When talking about Japan, I'm sure many women would think about cosmetic shopping first while men would think about Gundam robots or even sex toys, haha. Today, I'm going to take you to Mt.Fuji, the beautiful natural landmark for the tourists all year round.

This trip, I get to travel in July which considers summer season. It is only my short tour to Tokyo which is a 3 days 3 nights trip but I think it's so worth it. Even though I didn't get to experience the cold of Japan, I'm very lucky for Mt. Fuji. We travel early morning so the sun is not too strong and the tourists are yet crowded. More importantly, the weather is so clear, there's no clouds blocking the view of Mt.Fuji.

Let's start by knowing some of Mt.Fuji's history. This volcano is the highest mountain of Japan which is located on the west side of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Mt.Fuji is surrounded by lake, national park, and waterfall. When talking about the volcano, you probably wonder if there's a chance for Mt.Fuji to erupt. Do not worry, the scientists have ranged this volcano as having a very low chance of erupting because it was last erupted in 1707, or 310 years ago.

The first stop that the tour take you to enjoy the Mt.Fuji view is Fuji Station. Here, apart from seeing the entire view of Mt. Fuji and the crystal clear water of the lake in front of you, there's a lavender farm and several other beautiful gardens for tourists to take photo while having the Mt.Fuji as a background. Well, let's just say we can fully enjoy the beauty of the nature.

After enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji from the bottom, let's get closer which is at Fuji Station 5. It takes about 20 minutes from this point by car. Here, we have a clearer view of Mt.Fuji. There's white thing of top of this mountain, it is the snow that has not been melted yet, leaving the beauty until now for us to capture.

For those who love trekking, hiking, and adventure, you can hike up to the peak of Mt.Fuji and spend a night there to enjoy the view. But you must have about 1-3 days depending on the weather. Likewise, you must have your body fit and ready as well as a tour guide to lead the way.

Moreover, there's also a shrine for us to pay respect to here. We could also enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji, see the green mountains come to contrast with the clear blue sky of Japan in the summer.

Let's end this trip with Mt.Fuji as a backdrop during the summer, otherwise, I might consider not yet reach here, haha.

I'm sure everyone loves to travel to Japan during this time because Thai people enjoy a 15 days visa exemption from Japan. Also, the tour package is very interesting. Therefore, in addition to sopping, do not forget to come enjoy the beauty of Fuji-san too. I'm sure you would easily fall in love with her beauty just like the way I did.

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 Wednesday, July 26, 2017 10:20 AM