Baan Sup Pa Rod - Another choice for the accommodation on Samet Island written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

For me, I will choose the accommodation for my trip, I will prioritize on its location where should be quiet and private. Furthermore, it should not be far from the city that much and the price should not too high. Finally, I found the right accommodation that match my need the most. It is Baan S

Baan Sup Pa Rod - Another choice for the accommodation on Samet Island

Baan Sup Pa Rod - Another choice for the accommodation on Samet Island

For me, I will choose the accommodation for my trip, I will prioritize on its location where should be quiet and private. Furthermore, it should not be far from the city that much and the price should not too high. Finally, I found the right accommodation that match my need the most. It is Baan Sup Pa Rod.

Baan Sup Pa Rod is one of 7 hotels in Samet resort chain. Once I place the reservation, the price will include the ferry service Ban Pae - Samet - Ban Pae, limousine service Pier - Resort - Pier, entrance fee for National Park. It can be said that we pay one time and it includes the transportation service so, it is not necessary to waste time to search for the transportation to the resort by our own.

It is not so difficult and complicated to go to Seri Ban Pae pier in order to get on the boat of Samet resort chain. We start from Rayong city heading to Ban Pae. Once we arrive at Yak Ao Pae (Ao Pae intersection), turn right. We need to continue riding till we see the junction. Then, we will also see Seri Ban Pae next to the junction, it is on the left of the junction.

According to the boat schedule, the boat service is available at 11.00 hrs, 13.30 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. If you miss the boat during the mentioned time, you are able to use the express boat of the resort but you will need to pay for the additional charge.

Once you reach the pier, there will be the staffs to assist and comfort you with your luggage. Referring to below photo, the terminal is on the left hand side, you are able to gather the luggage at this point. Then, staffs will put the tag on your luggage. They will be arranged on the boat and delivered to the hotel. Importantly, you need to keep another piece of the tag which staffs give it to you because you will need to show this tag once you pick up your luggage at the hotel. For those who come to the resort with the private cars, hotel also provide the place for parking your cars too.

From this point, there will be a limousine to escort guests to the hotel. It is so convenient.

At the pier

Samet island is just in front of us now.

It takes around half an hour, then we reach Samet island now. Samet resort's pier with dark blue roof is just next to the public pier of Samet

Once boat has stopped at the pier, the resort staff will present the resort sign and welcome you over here. Please pay attention to the sign carefully because the guests of each resort will be separated at this point.

There will be a pick up car to take you from the pier to the resort.

Let's have a look on Samet map, you will see that there are 7 resorts of Samet resort chain which are Paradee, Le Vimarn, Ao Prao Resort, Samed Club, Baan Ploy Sea, Baan Sup Pa Rod and Sai Kaew Beach Resort.

It takes about 10 minutes, passing Sai Keaw beach, we finally reach Baan Sup Pa Rod resort.

The outstanding orange wall is indicated " Baan Sup Pa Rod", it is located nearby the road. I guarantee that there is no traffic at all. The car has been turned into the hotel right away. I can feel the shady atmosphere of this place, there are many trees in the resort.

I take a walk about 100 meters from the resort sign to the lobby. The yellow wall is decorated with the big branch, it indicates well of how chic this resort be.

There is a balcony beside the lobby where is modestly decorated with various kind of fern. It is so shady, this zone is for the guests to sit and relax.

For those who passionate in colorful corner, it is also available for you.

Apart from relaxing corner, there will be the zone for having meal. This zone is really cool for teenager.

The welcome drink is served during check in process, the welcome drink for today is black tea. It really refreshes us. I drink all black tea so fast but I still feel thirsty, I actually want to ask for another glass of black tea but I feel considerate.

Baan Sup Pa Rod is the new resort joining Samet resort chain, the price is not so high. It has been open since October, 2013. This resort has emphasized on humbleness, comfort towards your stay on stony beach of Ao Sup Pa Rod. This beach is far from Sai Kaew beach (the most popular beach on Samet island) for 10 minutes on foot. The concept of Baan Sup Pa Rod resort is about Samet in the old day.

Ban Sup Pa Rod has been renovated after it has been taken over from the former owner but the uniqueness of the former resort is still preserved. All room types are colored in white, but they has been newly decorated with vivid color inside the room, it looks pretty. The lobby is the only place where is newly built.

There are 32 rooms of Baan Sup Pa Rod resort, they are 20 rooms of Garden View Cottage (can accommodate 2 people), 3 rooms of Garden View Cottage (can accommodate 3 people), 6 rooms of Sea Side Cottage (can accommodate 2 people), 1 room of Family Room (can accommodate 6 people) and 2 rooms of Resident Room (can accommodate 2 people).

Let's start with Garden View Cottage. As mentioned that the outer side of the room is colored in white, there are 2 chairs in front of the room for you to enjoy the view and relax.

The color inside the room is very vivid, the room is quite wide. There are prompt amenities inside the room such as TV, telephone, hair dryer and cloth - pole. But there is no working space, you are able read or work at the balcony.

For the toilet, it is clearly divided into 2 zones which are wet zone and dry zone by making unequaled level of the floor. The curtain is also there. Moreover, the spray hose is available in the toilet.

All resorts in Samet resort chain have their own water supply system which are different from other resorts on Samet where they need to buy water from the center to use in their resort. I am not sure where the center is from but I have seen the small reservoir in the island, and I am not whether this reservoir is the center or not. Hence, there is no worry about the water quality at Baan Sup Pa Rod, it is cleaner than distilled water.

Furthermore, all resorts in Samet resort chain also have their own electronic producing system, then there is no problem about electronic shortage.

Garden View Cottage Triple can accommodate 3 people, all amenities and bath room are the same as Garden View Cottage.

Next room type is Resident Room, this room type is available for 2 rooms close to the sea. Both of them are in the same area, the swimming pool is provided for this room type.

The space inside the room is quite wide, there is the sofa in the living room and it also has space for reading a book. This room has really nice decoration. The amenities are the same as 2 previous room types which are TV, fridge, telephone, hair dryer and cloth-pole.

At the back side of the bed, it is the bath room area. The bath room is also quite wide, the wet zone and dry zone are obviously divided. The bathing are is built with glass. There are 2 washing basin, guests can use both of them at the same time.

An another room, the decoration is the same.

For Family Room can accommodate 6 people, I am unable to take the photo of this room type because it is occupied. This room is beneath Lobby, there is the balcony in front of the room for seeing the view of sea and garden.

Let's have a look on Sea ide Cottage, I will stay in this room type tonight.

I insist to stay near the sea because I can take a few steps from my room to the sea. I can sit at the balcony to see the rising sun in the morning.

In the bed room is colored in white shade but the vivid orange is colored in the bath room. This room type is even more cute once I have seen the pastel color of pillow and lamp. There is no door of the bath room as the resort has used the curtain to divide bedroom and bath room instead. In my point of view, the resort has the space limitation, hence the decoration is mainly concerned on making the room to be wider. I think this method is very useful for this resort.

Once I face into the bathroom, the washing basin is in the middle and the flush is on the left. For the shower is on the right.

As per above photo, it is the view in front of Sea Side Cottage. Even though, it is the stony beach but this is also the place for diving. From the photo,you can also see the ferry delivering tourists to do diving. Furthermore, this place is also good place for fishing.

We have seen all room types, I would like to recommend Ban Ploy Samet restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is located in Ban Ploy See resort, it is also the resort in Samet resort chain.

The structure of Ploy Samet resort is made from wood with high level of ceiling. The design is inspired from Pla Kra Baen (one kind of Thai fish). There are 2 zones, 1st zone is where you can sit on the floor with triangle pillow to make you more comfortable. For another zone is where you can straight down your legs once you sit.

There is also rounded balcony and net hammock in front of the restaurant for the customers to relax and chill out.

The ingredient is really fresh, you are able to command what you prefer to have.

I have heard that Khun Muek Daeng has given advices of many recipes for Ban Ploy Samed restaurant too. This restaurant is not far from Samed resort pier, it takes around 5 minutes from the pier to the restaurant.

After finishing lunch, I take a walk at Sai Kaew beach.

I am now at the beach in front of Sai Kaew Beach Resort, this is one resort in Samed resort chain. In my opinion, I think Sai Kaew beach is very white and soft. There is no doubt why there are many tourists on this beach. Sai Kaew Beach Resort is not far from Baan Sup Pa Rod, it takes 10 minutes on foot.

I continue walking till the end edge of the island in order to watch sun set at Ao Giw Nah Nai in the area of Paradee resort, it is one of Samed resort chain. But the accessibility is not so convenient as the road I sunder construction.

Paradee has divided area into 2 zones, 1st is on the Ao Giw Nah Nok which is the accommodation zone. The 2nd zone is on Giw Nah Nai, it is Sunset Bar. This zone is really suitable for seeing sunset, the atmosphere is very nice.

You are able to order cocktail from Sunset bar and have a sip while awaiting for sunset.

The signature drink of this bar is on the left hand side, you can see the layer of alcohol in orange and green color at the glass bottom. You need to stir it well before drink it. After stirring it, you will get the purple cocktail. It is really cool.

For guests of Paradee resort, you are able to take the boat from Ban Pae pier and get off at Parade pier directly.

Finally, I can see the big sunset touching at the edge of the water and it starts disappearing. The sun twilight has reflected throughout the sky and it influences on sky color at this moment. I do not know how to describe my feeling right now, you need to see by yourself in order to know how beautiful it is.

Once the light has gone, I go back to Baan Sup Pa Rod to recharge my energy and enjoy wonderful evening a bit.

At Lobby, once the light is turned on.

These menu are my dinner, I am actually so full because I take the lunch quite late at almost 14.00 hrs.

It is the time to take the photos in front of my accommodation. I can still see many boats of fisherman fishing some squids. The sky is quite open for tonight. I can see many stars on the sky and quartered moon.

Due to long day trip, I sleep so well till the morning.

I hear the alarm clock at 05.30 in the morning. I wake up and tend to watch the first light of the day. The sky becomes a bit clearer. I then jump from my bed immediately.

Luckily, I can still see the first light of the day. The sky is so beautiful.

Finally, I can see the sun. The big sun starts rising.

After rising sun, this is the atmosphere in front of my room. The golden light has spread into my room.

The breakfast is not included in the package. If you would like to have breakfast, you need to order for it. The resort has ever included the breakfast in the package but guests do not come to have breakfast. Most of the guests have lost their privilege on this. Hence, the resort has excluded breakfast from the package. This makes the price be cheaper.

After having breakfast, I still have 4 hours to enjoy seeing the atmosphere at Ao Prao. This place has ever been impacted by petrol strain. But, Ao Prao is now beautiful like previous.

I am now at the beach in front of Le Vimarn. Hence I am not reluctant to take some photos of the accommodation at Le Vimarn. It is one resort in Samed resort chain.

You are able to see the high angle view from this room. The Jacuzzi is available in this room.

I continue walking till the end of Ao Prao, it is the location of Ao Prao Resort . This resort is a resort in Samed resortchain. The atmosphere at Ao Prao resort is quieter than Le Vimarn because most of tourists are on the beach in front of Le Vimarn.

It is time to say good bye to Samet island. The boat on the way back to Ban Pae pier are available 3 rounds per day, which are 10.00 hrs., 12.30 hrs., and 15.00 hrs. The resort will arranged limousine to take you to the pier. The limousine will pick you up 30 minutes prior to boat departure.

After staying at Baan Sup Pa Rod, I think it is an interesting choice for your trip. It is outstanding in term of privacy and beautiful view. You can also swim even it is stony beach. Importantly, the price is not so expensive.