Nowadays, people are talking about Slow Life, they are always thinking of walking slowly and let the time pass without consideration. On the other side of life, no one wants to live life hurriedly forever and also no one wants to live slow life forever too.

But if one day you want to live slow life, you would choose a place for vacation to recharge your battery and to let the time pass without hurriedly run. Me, I am the one who choose to live in nature for my vacation time.

Khao Yai, a natural place near Bangkok, it takes only 2.5 hours by driving with personal car from Bangkok. I don't even remember how long I have never been to Khao Yai but I think it must be a very long time ago.

And one day I get offer to stay on vacation here and I accept it gladly.

Botanica Khao Yai

So I would like to use a Slow Life concept for this trip, it's a time to relax in a greenery place which surrounding by nature environment.

Leaving the city life behind and hold a deep breath here for a moment.

Let's us take 1 night rest here.

How about you, are you ready to sniff the Ozone sense with us or not?

Khao Yai in a rainy season ^^

Going to Botanica Khao Yai starting from Pak Chong grade separation, turn right to Thanarat road and go straight for 19 kilometers. Botanica Khao Yai is on the right side which is the same affiliates of The Greenery Khao Yai which is well known for ages but Botanica Khao Yai is a new resort that is built under the same affiliated. Botanica Khao Yai is only 200 Kilometers away from Bangkok. Now let's go ahead.

Tariff GPS : Botanica Khao Yai 14°32'28.0"N 101°22'24.1"E

Here is Botanica Khao Yai, I really like this corner of a greenery area, the fence is a dwarf green along the way.

I will come to take photo here again if I have any free time but recently I have to Check-in first, Check-in time is 14.00 PM and Check out time is 12.00 PM of the next day.

A private area of a lobby is an Open Air, there is an area which wind blowing from all directions. You can easily notice a new big tree beside the building. It is a very high tree and I don't know how they carry this tree here because the length is longer than a ten-wheeled truck.

If any one drive their own car, there is a parking lot here which is located on the base ground of the building. It has enough light, convenient to walk to the lobby and walk to accommodation and there is a glass elevator provided also.

Staff serves a cool Welcome Drink with a refreshing towel to me while sitting in the lobby area. I sip it a bit and Check-in with my identification card then receiving the room key card.

2 key cards/room

Botanica Khao Yai is located on 2 acres, only 1.5 kilometer away from Khao Yai National Park which is considered as the world heritage area and certainly I have visited this area to breath in the fresh Ozone, having a slow life at Botanica Khao Yai is going to start now.

Firstly let's I have some meal, I am starved right now and we will see the accommodation room later hahaha.

This lunch I would like to recommend i-Chilli E-saan fusion restaurant which is located in the Greenery Resort Khao Yai area. Let's go to restaurant for the firstdelicious food ^^.

The first dish is Som Tum with fruit serving with roll over crispy black and white sesame on medium size Salmon.

The first dish is gone suddenly in a second hahaha.

After that the second and third dish are served respectively. The second dish is a pumpkin soup with a Truffle mushrooms in an I-series style. To be honest I have never eaten this menu before. The pumpkin soup is taste normal but it's added the Truffle mushrooms in it. I think the truffle mushroom is to less in quantity, there are only 2 pieces of it because I want to eat it more.

The third menu, its name is very long, duck roasted with tamarind sauce pork fillet roasted with spicy sauce serving with black-white sticky rice fried vegetable in oyster sauce, this is the name of this menu serves in one dish. I can taste a spicy E-sarn food in an international style but I like a black-white sticky rice which clod together like it's coming out from a bamboo that I can taste both taste at the same time. I like it and start to feel stuffed now if I haven't seen the last menu hahaha.

Dessert is serving, our team ladies is smiling now because I believe that 80% of ladies like dessert even they always blame themselves obesity including me too hahaha.

Bai Toei cake with Vanilla Cake

A picture of Expert Chef who cook an International E-Sarn food for this meal.

Botanica Khao Yai is inspired from travelling to Khao Yai which I can see many corners of the natural landscape here along the route.

The source of this design is come from Contemporary architecture but in the same time it's also blending with surrounded nature also.

The Bridge and Botanica Garden is designed to built in the center of the building's area.

Among the rainy day for the whole day at Botanica is soaked.

Family Sweet is my room for tonight, let's go and see it.

Botanica Khao Yai has totally 115 rooms with 8 types of room but I haven't took every room type.

The room is a Suite type with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and a large area of living space with personal balcony. Personal balcony is very wide space. The room's decoration emphasizes on Minimalism style which emphasizes on a simple stuff. Furniture style is using ease color tone, focus on simultaneously ultimate uses and privacy.

For example, there is a full equipment and facilities provide within the bathroom.

The center area of the room. There is a small kitchen with a minibar and cool drink in refrigerator at the wall corner.

All drinks are free of charge, Bravo!!

Another room is a big bedroom. I stay at this room^^. Every room has its own personal balcony which can view the greenery landscape of the big mountain, sit back and relax while you can fully enjoy with natural environment both at the room's front and back.

Full of greenery area. Some room type has its own bathtub at the balcony to soak your body in warm water, and enjoy the view.

The center area of the resort, it's cool and unique in design because the designed color is harmonize with nature.

I am here to take a reminiscent picture between the two buildings.

Botanica Suite with Plunge Pool

Photo taking at another room type for you guys. This has 1 big bed room, kitchen and living area.

A bathtub, it's for bath soaking in an Open Air style.

I haven't take a picture of my room's minibar. I haven't eaten any thing except from drinking water because I still feeling stuffed from the previous meal hahaha.

Inside the refrigerator is a snack, chocolate and mineral water along with milk, juice, no alcohol drink.

You have to order more if you want alcohol drink.

A center area of Botanica Khao Yai for health lover^^.

Here it comes, a dwarf fence of Botanica Khao Yai that I like. Walking at this corner don't forget to take a beautiful picture as your memento

My Slow Life concept is to walk slowly to see everything around me which I can see things passes through life. Thing that I want to memorize I will take photo of it. A relax life without hurried and let the time passes gradually. I believe that what you like, impressed and feeling good about thing will grow up automatically.

After strolling in the resort area until evening time, I then go back to the lobby of Botanica Khao Yai because I want to see how beautiful the cool light is when it is being use to decorate the lobby.

There is one thing that not quite pleased me which is WiFi signal here.

When I go to the third floor and turn on my notebook which the WiFi password is a number of the room that it's hardly connect and often easily disconnect and makes me fed up and give up with it hahaha. It can be considered that it's a living area they may want us to take a real rest so they cut the signal off and get away from the social media for one day ^^

Greenery area and the garden organization along the pathway inside the resort.

The floor is high. The tree I have said before that it's very tall is a multiple taller than the tree planting here.

Inside the resort is quite peaceful. It's a place really suitable for recessing your life, it's what I feel for the atmosphere in the night time when staying in my room. The hotel provide many Welcome Fruit, 2 sets of it but I have not eaten it yet that I feel so pity because I still feel stuffed from the meal before haha.

The room's bathroom is a Family Sweet which separates between wet and dry area with a movable bathtub that it can be moved to the inside.

There are 2 public swimming pools of Botanica Khao Yai which are sky pool which its border is designed to use a clear glass. Especially it looks really beautiful and enjoy a cool air among Khao Yai scenery when look at it from the opposite site to the sky pool.

The second pool is wider than a sky pool, it is located behind the resort, near One-up Bar which serves drink and snack while swimming here. This pool is separated into children and adult pool and is using salt water pool system.

The hotel always full of customers during holiday, you can see from the light of the room, it almost turns on every room.

Same as the room near the second pool. There is a Tempo Restaurant which is a main restaurant of Botanica Khao Yai which many bamboos are planted to decorate in many areas because it blow beautifully by the wind.

But I prefer standing at the river side area. I see one of the customer sit chilly in this area with a little bright light, such a romantic corner which I also want to have that moment too hahaha.

Tempo Restaurant

Tempo Restaurant which is a main restaurant of Botanica Khao Yai, we will have breakfast and dinner hear.

The restaurant's inside decoration. It has a cool designed, using a big rope to divide among the area. Also, it's designed with a elegance material including furniture inside the area according to the concept of the resort too.

I almost like every menu of dinner in this meal especially fish and white chocolate & papaya mousse, the last menu with a cute fruit Carving. I have told you that I like dessert so it is my most favorite dish hehe.

( I forget the name of other menu >< )

Good Morning. A morning atmosphere with 2 swimming pools of Botanica Khao Yai.

Morning breakfast at Tempo Restaurant as usual.

Various kinds of breakfast I think but I take only some pictures because I feel courteous of disturbing other customers.

The food are filled time by time. I especially like a bottle of yogurts. The hotel serves it in the bottle which is ready to eat.

A spicy gruel for breakfast

There are Thai or international foods. I have asked staff there whether the buffet is daily served or not, but they say no, the hotel will provide a buffet only if there are more than 15 customers but if customer are less than the quota they will provide a set of menu instead. Now let's go on because Khao Yai still has many things to explore. There still some exciting and screaming activities to go on. Let's go. for morning breakfast

Coming Soon and Scenic world

A new park that will be officially opened soon in the center of the Khao Yao.

THE GOLD RUSH, This train will lead us to enjoy the Scenical World.

There is an excited things and a sound of screaming from many playthings which I have to look from the source of the sound when riding through Scenical World hahaha.

What I see while riding of the train are Adventure Zone, Speed Way (car racing), ZORB ( a giant ball trundling from the hill), Space Shuttle and Typhoon Tower.

There are many other playthings here which I don't know its name. The area is considered as the biggest one also but I am not sure whether it is the biggest amusement park in Thailand or not.

Presently it is under construction which unofficially opens but I ask for testing the plaything first.

I heard that it will be officially opened in this October 2015 to welcome children during semester break ^^.

Testing one willingness stage.

You have to sign your name before playing it. I don't recommend for heart disease people to play this one but for those who are having a broken heart you can try it. It may be excited feeling the same as having a lover.

Now let's try. The staff come to check all equipment and test all point of the locking thing and plaything.

It start having fun but I am fearless and can play every plaything. Do you know how I cope with flying and swinging high in the air?, what I do is only close my eyes. hahaha

and the most elegance of Scenical world is this one.

The big world class water park. Do you want to see? I can't imagine how beautiful it it when this park is officially opened and I am counting down to play it again on this October ^^.

Every journey always has the beginning and ending but things we get from the journey is experienced and sharing. There are a few reviews about Botanica Khao Yai or barely have the review if searching on the google I admire this review to be a database to recommend people and friends to know more about Botanica Khao Yai.

If you want more information or want to contact us, please contact us through this page

Lastly, I would like to thanks to everyone who come to greeting and following us and please forgive us If any wrong information is presented ^^.

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