Hello everyone... See you again here with my travel blog in Switzerland. Today I will take you guys to get to know St. Moritz, a famous resort town in Switzerland where we can visit there both in winter and summer

In winter, people usually go there for skiing, and doing other winter sports, while in the summer, people usually go there for picnics, walking around the lake, hiking, or doing water activities.

St. Moritz has many of luxury resorts, making it one of the top destinations in Switzerland and Europe. It is located on the northern shore of Lake St. Moritz, in the Engadine Valley in Canton (state) Graubunden in southeastern Switzerland.

Getting to this city is not difficult. Just take a train from Zurich to Chur and then from Chur to St. Moritz. It takes around 3.5 hours.

You guys can check the train schedule and ticket price at https://www.sbb.ch/en/

After taking the train from Zurich Haupbahnhof (Zurich's Central Station), about 1.5 hours later the train reached Chur station. Then, I had to transfer to another train in Chur and took another 2 hours to arrive in St. Moritz. 

St. Moritz is located in the Canton of Graubunden (French-speaking called Grisons), Switzerland's largest Canton. Apart from St. Moritz, there are lots of famous places in this Canton such as Davos, Arosa, Chur, and Scuol.

The train was very clean, was comfortable to sit down and have a look at the beautiful scenery along the way. It was already worth more than half the cost of the train.

Finally, I arrived to St. Moritz!!!

St. Moritz Station wasn't really far from the lakefront. I just had to walk down a little bit. If walking up to the hill, there would be in the center area of St. Moritz.

I intended to visit here just for taking a walk along the lake during summer season. The weather wasn't very hot, and suitable for walking aroud.

I took a few minutes walking down from the train station to the lake. The atmosphere was great.

I walked across the bridge. The water down there flew through the Inn River, which joined the Danube River on the border of Germany and Austria.

I loved summer here, because I had seen many people came out to do many activities which was quite liveable. 

The water in the lake was quite cold.

As the city of St. Moritz is 1775 meters above the sea level, clouds can be seen floating lower than usual.

Small walking path was built around the lake. which made us walk or do jogging easily. Some people came here with their family, put a baby in a baby stroller to take a walk.

The water in the lake was crystal clear.

There were some wooden benched to sit down and relax around the lake. Trash bins could be found everywhere here, which made it very clean.

People came out to take sunbathe and enjoyed the view, while the sunlight was strong here. However, the weather was quite cool here. 

I think sunbathing is a common thing for people here in summer.

The weather on this day was very clear. There were some clouds but no rain at all.

On the other side is a high mountain with hiking trails, but didn't have enough time Therefore, I just took my time to walk around the lake.

Running around the lake is such a good activity, but I only had time to walk and take pictures.

Walk, walk, and walk.

There were someoneplaying paddle board too. It looked really fun.

The view is so beautiful!!!

There is a small path to walk up to the hill. I guest it's probably a hiking trail.

These signposts are telling us about the direction of various towns or villages nearby.

These houses were probably someone's vacation homes.

Surrounding views of St. Moritz and the lake, with towering mountains in the background, which in winter it would be a place for skiing.

It was summer on these days. The snow on the mountain had melted. I think it would be very beautiful in spring.

This little duck floated in the water and really enjoyed its life here.

There are benches to sit down and relax around the lake.

I want to find a mat to lay down and relax here.

It's time to go back!!! I felt that time has passed very quickly here.

Let's take a few more pictures.

It's time to go back!!! We spent around 3 hours here. Besides the train fare, a bottle of water and sandwiches for lunch, I didn't spend any penny at all. I stayed with friends in Zurich, so I did't have to pay for accommodation (which save a lot of money :)

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