about 500 meters, we arrive at Pantheon which was built 27 years Before Christ by Marcus Gogrippa. The building was still in a complete form even many years has passed. The design of the building is also so amazing with 142 feet wide and 142 feet height and the 20 tons of metal door.

Pantheon used to be a church for Christian in Medieval that's why it can keep its original form until now. Moreover, it also used to be a grave for royal family and important people such as Vittorio Emanuele II.

From outside, it seems to be nothing but when you get in the horse carriage for taking tourists from place to place. While taking photos, you also need to be aware of those horse carriage that is passing by.

@@@ Trevi Fountain @@@

After that walking to Trevi Fountain which only 650 meter away from Pantheon.

Tre Vie is Italian means 3 streets because this fountain is connected with 3 street and the end of aqueduct calls Aqua Virgo which is one of the oldest aqueduct of Rome. The Trevi Fountain is a biggest fountain in Rome with the architecture of Baroque.

@@@ Giolitti (Rome) @@@

From the fountain, we walk to the oldest ice-cream shop which established in 1900. This shop is a gelato ice-cream shop that also have other menus such as coffee, bakery and food.

If you order only ice-cream, choose your menu and pay at the counter then you will get a separate bill.

1. Med. Gelato 3 scoops 3.50 EUR

2. Med. Gelato Cone 3.50 EUR

3. Frappucino 2.50 EUR; Espresso Shot with citrus cream

Another recommended ice-cream shop in ROME or in Venice we recommend GROM.

Website : http://www.giolitti.it/en/

@@@ Ristorante da Giggi (Rome) @@@

The restaurant is located neat Spanish Steps which is another restaurant that we stop by and price is also quite higher than other. Even Sparkling and Mineral water are also more expensive that other restaurant that we have tried.

1. Octopus Carpaccio 14 EUR which is frozen octopus in the bottle then slice and topped with olive oil serve with salad.

2. Linguine with lobster 25 EUR serve with a half lobster which is very fresh and very cheap.

3. Scallops with lemon or white wine 14 EUR (we order scallops but we get escalope, a little bit disappointed).

4. Grilled Salmon Steak 18 EUR

5. Carbonara 12 EUR, for carbonara sauce made from yolk egg and topped with fresh bacon (very delicious).

6. Gnocchi 12 EUR potatoes noodles

7. Mineral & Sparkling 16 which is the most expensive in the trip and normally it should be about 3 - 5 EUR.

8. Service Charge 2 EUR/person

@@ Heading to the Airport @@

Taking the bus to Fiumicino for 5.90/ person and the bus will stop at terminal 3. It takes about 40-45 minutes to get there.

The bus stop is located next to the Roma Termini station, there is a clear sign for which airport that the bus goes and time table.

@@@ Tax Refund @@@

We get off at terminal 3 and go get the tax refund but the counter said that we will take off from terminal 1 we have to get the tax refund there. So we walk back to terminal 1.

For tax refund

1. If you have your items load in cargo, you have to check-in you bag and get the baggage tag first but do not load yet, brig the items to show at the tax refund counter first then you can load your bag here.

2. For carry on bag, you have to scan your carry on bag first then come to the counter otherwise they will not do the tax refund for you.

Then submit the document, scan, duty free, get money back, customs, duty free and get on the plane. For tax refund, if you get credit back it will take longer time but you get full refund. If you get cash, it is faster but there is a cash fee for each item and depend on the price of each item.

Ending the trip with both impressed and unimpressed moments but over all it is okay.

Total expense including transportation fee, hotels and food (excluding shopping) is about 90,000 THB or 2,400 EUR.

- We stay at the hotel that has a room for 4 except in Venice so average hotel cost is 2,000 THB/ person

- For food, we eat everything that we want to and in Italy the price is cheaper than Switzerland

- The most impressive hotels is Hotel Fox in Luzern and the least impressive is Scott Hotel in Rome

- The most favorite ice-cream shops are GROM and Venchi

- Personally, we like Switzerland than Italy both people and the cities but Italy also have an amazing culture and architecture

- In Italy, people are smoking everywhere even in the restaurant, none smoker might be a little bit annoying

- The restroom fee; we can avoid the restroom fee by buying something from the shop or restaurant and use their restroom.

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 Sunday, June 25, 2017 4:54 PM