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I must admit that I have not done many reviews recently because I prefer to take some rest before starting the journey again. But, this idea is not successful as I receive a phone call from my brother inviting me to join THE AMAZING JOURNEY BLOGGING CONTEST 12 project, it is about 12 must - visit cities. This is one of nice projects, which is arranged by Thai Authority Tourism (TAT) in order to boost up tourism in Thailand. At first, I could not catch much detail of what I need to do in this event but after I notice about the detail, it really catches my attention and interest to participate in this event.


So it is the time for us to draw lots in order to know which province where we will go for the trip. And it is....... Ratchaburi province lol.

I personally go to Ratchaburi quite often especially Suan Phueng district but I have never been to other districts of Ratchaburi, I also ask some people in my team whether they have ever gone to other districts before and I have got the answer in the same way that they have ever been to Ratchaburi but never taken an intensive trips previously. Once, I notice on this point, it really alerts me to know more about this province.

It even increases my curiosity towards this trip once I have heard the concept of this trip. It is " Art Community" concept, I really want to go to Ratchaburi right away in order to discover how art this province is. After I have discussed with my team, I am assigned to go to Suan Phueng district. As I have checked the current weather at Ratchaburi, it is still in the rainy season. Hence, the weather is quite nice and cool, I really want to relax in this province the place where is close to Bangkok.

Suan pueng district is the land where is surrounded with hills, fog, stream and green field. As P' Nui has previously taken you to visit Muang district and Damnoen Saduek district, please feel free to follow up this review

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So, it is my turn to take you to visit Suan Phueng district in our episode 2, we will emphasize on the natural attractions, chic coffee café especially interesting tradition " Kin Khao Hor" (Eat Packed Rice). This tradition is very important and hard to see nowadays. Let's come with us. Furthermore, you are able to follow and vote our team as per below link;

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Even though, many people might be tired of hearing about Suan Phueng because they might think that there are not so many interesting things to see apart from sheep and Alpaca. But, there are actually many interesting and attractions in Suan Phueng such as natural attractions, exotic tradition. Today, I would like to show your some parts of Suan Phueng.

Suan Phueng is our destination, it is very easy to go to this city. I spend only 2-3 hours by car. Finally, we reach a small but romantic city. Nowadays, there are many resorts are built in Suan Phueng and they are all so beautiful.

Furthermore, each resort also has its unique selling point by applying some arts. Hence, this city is deserved to be called the city of multiple arts which can be easily seen in various architecture in each resort.

It is unavoidable to say that all above mentioned points are really referred how art this city is. Since, we have introduced about it for a while. Thus, it is the time to pack our baggage and be ready to discover this city together. The first place in Suan Phueng where should not be missed, it is "Ban Hom Tian"

Ban Hom Tian is the well known attraction in Suan Phueng, it can be said that this place is pioneered of the tourism since 2004. As mentioned, this place has inspired many tourists come to visit and have a look at the art of aromatic candle and aromatic joss stick. They are made in variety colors and arranged neatly. It creates romantic atmosphere and also impresses tourists as well.

At first, Ban Hom Tian is initiated from small family business where produces the product (candle) under trade mark " Ratchanikorn Candle". The more this product to be seen, the more interested towards this product. Hence, this has supported the business to be prosperous till now.

It has not only an art of candle inside Ban Tian Hom, but it has also had other art as well such as painting.

The variously beautiful painting on T- Shirt and bag

For those who would like to try to make candle, you are able to choose which styles you prefer to make the candle. The price is indicated in the sign. Furthermore, there will be staffs to recommend and teach you how to make the candle. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes, then you can have your own candle which you can give as souvenir or showcase at your house.

You are able to learn the process of making candle here.

Apart from that, there is a corner where is decorated with antique items such as galvanized iron plates, ancient lamp, toys etc. This will surely satisfy collectors' need.

Once I have seen many ancients items, it reminds me thinking of the former time. I can recall that we had many colorful spoons.

This corner can actually make me have decayed teeth because I have seen various candies over here. I recall all candy brands, they used to be sold 1 baht per 4 pieces. Nowadays, the price is changed to be 2 baht per 3 pieces

This is also the corner where many people like to visit. It can be the background for photo taking. After taking the photo, you are able to post your photos on facebook directly. I am sure that your friend will be curious to ask you that where have you taken these photos.

You are able to enjoy seeing nice view and little tent at the far end and it is actually our destination tomorrow.

I have taken this trip in the weekend, hence there is no doubt there will be so many people. But, if we come in the weekday, it is be more chilled out than this.

It is time to say good bye Ban Hom Tian. I always visit this place once I come to Suan Phueng, otherwise you could not tell to anyone that you reach Suan Phueng. What is the pull factor that make me come to visit this place every time once I come to Suan Phueng, this is because this place has really charming atmosphere where I can enjoy your relaxing time.

Ban Tian Hom
Type: To sell candle, sovenir, coffee cafe, restaurant, photo taking, chill out. Address: 210 Moo. 2 T.Suan Phueng A. Suan Phueng Ratchaburi province
Tel: 081-8411895 , 085-8457379 , 081-9958144
Opening: Monday - Friday 08.30 hrs. - 19.00 hrs. / Saturday - Sunday 08.30 hrs. - 20.30 hrs.
Entrance Fee: THB 50, you are able to use this coupon to exchange 1 piece of aromatic candle

After walking for a while, I am a bit hungry and I will have my meal at "Krua Mon Khai", it is the popular restaurant because the food is very tasty with reasonable price. I normally order white rice but I prefer to order fried rice with curcuma.

Bracken Fern salad, it is yummy

Mushroom salad

Please do not miss to try spicy fish soup, this menu is also good.

To end up my meal with stir fried fish , it is very spicy.

After having the main course, it is time to have some dessert . I find that there is a love coffee café " Amante Coffee", it is just opposite.

As I am still full from the meal, hence I decide to order a glass of ice green tea instead. The taste is really good.

Amante Coffee actually has rabbit garden but it is closed for renovation today. But I have taken some lovely corner of this coffee café for you.

I am chilled out for a while, it is time to check in to the resort.

Today, I and my team will stay at Ashcarya Boutique Resort, this resort is really chic, The atmosphere is really nice surrounding by the mountains. Importantly, it is really peaceful and suitable for relaxing. I would say that this resort is also a place where is very art. It is really deserved Boutique Resort both interior and exterior design.

Even though, it is some rain and fog throughout the trip but it really makes this trip so freshly. So, you may notice now that Suan Phueng is not only suitable to travel in winter but it is also nice to travel in rainy season as well.

Once I look at the watch, it is already half day. The happiness has been passed so fast but our trip still continues. At 15.00 hrs, we continue to our next destination which is natural attraction of Suan Phueng district, it is view point called " Huay Kog Moo View Point". It is located at Moo 4 T. Tanow Sri A. Suan Phueng Ratchaburi province. It is higher than sea level for 867 meters.

The weather in drought season is quite cold. It rains regularly in rainy season. The weather is extremely cold in winter, the lowest temperature is at 3 degrees. It is not so convenient to access to this view point, the road condition is quite rough for 8 kms.

It is quite dangerous to drive the car to this place especially in rainy season. I do not recommend to write your own car. On the other hand, we recommend you better go with Khao Kra Jop conservative center. You are able to contact this center through the service desk at the resort. For us, we will go to view point with this car.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach this view point.

The phone signal is only available at this zone.

We continue walking for 500 meters, we can now see the bamboo forest. It is such a nice area.

We really regret that the weather condition does not support us. Otherwise, we will surely see the sunset view from this view point.

Huay Kog Moo view point is near the border of Myanmar, it is separated by Tanao Sri mountain and it is close to Marid province in Myanmar. Huay Kog Moo is on the ridge of Tanao Sri mountain, it is where the cape has spread into Myanmar boundary. Huay Koog Moo view point has been used as Border Patrols 137' camp since1996, this camp takes care and control this area.

In 2006, Tanao Sri municipality has cooperated with Border Patrols 137 to modify this area as the learning center for ecotourism. Tourists can enjoy seeing the nice view of Thailand and Myanmar. Furthermore, the sunset is very beautiful in this area. For those who passionate in foggy sea, I highly recommend you to early reserve the place to enjoy seeing foggy view in winter.

Even though, we could not see the sunset for this trip but it is not the big matter because we can still enjoy relaxing in this peaceful atmosphere and fresh air.

After taking utmost breath of the fresh air, it is time to go for dinner at the resort.

We wake up very early at 05.00 am with a little hope to see the rising sun. Even though, it is the notice that our hope might not come true because it rained heavily last night. But, this could not deactivate our hope, we still want to see the rising sun

We can see some sun twilight on the way to our trip but it eventually rains.

For sure, we travel to the top of Khao Kra Jom with the staffs of Khao Kra Jom conservative center, so we do not need to worry about the safety but the weather condition does not support us again. The car gets stuck with the mud. The driver tells me that someone is not familiar with the direction and they are careless. As a result, it causes an accident. We do not recommend to drive especially in rainy season.

The car gets stuck at the zone where we call "Hillock 800", then we need to take a walk to hillock 1000. Even though, we are hopeless to see the foggy sea but we would like to continue our trip to Khao Kra Jom. We still see some groups who have stayed in this place since last night.

Khao Kra Jom is higher from sea level at 1045 meters, it is in Western part of Thailand. Nowadays, Khao Kra Jom becomes popular view point for seeing foggy sea because it is close to Bangkok. The way to Khao Kra Jom has impressed the tourists who come to visit this view point. Even though, it is difficult to access but it is still charming anyway.

Khao Kra Jom or Khao Chong Kra Jom, the local people tell us that Karen tribe who had ever stayed in this area, it was called Khao Lun Ta which means the mountain with flat area. This place was also the mining area in 5 decades ago.

According the geographic character of Khao Kra Jom looks like Red Indian' camp. This mountain is far from Suan Phueng district for 29 kms., 69 kms from Ratchaburi and 1.9 kms from Myanmar. Hence, Khao Kra Jom is one of the interesting attraction. The top hill on Tanao Sri mountain is the view point of Khao Kra Jom where you are able to enjoy seeing Thailand and Myanmar. Furthermore, there are various kinds of tree. The weather is really nice throughout the year. This is really suitable for those who like the nature and add adventure.

As mentioned earlier that Khao Kra Jom is the view point for seeing foggy sea, rising sun and sunset at Suan Phueng especially at the beginning of winter which you can see foggy sea the most. The distance from the ridge of the mountain to the top is around 10 kms. Hence, four-wheel drive vehicle is only a kind of transportation to be driven to the top.

As the way to the top is very steep and difficult, some travelers face with some difficulties because the water level is very high in the rainy season. If you do not have four wheel drive vehicle, you can park your car at the ridge and use the service of Khao Kra Jom conservative center, it costs TH 1500 for round trip and THB 2500 per car per night.

Since we have come here, we could not see any signals that it will stop raining. But, we still wish to have the better weather if we come next time.

Anyhow, I have met with an auntie and she tells me that she came here the other day and she saw the foggy sea, it was so beautiful.

After hearing this information, I just raised the question to myself that why I could not have a chance to see the foggy sea like auntie. So, it is the time that we will need to go down to the ridge and keep(a little) complaining about the way down the hill, is this the road lol

After seeing the nice view on Khao Kra Jom, we also visit "Pha Daeng waterfall ", we take a walk for 200 meters before discovering the waterfall flows through the red cliff, this is the origin of its name. This waterfall is surrounded with big trees. If you come in the rainy season, it is necessary to prepare some equipment to protect slug. At this stage, I do not prefer to walk further because it rains heavily.

There is " Neon Mahussachan" or Miracle Hillock on the way back, this is because the car will automatically move to hillock on its own. Once we reach this point, there will be the sign to describe about this amazing point. I do not take any photos due to heavy rain.

But, we can still get little fog, the weather is so nice.

Back to the resort, it is time to recharge our energy.

It is at noon, so we will chill out at Ton Khanom Wan Saphan Kafe coffee shop.

The atmosphere is really nice. Furthermore, the interior design is so lovely with various corners for taking photos.

I select my preferred corner and order a cup of coffee.

I also order chocolate cake to boost up some sweetness for my body.

And Blue Cheese Pie

After having some coffee, I would like to visit Scenery, it is the highlight of Suan Phueng.

We drive the car a bit further, it is also floating market in Suan Phueng, it is called " Veneto Floating Market", it has reproduced the atmosphere of Venice in the big lake on area 6400 square meters. It is the combination between Greece architecture - Santorini, which is named as the queen of Mediterranean. The unique selling point is the building color.

After visiting Veneto, I get the chance to see the traditional festival. This festival has the long legend, some people might not know. This festival is performed by Karen tribe.

Actually, there are many Karen tribe live in Suan Phueng district. I want to visit Suan Phueng because I would like to see this tradition. It is the festival of Kin Hor Khao (Eat Packed Rice) or Uang Mee Thong Suan Phueng Ratchaburi.

I would like to introduce you to know Karen children, they come from Bor Wee village. They warmly greet us by saying Sawad Dee.

Once I hear Karen language make me know how innocent and cheerful of Karen children are.

Today, we can see the performance of San Sua performance

This performance refers to the unity, children will perform by using robes with the same color as Thai flag and weave all together.

Apart of the beautiful tradition, we can still see the beautiful smiles during the performance.

This performance greatly needs the unity. Otherwise, all robes could not be weaved in the same line.

After ending the first performance, we are really curious to see the next performance which is Karen Kratob Mai (Dance with Bamboo)

They have well prepared their performance, nobody misses this performance.

They end the performance by giving the heart sign to the audience.

After watching performance, we prepare ourselves to participate in Kin Hor Kao or Uang Mee Thong Suan Phueng (Eat Packed Rice),this tradition is held in the 9th month. This month in local people superstition is not good, hence this tradition will chase the bad spirit. Otherwise,this bad spirit can eat someone morale or " Kwan". This can make someone sick or pass away.

Hence, Karen tribe has arranged this tradition to protect morale from bad spirit.

"Kin Hor Kao" tradition is arranged in the fifteenth day on the 9th month but if some villages are not convenient, they are able to change to another day. There is " Tom Kao Hor" steamed packing rice to be used in this tradition.

Tom Kao Hor is made by packing sticky rice in the banana cone. It used to be dip in honey in the former time but it is dip with coconut crumb.

On this day, there is Soo Kwan tradition (chasing bad spirit) too, it starts by knocking the local instrument in order to make some entertainment. Then, elderly people will tie a small robe to younger people.

Children are very excited in this tradition.

As you may agree that this tradition is one of interesting tradition which need to conserve to the next generation. We could not find this kind of this tradition in downtown.

So, it is really nice that this tribe still conserve tradition till now, it is the tradition of family gathering.

We are very happy to see and participate such a nice tradition. On the way back, we visit a nice coffee café " Moai Coffee"

To recharge some energy

The interior design is really art.

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