Hello all readme fans. For this review, I would like to share with you my story that I have experienced. For the first time in life at Koh Mak.

This is all started by the invitation from the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) as on behalf of the media as travel blockers because my blocks are full of travel stories.

At first, I was thinking to reject the offer, why? Because I will be going to the sea during raining season, it's low season! Even though now we prefer to call it 'Green Season'.

Well, I really like this word 'Green Season'. But then, before I reject the offer, I got an opportunity to listen to the DASTA under the theme of "Kon Mai Ao Tahn" (literally means people who don't want charcoal, it also connotes the meaning of a failure who wish to improve nothing in life).

Wow, what's this concept? There were two famous persons on the poster. One is Khun Wannasing, the famous thinker and writer and the producer of ' Phuentee chevit' (meaning life's area) program. And the other is Khun Mint, a smart woman who has traveled alone to almost everywhere in the world. The social network world know her as 'I Rome Alone'. This poster is on the news feeds and all over my Facebook wall and this talk will be held at Bangkok Art Gallery. Since I'm very close to the place and want to escape from the boring working table, so then I'm listening quietly at the corner of the room.

Kon Mai Ao Tahn here means people who do not want carbon, wow, so cool! That's what I felt when I listen to the talk and immediately I got its concept. Then, I love it. In short, we human release carbon dioxide into the world's atmosphere that it causes the global warming as we know today. From the material wealth and the fact that in the modern world, travel has become the activity of mankind where everyone goes on travel. This inevitably accelerates the process of releasing more carbon dioxide into the world's atmosphere.

Where there's a travel, there's a transportation for human and there's energy needed to use in resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Some new travel destinations by man-made is created to temporarily move the life style of people from one location to the others for relaxation. We turn on the air conditioning even if we are out, we take warm shower even if the weather is not cold, we choose to eat the famous menu that ts raw materials need to be imported. These ideas lead to the new idea of tourism on how we all can cooperate to reduce the damage made to our earth.

Therefore, the project of "Low Carbon Destination" was born by the DASTA with academical cooperation supported by Germany. And the first destination to carry out this project is

Koh Mak

After that lecture, I feel so enthusiastic to go to Koh Mak. Needless to say, I accept the invitation and waiting for the day to come.

And....... that day finally here. But.....how come I'm the only media on the van, the rest are the staff of the DASTA..... Oh No.......(hehe, good thing that I asked for the permission to bring one more person along...)

Well, we will move into the story of spending life at the island right now.....

We traveled by a van from Bangkok to Trat province with the distance of 300 k.m. and all this story happened in July, the month for rain, and it was just last month.

Before getting off at the island, let me take a quick stop here, to charge up my energy with the lunch at mantis shrimp noodle.

The name of the restaurant is Guai Tiaw Boo (crab noodle) Sukhumvit, but the famous menu is mantis shrimp noodle.
The coordinate is N12° 14.576' E102° 30.

In fact, I order mantis shrimp fried rice but my mantis shrimp meat is hidden underneath the rice, so the picture is not so photogenic as my friend's whom I invited to join the trip.

Mantis Shrimp Noodle

Credit: Dome Sapaibai, my co-trip accompanist

Looking so yummy, right? This menu is about 40-50 THB.

The restaurant is located at municipal Trat area on the Thesaban raod and one you turn into Soi Sukhunvit, you will find the restaurant on your left hand side.

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After that, we continue our journey to Glommaluang Chumpon Port where we can take speed boat to Koh Mak.

The coordinate of the port is N12° 10.534' E102° 23.247'
This port is situated at Laem Ngob, the area around the Battle Memorial Koh Chang.

This is the atmosphere of the pier, there's also a timetable for speed boat departure times, one is at 10.30 a.m. and the other is at 14.00 p.m. and our trip is at 14.00 p.m.

The distance to Koh Mak is 46 k.m. The duration is about 50 minute.

We go by Leelawadee speed boat, we will get off at Ao Nid Pier.

It seems like there's 3 companies who operate the boat to Koh Mak. I got this information from this web page: ilovekohmak.com http://goo.gl/6RDLO3

We arrive Koh Mak about 15.00 p.m. and our story of being left out on the island start from here!!!

After getting our luggage up from the boat, the staff take us to the taxi (song tiew). The team leader then walking smiley to us and ask, what are the plans we have in mind for going around!!!

What!!! What plan?// Aren't we going together!

Well, I'm really confused. Then I whisper to ask one of the staff, and he said today the DASTA will have the meeting with all the local residents at Koh Mak, so we two can go first on this taxi and as where to go he already told the driver.

Hmm, we have to maintain our image now. We are being very still, we will go wherever they take us to.

The whole taxi is only us and all our luggage as you can see. We are sitting, confused, smiled, and sometimes laughed.

My friend asked: What do they want you to do here, why you all are separated?

Me: I'm not so sure, I'm confused too. I guess they would eventually send someone to take us around?

So then, I immediately tap the window of the driver and ask him to stop for convenient shop if we are passing by one.

Well, let's just start by something if nothing at all, hehe. Let's collect some beers here. Once we find the drinks that are refrigerated, we quickly get half a dozen of them.

We are now done! Let's move on.... and then I jump back onto the taxi, and moving forward....

5 k.m from Ao Nid pier, we travel about half an hour and now we arrive at our first destination. Well, so actually they take us to check in here.

The Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa
Well, may be they just want us to put our luggage at the room and might send someone to take us around soon// In between, two beers are gone, haha.

This is the fence where we enter to the Cinnamon resort.

My friend, Dome, said that this place is very beautiful, he saw the photos before. I thought it might be, the fence is very colorful, quite artistic// I've never seen the image of the resort before.

Two wandering men dragging the luggage in......

Looking up at the sky, it is constantly cream since this morning. Although there's no sunshine, it's much better than raining.

Then we go straight to the lobby, feeling a bit awkward, not entirely know what to do. So we just tell them that the taxi dropped us here and we are the blockers from the DASTA.

Only that, they only knew that we were coming, immediately, we are welcomed by the welcome drink and this is my first impression after having listening the lecture at the Bangkok Art Gallery.

What they meant by 'low carbon' is to help reduce the pollution by using more or the most possible of natural materials which can be found locally. The handle for the glass is made from natural material, banana leaf, so nice!

The first view at the lobby, turning back to the lobby and keep walking a little bit to the terrace. Wow, so beautiful.

Look, look, look, my friend Dome, the bridge is so classical!

After getting the password of WiFi, we drag the luggage to our room and we also are upgraded to Beach Front room type.

And we arrive here, at Beach front, literally close to the beach.

Here is very quiet and peaceful, it seems like we are going to have it all by ourselves! That's for sure! Tonight, here, no more other guests.

Well, now, what do do? Why are they sending us here? Do they want us to to do a resort review? But well, they didn't say anything though. May be, they just want us to take some rest and the actual job might be starting tomorrow.

We both just look at each other for a second and take the rest of the beers to the refrigerator, and open other two to celebrate here on this terrace.

let's take a look from the front beach up.

After some time passed and now I'm more confident that today is only for us getting here and taking some rest. The WiFi here is quite strong, even this far from the lobby, they might also have the separate router here. Soon after, a coordinator staff call and tell us to take some rest, they will come pick up up tomorrow at 9.00 a.m. Oh well, so this first day is a free day then! Wow, time to chill around...

When we are yet to assign the task, we have nothing to do. So we walk to relax at this bridge. It is said that this bridge is the longest bridge on Koh Mak.

Sit wherever as you like, just chill...

We also find Solar Cell panels on this bridge. This is another effort of the entrepreneurs on this island to collectively help making Koh Mak an environmental friendly tourist destination by trying to use clean energy to substitute other energy the most possible. In fact, there's many Solar Cell panels on this bridge. They also said that some place that has enough financial support, they already pioneer to make a Solar Farm. Some also use this energy to clean the swimming pool.

I'm so admire of their idea and action, this is the real Low Carbon Destination.

Now, let's look back to the lobby. Our beach front is to the left, seems like it is already off the frame, haha.

I like this bridge so much. There's curving branches of trees here and there as well as the pavilions to hide for sun or rain from here to there.

The greatest of all and also what I've been trying to look for even since I checked in, is over there. Yes, it is the wrecked ship. So classic. I post the photo to show friends and they said it was newer 6 years ago. Well, it means it has been here at least 6 years then. That's why it looks quite awful. Well, but the older it gets, the more charming it becomes as well.

After having enough on walking on this bridge, let's walk to other place as we don't have anything to do anyway.
We are walking pass the houses that have the pool, so we might as well just enjoy our time there with our strong signal WiFi. Haha, this is really a life of looking down!

Let's take a look at this lonely view. Two people feel quite lonely here and we already finish all half a dozen of beers _ _"

It's about time to finish the work and go home. I will update again tonight. Thank you very much in advance for stopping by, if you like it, please click 'like', if you love it, please share further. I will come back shortly and tell you more about Koh Mak, it's much more interesting than I have anticipated.

Let's continue our story, the sun is already set, the sky is getting dark and seems like the rain is also on the way.

Dinner tonight is easy menu like the concept of 'Low Carbon'. Fully, the meal was made from raw materials that can be found on this island so there will be no need to transport it from the shore to waste petrol and can reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

And we end our first day by laying at the terrace while listening to the sound of wave. We turn off the light and look up to the sky. Look here and there...and I find out that the sky is actually open and once our eyes are adapted to the dark....wow...stars are all over the sky. So then, I grab my camera, the standing, forehead flashlight and walk towards to the beach in front of the house. My goal is to take some photos of the house with stars.

While I took this photos, I had no idea that this is the milky way, haha. It's only after I look from my laptop that I realize it. But well, my lens are not so good, many noises are all over the photo. Anyhow, I'm very impressed with my first milky way. And while I was taking this photo, 2 fireflies also were flying by, hehe.

The new day, good morning Koh Mak :)

At first, I was thinking to take some photos of the wrecked ship. But well, the water has gone down way too much.....

So why not just take some walk. I want to walk to the wrecked ship. The sand around here is very stiff, it doesn't collapse upon we stepping on.

Get closer now...

Hmm, it's quite old, old to classic, in fact. It's quite fortunate to have stripe clouds and this type of clouds wouldn't exist outside the raining season, very beautiful. Another luck is that I grabbed the right lends for this type of photography, well in fact, I only grabbed one as I just want to take some chill walk.

Walking around and get enough photos of it :)

I post quite a lot of wrecked ship photos here,you know why? Well, after we left Koh Mak, they dismantle woods on this wrecked ship!! I'm so surprised to know that. Lately, I go to check and find out that they only dismantle parts of it but it is still a lot and I'm not sure if they are going to dismantle the whole thing. If so, it's such a big pity. I feel like this wrecked whip has become a charming landmark for this place.

Let's also take a look at some other place, the time is all ours since until now we still have no idea what we are going to do at Koh Mak. And this explains why we feel being left out on this island.

On the beach, some parts already turn into basin of water, streams, while some parts become stones like this.

We also can capture the scene underneath the bridge and this is probably one of the best things about water being so low.

And then we walk back to the resort. Well, the coordinator staff called again and said that the time will be postponed for another hour, so let's keep walking.

Oh well, we both are already checked out.... so we just put our luggage around the lobby.

To check in again to enjoy the air conditioning seems a bit too much. Also, the weather is not that hot. Here is the lobby area.

Well, in fact, we don't know what to do while waiting so we also just keep taking photos to best use of our time.

This is near the lobby, outdoor area, it is quite shady. In fact, I come here as I was looking for restroom.

I feel like I forgot something, that's right, we forgot to have our breakfast. The staff told us that the breakfast has been prepared for us as we changed our plan.

Finally, it rains, my salad// I cursed quietly, haha. How this trip is going to turn out, good or bad? It's already late morning and already second day and tomorrow we will be leaving the island, and now I still have no idea and have not seen a single corner of Koh Mak besides here..... So let's keep taking the photos of the wrecked ship, a closer zoom from our dinning table.

When there's nothing else to do, let's find something to eat, haha. What else do you have, bring it on, yeah....we got a rice porridge.

Then my eyes catch a glimpse of pool table. That's perfect! We both then jumping, walking under a slight rain to have good time with the pool. We play about an hour before the rain stops. Please enjoy this hanging shells while we both are playing the pool, hehe.

Finally, the rain stops, the sun is out, and coordinator staff is here as well as bringing one other friend to us. After introducing us to the new friend, the coordinator left, oh oh, what's going on now? Seems like the staff is also in hurry and seems like everything is already late. We are still confused while looking at the wooden bridge for the last time and waving goodbye to the Cinnamon. I quite like it here, I will definitely come back here. Thank you so much for letting us stay for a night with two meals and the milky way, more importantly, a strong signal of WiFi, love it.

I think the actual journey should officially start now, let's join us to explore Koh Mak. Although the rain is still here, we are so ready now, let's go!

I will update again tomorrow, it's quite late now and my eyes is almost close too >"< If you like it, please click 'like', if you love it, please share further. I have to say that, Koh Mak really drives me crazy, I feel so in love with it. Of course, it is not solely because of its beautiful view, here offers many more special things which are totally different from other tourist destination. About what it is, let's discuss tomorrow.

Low Carbon Destination at Koh Mak. Tonight I wish you all a sweet dream and thank you so much for those who stop by, especially those who left some traces of coming or some comments which is a great morale to me. I'm sure that apart from being kind-hearted, you all must also be extremely good looking, yay!

Good morning, I'm ready for more update.
Hopping on the truck, which I think is the taxi, and we are starting our trip today. On Koh Mak, there's many taxi to send tourists around but not only to specific place, some with the roof and some without. I guess this taxi is provided by the DASTA in cooperation with the Cinnamon to come and pick us up.

The route after we checked out from Cinnamon, from the GPS is like this, we go from the west to the beach of the east. Our destination is another resort, which is called the Seavana Resort. But but but, what are we going to do here? Only once we drag our luggage in, we realize that we will be staying over night here. For now, we just drop our luggage in. And here, we also meet our tour guide whom has already been waiting for us.

Our tour guide then introduces herself, her name is Khun Su. As for her position, I asked the staff secretly and learned that she is the assistant to Koh Mak Sub-district Administrative Organization. When everyone is ready, we set off for travel at Koh Mak immediately. Well, for me, I have been ready since yesterday, haha.

Then, Khun Su asks us where do we what to go? What!! Since we got on this island, this is the second time we were asked on this question, haha. Well, where should we go then, let's take us to the best place Koh Mak has to offer for us.

Khun Su proposes to go see the opening sea. Really? Koh Mak also has opening sea? Probably, because this early morning the water was in its very low tide, so now is a good time to see the opening sea before the water is back again. Once decided, we set off right away. Driving from the Seavana Resort, it is about 2.5 k.m.

Unfortunately, we are too late, the water is already up, covering all the sand, so no more spreading sea. Such a pity to miss this scene.

And the island in front of it is Ko Rayang Nai, it is one of the eight islands surrounding Koh Mak. When the water is in low tide, the sand will actually connect the two islands together. For now, what we can see is the wave hitting from two sides, against each other. We can kind of imagine how is it going to look like. if the sea were to spread. If I have an opportunity to come back, I will not miss this scene again.

//Only the first tour program, and we already miss it?!!

Our first satisfaction comes, not only disappointment. The beach on this Ao Ban Yai is looking just right. Although the sand is not pure white, it looks good and appropriate.

Along the beach line, coconut tress set the scene that while bending along the beach, they make vertical end towards the sky. It is so astonishing beautiful. Frankly, it gets my heart!

Over there, our tour guide is already going up and laying on that coconut tree, hehe.

Writing on the sand is an in-trend thing, right?

Having enough playing with the sand and climbing coconut tress, we are moving onto our next destination. Oh yeah, here at Ao Ban Yai, we have another volunteer tour guide joining us to provide us a more complete Koh Mak tour. His name is Khun Ball. He is a very talented and enthusiastic man and has been involved in many mega projects. He has lived his simple life on this island for about 13 years and also trying to help driving Koh Mak to become a liveable travel destination.

Then, Khun Su and Khun Ball discuss and tell us that they are going to take us to know an important element of Low Carbon Destination concept.

Which is to reduce the raw materials being imported form the shore by planting, using, and eating them as well as send them to the local kitchen like restaurants and many resorts on Koh Mak.

The Vegetables Organic Farm

With the campaign of "Eat it Fresh", one of the DASTA projects which encourage local residents turn to use more of raw materials that can be produced locally.

This is because then we can get fresh, clean, non-toxic, and seasonal vegetables as well as fruits. Meanwhile, It also helps reducing carbon being released into the atmosphere of earth.

This vegetables organic farming belongs to Khun Chakapan Tavedhikul, A Chairperson for Trat Provincial Tourism Business Association.

He is also the owner of Koh Mak Resort.

He is also known as Khun Ar Chak (polite way of calling uncle Chak, his nickname). His family is one of the five families who pioneered Koh Mak and initiated organic farming project.

Here, the organic farm is situated just behind Koh Mak Resort. It is about 2 k.m. from Ao Ban Yai. We have to return the same route, by going to the Seavana and come back. Khun Ar Chak is also one of the main head in navigating developmental direction of Koh Mak....

Into the green travel of Low Carbon Destination.

What amazed me is not only the vegetable beds, but these spiders that stationed in each net.

These spiders are purposely raised here to become naturally trap in order to trap other insects.

What an ingenious strategy!

Now, it's about time to have lunch. To fully enjoy slow life, we also need to get close to local life style and this is another important charm.

So we choose to have lunch at the restaurant along the side road.

Pa Paew (aunt Paew), a la carte restaurant

N11° 48.751' E102° 28.737'

It is the ordinary but extraordinary restaurant. Pa Paew used to appear in the YouTube, many foreigners coming to Koh Mak already knew Pa Paew via YouTube, haha.

Pa Paew can speak very limited English while the foreign visitors also speak almost zero-Thai.

But both sides can somehow manage to communicate :)

Foreign customers speak English while Pa Paew responds in Thai, and it's sufficient to order food. I find it very Amazing!

At Pa Paew restaurant, two of the coordinator staff from the DASTA also joined us. They are like ninjas, came to see us briefly in the morning and disappear, and now show up again for lunch, haha.

Once we are full, we are going to another very interesting place. Here at Koh Mak, there's several different kind of diverse beaches.

When looking overhead from the air, it looks like the symbol +. When taking a more careful look, it looks like foreign dragon! And when we are taking boat towards Ao Nid, Koh Mak will look like Chinese dragon.

This is a very favorable landscape that fortune teller of the family from Koh Po was sent in search for the new fortune terrain to settle.

Back then, due to the coastline happen to be irregular, many bays and beaches occur.

What is more unique about this island is that several beaches have such a different personality, like this beach (It is close to Panorama Resort).

The rocks have black skin, it look just likes aches from volcano!

Whereas, the other beach, which is just the next door, is full of red rocks! (It's at the area of Sunset Resort).

The Route Map

Now, it's time to reveal the image of our two lovely tour guides, Khun Su and Khun Ball ^___^

I didn't get to take many porous red rocks at Sunset Resort as that time the water start to get on so the feature of the rocks are not so obvious.

Now, what surprise and puzzle me is that the tour guides just take us in and out of this and that resort without having to ask permission from anyone. After parking, we just walk straight in, and some resort like the Panorama Resort, there's not even a single staff there. Our tour guides proudly explain to us that, this is the most charm of Koh Mak, most of the resorts or almost all of the resorts are family or relative business and they all are willing to be good host. Regardless of which resort you are staying at, the guests can comfortably go in and out to appreciate views of other resorts.

Let's continue.

I request to see beautiful and abundant coconut groove. Khun Su and Khun Ball then arrange for me right away, we are taking our taxi and immediately set off for magnificent coconut trees view here.

Then, we come to one of the most interesting places. Well, in fact, it should be the first destination that the first-timer tourist should visit.

If you want to know more about Koh Mak begins your journey here !

K.M. 0
Koh Mak Local Museum

Koh Mak Local Museum is the ancient white wooden house near the sea, it is older than 110 years.

It is located at Ao Nid, close to Ao Nid harbor where we get off to the island after taking speed boat from Laem Ngob, Glommaluang Port.

Khun Thanin Sutthithanakul or P'Aek, a curator and a host of the museum who built and took care of this Local Museum comes out to welcome us and give us a brief tour.

He also shares with us the local story. The ancestors of this island are Thai people who moved from Koh Po. Back then they were staying on this small island under Koh Kong of Cambodia.

At that time, a decade ago, that land belonged to Thailand until the King Rama V must trade some land of Siam in exchange for Chantaburi and Trat province in return. The ancestors then needed to move from Koh Po to settle here, at Koh Mak since 1904. In short, they lived here about 110 years now.

And this is just partial story from P'Eak, we will definitely know more of the history of people on Koh Mak once we pay a visit to this Local Museum as well as listen to P' Eak story who will not only tell us some story but also take us touring around.

P' Eak is also a major person in bringing local residents to moving towards building environmental friendly tourism following the concept of Low Carbon Destination in order to make Koh Mak achieve the goal of becoming the most sustainable and long lasting tourist destination.

We spend our time at Koh Mak Local Museum for hours as it has many interesting stories, especially when we got to listen from P'Eak directly.

After that, we visit to another beach.

Ao Khao (white beach)

Here, the view of coconut trees is compatible to that of Ao Ban Yai. But due to the weather is not so good, strong wind and it seems to be raining soon. Also, the wave is very strong, looking quite scary. So we just take a peep and continue our journey.

On the way, we can see some Solar Cell panels and it keeps growing. Feeling so good and happy.

Although Koh Mak is mostly plain, there's also some hills and mountains landscape. And now we are up on the hill.

Many resorts are located in this area and become paranormal viewpoint of the vast sea of Koh Mak on the Northwest.

Had Suan Yai Scenic Viewpoint (Big Garden Beach Viewpoint)
N11° 49.103' E102° 27.791'

From here, we can see Koh Kham. Well, I feel Koh Kham is so near from this high angle, I so want to just hop to get to over there ;)

When we walk deeper, we will reach another viewpoint which is situated in front of Lazy Day Resort.

Zooming with Tele lends 400mm. we could see the beach and rocks which are very popular on Koh Kham.

Looking to the left, we will also see the bridge that going into the sea of Cococape Resort.

Since we already here, seeing the wooden bridge of CocoCape Resort, let's also just walk to chill on that bridge ^.^

The very romantic wooden bridge @ Cococape Resort
N11° 49.234' E102° 27.718'

Now, let's take a look at another high angle viewpoint, this scenic area is probably situated at the highest point of Koh Mak.

Its height is about 80 metres. There's road a bit before you have to go on foot trail about 15-30 minutes in order to reach Khao Paenti (map mountain) Scenic Area.

Looking at sky and the time, we decide to stop only at the first viewpoint. From here, we can clearly see Inner Koh Rayang (where we intended to see the opening sea this morning). Looking far ahead, we will see outer Koh Rayang on the background, and the furthest is Koh Kood.

Khao Paenti Scenic Viewpoint

N11° 48.792' E102° 27.012'

For dinner, again, we just stop by a seafood local restaurant at

Krua Khun Mam (Khun Mam Kitchen)
N11° 49.003' E102° 27.765'

Although it's ordinary restaurant, but given the fresh seafood from the sea and superb seafood sauce, it is just incredibly delicious. To make it even better, the price is also very friendly. And as the same, the two staff Ninjas show up again here, haha. Seems like we are meeting each other every time we are having meal.

And then we stuck here from the raining at Krua Khun Mam until late night.

At the end of the day, we say farewell to our guides and drag our luggage to check in at the Seavana Resort where we had dropped in our luggage at the lobby this morning.

Seavana Beach Resort

N11° 49.268' E102° 28.012'

It is situated around Had Suan Yai. The room is beautiful, the balcony also have the hole sleeping bed. Hehe, just love it! It is also very greenish and shady in front of the house.

There's plain and greenish lawn. Some trees are there to accommodate shade and each house is located one after the other along the beach line.

It is so enjoy to simply laying down in this sleeping hole bed while listening to the wave. It is a pity that I check in quite late and the next morning is raining.

So if I've got a chance to stay here again upon my next return, I definitely will remake it to the worth! I would take more photos.

I lay down to watch the rain for quite some times. And when the rain stops, it's also the time for us to leave the resort.The taxi is ready to take me to Ao Nid so that I will be on time to take the boat back to the shore. We didn't even have time to have our breakfast yet. Bye Bye Koh Mak........

After the rain, it's sunny time. But the front is calling me to let me know that the taxi is waiting now T T, no time for photography! Because we need to take the morning speed boat and the coordinator staff is already waiting for us at the port.

Once we arrive at the port, our two lovely tour guides also come to see us off. Wow, I'm so happy to see them again.So then I take this opportunity to take group photos including our coordinator staff from the DASTA.

It's time for the boat to set off, we both wave good bye. One is us from the boat that starts to depart from the island and the other side is the two lovely tour guides who are waving from the port.

I want to end Koh Mak trip with the great quote that full of sincerity from Khun Ball.

" Here! everyone comes as a guest and leave as a friend. That's it .... Koh Mak"

This is so touching, my tears are almost out TT. This is not only touching but also so true as I felt the same the moment I departed. I know for sure that I will one day return to enjoy 'slow life' at Koh Mak, to get to know more about Koh Mak as well as to see the progress of Low Carbon at Koh Mak project which is one of the Low Carbon Destination that will be implementing across the Koh Chang Islands and Koh Mak is the first island to carry out the project.

For my last line, I would like to express my sincere thankful to the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) who has given me an honor by inviting me to visit and feel Koh Mak.


 Friday, August 14, 2015 2:46 PM