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Today, I would to take you all to Dhabkwan Resort and Spa. I get a voucher of Dhabkwan Resort and Spa, Nonthaburi for 1 night including breakfast from THAI TEAW THAI fan page. The rest of the trip I pay by myself.

The direction to Dhabkwan is easy as shown in the map. There are many where to get here, Nonthaburi pier or Rattanathibeth road. Just the road in front of the resort is under construction.

Once you get in to the resort, you will get a feeling of peaceful, and shady with many trees. From parking, staff will come to pick up you and your belonging to the lobby by golf car.

Dhabkwan Resort and Spa is a Thai style resort, houses are decorated in Ayuthaya period style. There are 7 houses; Sroiraya, Pudjeeb, Kaewmukda, Pikul, Bunnaak, Pudnamboos, and Pudpichaya which are name of Thai flowers.

The first floor of the main building is the Lobby and decorates in Thai Old style.

The waiting area for Check-in & Check-out

For tonight, I will stay in Bunnaak.

Once I walk through the wooden door, I will feel like I go back to the old time.

The area of each house will separate by shrub.

Each house is decorated in Thai style with raise high ground floor which give wind flow and airy. Moreover, there is a pavilion beside the lake for us to enjoy the nature.

Bathroom on the ground floor is quite big.

Here we are....the second floor of the house.

At the balcony, there are table set beside window and a Thai style wooden sofa.


Room is in rectangular with wooden floor. I think the resort might wax the floor because when I walk it still wet and slip in some areas.

Mosquito nets

There are also desk, television and big mirror in room. I am wondering why the TV remote has oil stream, it might be an effect from the floor wax process (I am not sure).

There is a sofa set and wardrobe beside the bed.

These are amenities in side the wardrobe which are available for guest to use such as hair dryer, towels and so on.


Old style light switch

Big bathroom with small window on aside

Next I will take you to see the outside atmosphere.

In front of the Lobby, there is a Thai restaurant which opens all day and here is where breakfast take place.

One side of the restaurant decorates with a big paint on the wall and on the other side is see through window which we can enjoy the nature out side while eating.

This is the second floor of the main building. There is a wedding ceremony tomorrow, the resort prepares such a beautiful set up for the ceremony. There are not only rooms to stay but they also provide area for event and seminar both indoor and outdoor.

Twilight at Dhabkwan is so attractive.

Due to the resort has a wedding ceremony in the morning, my breakfast is serving in my room. Menus are boiled rice with pork, shrimp or fish or ABF serve with coffee, orange juice and fruits.

Beautiful lotus in the morning

In my opinion, I think the attractive point of Dhabkwan Resort and Spa is the peaceful and shady resort which is located in the middle of the town with Thai antique style decoration.

I think there are only a few guests who stay here. The last cleaning might be from the previous check-out that why there are dusts every where especially in bathroom and bath amenities as well as the floor that I feel like wax stick on my foot.

There is a tall apartment on one side of the resort, it might be uncomfortable for the house that facing that side.

For people who do not like a busy life in the capital, I think here is one of a good choice.

Next station after check out, let's go have some walk in Koh Kred where is not that far from Dhabkwan.

Koh Kred is a small island in the middle of Chaophraya River. Mostly, people who live here are Mon people, their potteries are very famous. The symbol of Koh Kred is Mutao Pagoda which is in white color and incline beside the river.

Mutao Pagoda is located in Wat Porramaiyikawas where to keep Mon Tripitaka. Inside the temple decorated in Rama 5 modern style with products from Italy. There is a model of Shwedagon Pagoda located behind the temple called Phamaha Ramon Pagoda.

To travel around Koh Kred, we can just walk or bike a bicycle around this small island. But I prefer walk because there are so many people especially on weekend and street is quite narrow.

There are so many things selling beside the street especially snacks, some of them I have never seen before.


Ja - Monkut

Chor Mali or Thong - Eak

Kai Nai Rung

Kulab Chao Wang

O-nee Paekuay

Krachao Sida

This one I forget the name -_- !

This is my first time to see this dessert: Khanom Jeeb Thai

Thung Thong

Khanom Kluay

Dok Jok

Lasagna in Pottery

Tod Man Nor Kala which you should not miss.

Moreover, there are deep fried flowers which I forget to take a photo.

Small mask is one of interesting souvenir.

And do not forget to see the process of pottery.

In side the pottery factory will show all processes how to make one beautiful pottery.

The big Buddha from Wad Bang Chak located opposite Koh Kred beside Chaophraya River.

Direction to Koh Kred, it is very easy, just take boat from Wat Sanam Nue (park your car here) to Wat Porramaiyikawas. It is only 2 baht for one round. If you have more time, there are also boat service for visit temple around Koh Kred for more information you can contact Wat Porramaiyikawas pier.

If you are looking for a trip during short holiday, Koh Kred would be a good choice for you.


 Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:54 AM