This trip is really a special trip for me because I just only send a travelling review about accommodation to join an activity on the Atsiam website in the hope of winning the accommodation voucher in Hua Hin and Pattaya. I actually want to get Hua Hin voucher but when the results announced it turns out that I get a voucher of THE NOW HOTEL, Pattaya for 2 days 1 night.I feel a bit disappointed that I miss the Hua Hin voucher. But when I do THE NOW HOTEL search, I then feel excited and happy to stay at this place because I have seen THE NOW HOTEL on The Guess House t.v. program broadcasting on Channel 3 that when I watch this program, I feel really impressed with the decorative style of accommodation here.

THE NOW HOTEL is located on Jomtien Beach. just across the street from the hotel's front you then can expose to the beach and the sea.The building is an exposed concrete. Just an external view can indications the Chic style of the hotel.

In front of this hotel is 7-11, it can say that staying in here, you would not be famished at all. Beside is a parking lot area.

The car is parked then let follow me to the hotel.

When step inside the hotel, you will see this very attractive corner. I think that more than 60% of customers certainly have to take photo here. The colorful sofa is located on a verdure turf with a big character THE NOW written on exposed concrete wall. Beside the sofa is a seats which are elegantly designed in a pagoda shaped similar to Chandi Borobudur in Indonesia.

A simple lobby, beside are a circle wicker chairs for guest to sitting while waiting for check in-out here.

Apart from a chic circle wicker chairs, there is also a big doors to appease children and adult to hug and take picture together too.

It seems like THE NOW HOTEL has renovated from an old building and build up another one new building in the front area and connect to both building by sky-walk. Even it is the renovation of old buildings, but they build it well because it have homogeneously designed between the old and the new building.

There is a wicker chair, sofa set for guest to sit here at the connecting point between old and new building.

THE NOW HOTEL has 5 style of accommodations. The room is separated into XS,S,N,L,XL which each room design differently. It have an unique design of decoration. Moreover the rooms have various facilities like Free Wi-Fi, DVD player, Cable T.V., LCD television, safety box, hairdryer, refrigerator, bathrobes and shoes for indoor use.

Let's see the first type of the XS room : X-Sence is on 29 square meter.

When entering to the room, on the right side is a closet and on the left side is a bathroom. The wall of the bathroom is a opaque glass that people outside the room can not see through the inside. Next to the bathroom door is a table that can use for working and can be use as a dressing table for lady.

Inside the restroom, it is apparently separated, you can obviously see that there is another small partition room blocking as a toilet. Moreover, bathtub and shower are in the same area, but it's okay if you want to do body soaking there too. Beside the bathtub is a clear glass, people from outside can look through the area but if you want a privacy, you need to swipe down the curtain.

The bed area, it's a twin bed in a Zen Japanese style emphasizes on nature blending with a simple colored plaster. Even it's a XS room but it's not that narrow and uncomfortable.

Next is S room type : S-ceneric, single room with 28 square meter area.

When entering the room, it's the same style with XS room. On the right hand is closet. On the left hand is a restroom but the restroom's wall of S room is an exposed cement. It's folding sliding door and dressing table is next to the restroom door.

The design of the restroom is similar to the XS room.

Let's see the bedroom. The S room type is decorated in a minimalist style with a perfect match with an exposed cement decoration and a wicker chair for guests to relax in the room too.

A personal space of bedroom, S room style is different from XS room style in term of the bed location. For XS room, the headboard is attached with the wall but the headboard of the S room is next to the restroom,

Next is the M room type: M-ood, single bed on 34 square meter.

It's inspired by the need of couples. So they apply the exposed concrete with a stripped naked concept. In every corner of the room, Its design and decoration reflect the open mind and frank under the "Sea-thru-u" concept.

When enter to the room, you will see a bathtub in the middle of the room with a thin curtain in order to make partition between bathtub and bed.

A single Queen bed size. Beside the bed is a 2 wicker chairs and LCD Television is at the end of the bed.

For the space behind the bed is an area of restroom which apparently separate into wet and dry area. On the left hand is a bath room in a Rain Shower type and next to it is a closet. On the right hand of the door is a toilet and next to it is a wash basin and dressing table.

Inside the closet is a safety box, bathrobes and shoes for internal use.

Many minibars


Many towels here. They are provided for Rain Shower and soaking tub.

When open the door, at the bed's end you will see a terrace and also see the sea view too.

Next is L room : L-iving rich nature which is a single bed on 38 square meter.

This room decorates under the concept of living rich nature that intends to find a perfect match of nature and lifestyle.

It's wide. In the bed zone, there is a desk. The bed is a Queen size of single bed.

The side of the bed is a bathtub in a Sea View type, separate a private area with a thin curtain, it looks so sexy then.

Adding a picture to the wall so it won't look too spacious.

Let's see the restroom, a washbasin is in the middle of the room located at the back of the headboard. On the left hand, opposite to the wash basin is a Rain Shower area. On the right hand is a toilet which a big closet is blocking between that 2 areas.

The last type is XL: X-cenic of Love on 35 Square meter.

The concept of the XL room type is a mixture idea of various room types whether it be living naturally like Zen, the room's layout which emphasizes on the usage of minimalist area or stripped naked of sea-thru-u and including reflection of rich nature. XL room is located in the best position of the hotel because you can see the 180 degree atmosphere around the Jomtien Beach inside the room. XL rooms is clearly separated into 2 parts which are bedroom and restroom.

This is a completely sea view room. You have no need to stand at the terrace to see the view like other rooms, just draw the curtain apart then you will see the sea view. The bed is Queen Size.

In the middle of the room is a Rain Shower part and toilet. There are separated into 2 rooms. The wall behind is an exposed concrete and the rest of the wall is a opaque glass. Beside the bathroom is a bathtub which you can see the sea view there and on the other side of the restroom's wall is a wash basin, closet and dressing table.

Overall, the layout of each room is focusing on polish exposed concrete wall contrasting with light wooden furniture and also Japanese bed is used as a decorative in some rooms. And, adding a Sea-thru-u and bathtub which can see the sea view and a wide sky, close to nature and sea which give a sense of comfortable and relaxation.

Let's see the other areas of the hotel.

Zybar is in front of the hotel. Cocktail is served in a chic atmosphere along with music. I can say that it's a great atmosphere when the Sun sets in the evening.

The evening atmosphere

Let's see the breakfast area, NoWhere Cafe restaurant.

The decoration is still using a concept of polish exposed concrete wall contrasting with light wooden furniture. The other side of the wall is a big mirror that can see the outside view and it also help widen NoWhere Café area.

A breakfast line is not different from other hotel. Meals are served fairly. The period I go there is a Vegetarian Festival so the hotel also provides vegetarian food for guests too.

After breakfast, I stroll around Jomtien Beach to see the atmosphere there.

Overall THE NOW HOTEL is okay for me. The decorative style of each room is very chic which located in a convenient location. 7-11 shop is located very near and the hotel is next to the beach. I want to criticize the size of a Single bed and Queen size that I think it's too uncomfortable for two people to sleep together.

After breakfast, I am heading to Sattahip District. Today I plan to see a beautiful clear sea water of the Gulf of Thailand on Samae San Island.

Getting to Samae San Island, you must contact the Naval Special Warfare Group, Royal Thai Fleet which is a port to Samae San Island. The way to travel to this port is using the same road with Thai Island And Sea Natural History Museum. You have to buy a ticket at this building when arrive. It costs 250 Baht/person. 250 Baht includes round trip to Samae San Island, car service, Snorkeling mask, Life jacket, toilet, restroom, canvas bed, glass bottom boat service for seeing coral reef. There are only snack and beverage serving on the island, no main dish. Tourists have to have themselves prepared for the main dish. Snack and beverage are not include in 250 Bath.

I've already got the ticket. We drive a little more to park the car.

Naval fleet is announced about the boat schedule when I go there which mismatches with the information I search on internet. (The information on internet mention that the boat departures every hour starting from 09.00 am - 14.00 pm and every hour for returning round starting from 10.15 - 17.15) but presently there are 3 rounds of sailing/day which are 09.30 am., 11.00 pm. and 13.00 pm. but the boat departures 3 rounds which are 10.30 am., 12.00 am. and 16.30 pm.for returning round on a normal day (Mon-Fri). There are also additional 15.00 pm.round for holiday including official holiday.

I talk with navy and know that they will revise the sailing schedule again in October period. Whoever interested to go to Samae San Island, you need to call and check with Naval Special Warfare Group, Royal Thai Fleet about the departure time again so that it will not waste your time.

Plenty of jellyfishes around the port area.

This boat is a vehicle that will take me to Samae San Island that is located in front of me right away. One boat can carry around 120 passengers.

It takes about 10 mins to reach the island. There is a floating basket for keeping turtle in water for visitors to see them.

Samae San Island is in charge of the navy fleet. The island is for conserving natural resources lover and youth to study and make a research about the plant species from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea. Plant Genetic Conservation Project Under the Royal Initiation of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (RSPG) originally opens for students to visit but presently it's open to everyone to have a chance to learn it but if visitors don't help to conserve and protect it, the project would only be opened up for students again.

I recommend that you should listen to the briefly introduction of the navy first when you arrive here. He talks about Samae San Island and the activity you can do here.

Samae San is the biggest island here. Its name is called from a plant "Samae Tree". There are 6 beaches here which are Tien Beach, Narbaan Beach, Looklom Beach, Kuard Beach, Toey Beach, Farang Beach (Farang originally live there). This island's main activity is diving to see a coral which there are two ways of doing it, Snorkeling mask and ridding on glass bottom boat. But right now the glass bottom boat is worn out. So I have to dive in shallow area only. Moreover, there is a hiking and bike rental around the island. The rental fee is 10 Baht/person.

For the beach, you should not miss Tien Beach and Looklom Beach which Jomtien Beach is the place we get on, off the boat and are listening to the explanation here.

Tien Beach, it's named according to the Tien-Talay Tree. Nowadays, Tien-Talay Tree is not exist anymore. There are numerous selling of snack and beverage stores, pavilion for take a rest, canvas bed for sit and relax and place for tourists to see the process of coral feeding. For tourists who want to do coral diving, there is a navy ready for firstly give an advice about the basic of diving beside the Jomtien Beach. They guarantee the safety of diving here. After the diving class end, the boat takes divers out of the island, about 2 km away from the Gulf of Tien. I have heard that the diving area is quite rich of natural resources including Scaly Giant Clam, Sea Anemone, Clown fish and shark.

After sightseeing of Jomtien Beach, then we are going to Beach. Energetic people can ride a bike to the beach or if you want a little more comfortable ride, the fleet has already prepared a car for you, it is not so long then you will reach Looklom Beach.

Looklom Beach is named according to Looklom grass. I have heard that Looklom beach's sand is whiter than the Jomtien beach. Moreover the beach is more peaceful and you can do a coral diving here too. The navy is there to give the diving advise and takes you to the nearest island but the coral here is not as perfect as the Jomtien beach. Furthermore, if you are not afraid of the sunburn, you can play a beach volleyball and beach football here too.

Beside the Looklom beach there is a small shingle beach.

For those who like a photo taking, I recommend you to climb up to the scenic point but you have to do it carefully because it quite steep and no handrail. On the scenic point, you will see a clear sea water from the bird's-eye view of the island. I think the sea water hear is very clear which I've never thought that the Gulf of Thailand is beautiful as the Andaman Sea.

I think it is worth paying 250 Baht because I can gain a real happiness. For those who like travelling to the sea, like travelling to a peaceful place and privacy, I guarantee that you would not feel disappointed for this place.

I choose Sattahip Navy Hotel as my second night of accommodation which navy is taking charge of this place. The room I stay can't see the sea view, it costs 750 Baht but it costs 850 Baht for sea view room, the rate excluding breakfast.

You can see a numerous of islands from the hotel's front. There is a boat sailing in the evening too.

It's convenient staying here, it's near to community so you can go to the morning fresh market which you can easily find a fresh seafood and buy it back home.

In the evening, I go to take photo of the last light of the day at Toey beach. I feel a little pity that the sky is not quite clear but I still can see a beautiful light. There are many restaurants around Toey beach area.

Last day of this trip, I end the trip at Sea Turtle Conservation Center which is located not far away from the hotel. It's free visiting from 08.30 - 17.00 pm.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Center is separated into 2 parts which are aquarium that gives knowledge about the sea turtle.

and another part is a Head-started of baby turtle, including sea turtle hospital, nursery ponds range from 1-4 according to the sea turtle age. You will obviously see 2 species of turtle which are Green turtle and Hawksbill sea turtle.

and I end this trip at Chuk Samet Port, Sattahip Naval Base to see the elegant of H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet.

H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet is a large ship of fleet. It is a marine force projection of national property, deployed on several disaster relief victim and marine life environment protection. During war this flat ship will be operated as a flagship, controlling and managing all the fleets. The most interesting thing is this ship is also used as aircraft carrier too. His Majesty the King gives "Chakri Naruebet" to this flagship which means Sovereign of the Chakri dynasty.

It opens daily since 09.00 am. - 17.00 pm. for free visiting. You just have to show your identity card and inform to number of visitors before entering the area. Below is a forum to educate the people about the Royal battleship and also a souvenir shop. The other floor inside the ship is not allowed to visit, only the top floor is allowed to visit which is a top floor for the plane's parking area.

Apart from The H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet, there are 3 more warships parking there too ;H.T.M.S. Similan, H.T.M.S. Phutthaloetla Naphalai and H.T.M.S. Phutthayotfachulalok.

Before departing, I have spent little time buying some fresh and dry sea food at Ang Sila. Scallops are selling with wholesale price for 100 Baht/bag, it's very cheap. Anyone has plan to travel around Pattaya, Sattahip, I recommend you to visit this place too.


 Monday, August 17, 2015 10:40 AM