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We are proud to present 3 chic hostels in Da Lat that we used to stay. Before going on a trip to southern of Vietnam, we found photo of the place from Vietnamese teenagers' Instagram. It is so amazing, we try to find the exact location and found that it is in Da Lat.

Many times that people said if we come to Da Lat we have to stay in the hostel because there are many cute hostels for us to choose. We also can rent a motorcycle to go around the city. And this is the beginning of our journey where we have to extend our stay. We stay in 3 different hotels, let start with the first one......

PS. The rate is depending on the period that we go. The rate in this review is from December last year....

Indigo Home B&B

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/INDIgohomegohome/

Indigo Home is a hostel that has joint owners and each of them will swap their duties such as housekeeping, front desk and some of them also have vegetable farm that they use as ingredients for food in the hostel. Indigo team did all decoration and layout.

The rate is 33 USD per night for 2 people with bathroom and bathtub. It is about 500 THB per person...

This rate is including breakfast even it is only a dish but they are punctiliously cooking each dish for the guest.

During our stay, we feel like home because they are so friendly and make all guests happy. Moreover, the hostel also has many corners that you can take lots of photos.

The room at “The garret”

Indigo Home has 2 branches, the first one is Dorm and this one is Private. Sadly, Indigo Home Private decided to shut down the business since the beginning of the year because when the business is expanding, they are busier and has no freedom. And these are the photo of Indigo Home Dorm which we take from the website because we have not been there personally.....


Even it is a dorm, it is still look very attractive and the rate is 7 USD per night. It is very valuable for the price and the atmosphere. For more information, you can visit the contact link at above.


Next one is....

Nhà của Tre - Tre's house

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/NhacuaTre/

“Tre's house”, it pronounces as J-House. The first that we see the photo, we thought that the couple were in Korea but they are actually here in Da Lat. Our Vietnamese friend said that it is the famous place for teenager couple. If you would like to stay here, you have to book in advance as they also around to book in advance for 2 - 3 months. Once we arrive, we know that why it is very popular.

The decoration does not look that well-matched but it is good and the atmosphere is also nice. In some corner, it looks like we are in Korea (You can see all photos in the above link).

This hostel has no breakfast included but they provide Vietmese noodle and coffee and tea for self service and it is free (just wash it after use and return to stowage).

The hostel provides both private and dorm room...

Private room 33 USD per night...Wow!!! it is so amazing...

And Dorm which is cheaper and does not have that many beds so it is not too crowded. This zone is separated from the private as you will have to walk from the other side.

Flip flop to change for walking inside

The most popular zone is farm which is very vintage and everyone really like it. Sometime, all guests will come out and have BBQ party around the bonfire even they did not each other ^^.

And the last one

Pensee Villa Hotel

Contact : http://penseevillahotel.com/

It is a homestay not hotel (just the name)

Pensee Villa has an elegant decoration, and located on the top of the mountain where we can enjoy the wonderful view around the place and very private. It is may difficult to get here for the first time but it is actually very easy to get here. The highlight here is the biggest living room of the hostel where we can see an amazing view ever.

....Feeling like a princess in the castle...^^

Very luxury ^^

The room with 2 big beds capacity for 3 guests and bathroom inside.

This whole thing is 25 USD per night per 3 people excluding breakfast which is very cheap. We can order breakfast here but it is going to be vegetarian fried noodle because the owner is vegetarian person. For anyone who does not like vegan, we recommended you to try because it is very delicious and very big portion.

The advantage of the house on the mountain is we can see a very wonderful view of Da Lat.

There are many room types such as this private room which separate to the other corner in the shady and privacy.

Staying at this hostel is very easy for you, if you have a plan to Mui Ne because there is a bus stop at opposite alley. You can inform the hostel to book the ticket for you. At the time they also drive us to the bus stop, they are so kind.

And these are all 3 hostels that we have experienced, we hope that this review would be useful for all of you who are going to Da Lat

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