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Today PS STORY is bringing you to Hua-Hin.

If mentioning about the sea, Hua-Hin must be one of most popular destination. Not only it is close to Bangkok but Hua-Hin also has many new interesting places to visit. Moreover, it is where you can find lots of fresh and tasty seafood. Apart from that, there are plenty of accommodations for you choice. Such a great place for vacation.

So, let's talk about our trip. For this time, PS STORY invites you to escape from city's hotness to relax on the beach at this modern resort beside the sea, "Heaven Resort Hua-Hin"!! Check it out.

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Let's see the journey.

Heaven resort is located around 223th km. of Petkasem road or opposite Venezia. Upon getting to Venezia, look on your left hand side and turn left at the Family Mart. Then you will see Boat House at the intersection, turn right and go straight. You will see resort's sign. Make a left turn and go a little bit straight. Take another left turn and here's the resort.

Heaven Hua-Hin is a modern style resort beside Hua-Hin beach that gives feeling like in the middle of nature and beach. Under the shade of big trees and water park connected with the sea. There are also outdoor swimming pool and health club. The resort is full of facilities including restaurant, bar, lounge, kids pool, roof top and sauna.

There are 53 rooms in total separated into 4-floor building and Villas that provide more personal space.

When we arrive at the resort. We park the car at parking lot and take elevator to lobby on first floor. Then, this is the first view we see.

Staffs give us a very warm welcome with Passionfruit tea. So refreshing.

Then, we move to the room. We stay at Villa & Villa @ Sea that has a pool in front. The resort has 6 Villas with private terrace. There is a "Private Pool" sign for guests staying at the Villa only.

Here's our room. This is what we see when firstly step into the room.

There is a daybed for enjoying the view under daylight. However, it is not private because there are guests swimming in the main pool, so we prefer to close the curtain.

There are cookies on the table.

The room is well prepared with all essential facilities and bathroom is quite large.

Bathroom amenities.

Behind the bed is double-door wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe are bathrobes, umbrella, slippers and hair dryer.

Long mirror.

And refrigerator, with free mini bar, under the dressing table.

A washbasin behind the long mirror.

The bathroom is clearly separated between shower area and toilet, on the left hand and right hand accordingly.

Bathtub is made from rock and quite big. A rain shower on the top and small rock gardens beside.

We arrive at the resort around 3pm. We take photos up until evening. Let's see what we got.

This is the opened air lobby where we check in.

Another side is a reading corner.

Now is dinner time. We decided to have dinner at the resort.

The restaurant has indoor, outdoor and bar zone. Opening hour is 7am to 10pm.

Along the way to restaurant.

The indoor area is also beautiful.

As we are at the sea, let's see the view outside.

The bar is located at outdoor area.

It is so romantic at this time. There is also a bridge that you can walk to the beach.

Another view of main pool.

Main pool with the sea.

Now is dinner time. We order set menu consisted of 4 main dishes, 1 rice bowl and seasonal fruit.

Starting with Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Soup with Shrimp). This one is really good. Guarantee from my friend as I'm allergic to shrimp.

My favorite dish. Stir Fried Clam with Sweet Chili Sauce.

Although I can't eat shrimp but squid is fine. Our next dish is Steamed Squid with Spicy Sauce.

And last one, Fried Dry Salted Mackerel with Mango Sauce.

To conclude, every menu tastes very well. We go back to room right after finishing dinner.

View of our room from outside.

Let me take a nap....

Morning view from the room.

The sea with early sunlight is always beautiful.

Enjoying sun rise.

Time for breakfast.

There are numbers of buffet lines.

Bread corner.

Different kinds of juice.

Egg station.

Salad and Ham corner.

Fried Pork Spare Ribs with Garlic is really good.

Stir Fried Baby Corn with Shrimp.

American Fried Rice.

There is also Egg Rice Noodles with Sliced Pork.

What we choose for this morning.

Now we are full. Let's check on day view.

Main pool.

Moving to terrace at our Villa.

Top view.

Time to go home.

Last shot from 2nd floor of the building.

To sum up about Pros and Cons.


1. Villa is not private because there are guests swimming at main pool area.

2. The entrance of resort is narrow. Need to drive carefully.


1. Staffs are friendly and cheerful.

2. The resort is under well care and very clean.

3. The food is good.

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And thank you Readme for being a channel to share information.

Until next trip with PS STORY, thank you again and good bye.


 Wednesday, April 29, 2015 2:30 PM