Uncle Deng Auntie Kai: The first time experience in Royal Caribbean cruise ship , Hong Kong - Kaohsiung route (travel by ourselves) written by ลุงเด้ง ป้าไก่

Welcome to the cruise ship, sailing by Uncle Deng Auntie Kai. The cruise ship sail has become more popular among young travelers because travelling by cruise ship is so gorgeous, comfortable like you are living in a small town which all facilities are provided such as 4-5 room star, numerou

Uncle Deng Auntie Kai: The first time experience in Royal Caribbean cruise ship , Hong Kong - Kaohsiung route

Uncle Deng Auntie Kai: The first time experience in Royal Caribbean cruise ship , Hong Kong - Kaohsiung route (travel by ourselves)

Welcome to the cruise ship, sailing by Uncle Deng Auntie Kai.

The cruise ship sail has become more popular among young travelers because travelling by cruise ship is so gorgeous, comfortable like you are living in a small town which all facilities are provided such as 4-5 room star, numerous restaurant, play park, swimming pool, theater, movie, casino and entertainment and the most important is everything is free, without addition charge at all.


Day 01Hong Kong, China , the cruise ship departures at 17:00 pm.

Day 02Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the cruise ship docks at 14.30 pm/ departure from the port at 22:00 pm.

Day 03Sea Cruise- Whole day activities on the ship.

Day 04Hong Kong, Chian arrive the dock at 07.00 am.

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Please click+ for good information provided/ click "Like" if you like it. This cruise ship is called Mariner of The Seas which the size is 3 times bigger than Titanic

The journey starts at

Suvarnabhumi Airport->Chek Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong)-> Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Unncle Deng Auntie Kai departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport by Hong Kong Airline HX768 flight

The flight departures at 8.50 AM and arrive in the destination at 12:40 PM, local time (Hong Kong)

Arrive at Chek Lab Kok Airport around 12.40 PM.

and transfer to Kowloo airport by Airport Express, HK$90.0 /person.

Then take a TAXI to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to get on the Royal Caribbean which takes about 30 minutes

TAXI cost HK$97.5, the price includes bag carrying of HK$10 /1 bag.

TAXI will take us to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk

Originally is Kai Tak Airport but presently it's changed to Cruise Terminal, the new building is very beautiful.

TAXI takes us to the Meeting Point, this building is like Departure Hall of the airport.

Staffs of Royal Caribbean are waiting to provide service at this point.

It is a group travelling, a PACKAGE with a tour company, the representatives of each tour agencies will coordinate for us.

Travelling by yourself

You have to contact the Royal Caribbean's staff for loading big luggage on the plane. The staff will provide documents for customer to fill in, stick a luggage's TAG and send the luggage on the plane. The luggage will send to your room after the ship departure.

( In case of Uncle Dang Auntie Kai, the cruise ship departures around 17:00 PM then the luggage will send to the room during dinner time, 20:30 PM. so after dinner the luggage will be sent to the room right away).

After sending the big luggage, then go to the Check-in (the process likes Check-in at the airport)

I acknowledged that everyday only one cruise ship can moor here.

The ship named Mariner of the Seas of Royal Caribbean is sailing for this trip.

Basic data of the cruise ship, it carries 3,000 passengers with 1500 crews, total is 4500 people are on the cruise ship.

Therefore, it must use up the whole area of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal for 3,000 passengers to check- in simultaneously.

Check-In program time is during 11:30AM - 15.30PM

I iterate that the Check-in process is the same as the airport - keep in your mind that not hard, not hard,

Recommendation and regulation for people travelling by themselves must follow.

You must do the Online Check-in in advance


After the Check in process is done, you will get a Set Sail, a detail of the trip.

Other important things such as

Primary Pass Holder : Traveler's name "main"-name Uncle Deng alone.

Reservation Number : XXXXXXXXXXX
SHIP : Mariner of The Seas- the ship name

DATE : date of travelling

CHECK -IN TIME RANGE : 11:30 AM-3:30 PM (Check in time)

DECK : 2(the room on the 2nd floor of the ship)

STATEROOM : Room number 2248

Uncle Dang Auntie Kai are at the DECK 2 so we have to Check in according to this number.

Don't have to wait for so long at the Check in point if the documents are well prepared, check for complete documents and receive the card is the last process.

If documents are not complete and some docs have to make more copy, there is a photocopy machine provides for free too.

I recommend you to make 1 more copy of the PASSPORT front page and VISA document (just in case).

Then receive the SeaPass® card after the Check in.

This card has to be with you all the time while stay on the ship.

Important detail on the card

DINING ROOM : Rhapsody in Blue - the name of the dining restaurant at DK3(3 floor)

SEATING : 08:00 time for breakfast

TABEL : Table number 342

No.B9 is a meeting point in case for the emergency that everybody have to gather at the point indicate on card number.

The group of Uncle Dang Auntie Kai have to gather at B9, there will be a practice for 1 more time and everybody have to meet at this point by appointment.

(Like watching the demonstration on the plane for emergency case.)

After get the SeaPass®, then going to Security Check for luggage X-Ray.

Passing through Immigration station

Get on the ship (if the plane, walking to the GATE)

The last step for checking document (I am walking into the ship right now)

I only have a carry bag, SeaPass®, necessary things and other documents with me.

Ship keeps our PASSPORT with them for the whole journey.

The atmosphere on the ship. The most important floor should be DECK 5, this floor is named Royal Promenade.

Café Promenade is on this floor, Uncle Dang Auntie Kai have to walk pass it before getting to the room.

A "free" 24 hours service of various kind of sandwich, pizza, cookie, tea, coffee.

You can choose to eat at the store or bring it to your room.

Once enter the ship, before the ship leave you can eat any of these.

I am stuffed, now let's observe the rooms, the room that has no balcony.

A window seeing a sea view at the headboard.


There is a set of sofa, table, refrigerator, closet and full of other facilities at the bed end.

There still times to observe and see the view around the ship before leaving.

A couple picture at the swimming pool area.

At 3:30 pm., all passengers should be on the ship

4.00 pm, everything on the ship stop operates. All passenger have to gather at Deck 4 and 5 for life vest training.

If you don't know the agenda, staffs at each floor will inform all passengers to gather or if you are in the room, the staffs will knock at your room directly.

Because there is a bar-code scanner and they will know which room haven't came to join it yet so they will follow you to join it.

On SeaPass® card indicates No.B9, so we have to gather at B9 position.

Everyone will be checked by a bar code scanner. After that there will be a demonstrate about life vessel and thing to do when emergency accident occur training.

It's free a time after the demonstration, Uncle Dang Auntie Kai then walk to the upper deck to see the view when the ship departure from the pier.

We have taken many beautiful pictures inside the ship area while waiting for dinner.

This corner is so beautiful with a colorful light.

This room is beautiful in an adult style and there is a great pianist playing the piano at night.

Since there are 3000 passengers, so it would be mess up if everyone is going to have dinner at the same time.

So the ship has arranged the meal into 2 rounds, Uncle Deng Auntie Kai get 20:00 pm round as mentioned on the SEAPASS.

Dinner is a 3 Course Dinner Menu

Including appetizer/ main dish/ dessert

There are plenty options on the menu

5 options of appetizer no matter salad or soup

8 options of main dish

5 options of dessert exclude 3 types of ice-cream


Salad : Seasonal Salad with Crispy Bacon

Soup : Aromatic Asia Coconut Seafood Soup

Main dish

Main dish, Uncle Deng choose a fish menu and Auntie Kai choose chicken menu.

Up to this point, many of you should wondering that can we order the food more if we are not feeling fulled yet.

And Yes, you can order more of any menu and quantity but the staff will surprise you with 1 more main dish first. They will serve one more dish.

Try it if you like but you can change it if you don't like, it's free of charge but the change one should choose from the basic dish.

In the picture, the staff has served a delicious noodle with beef to my table.

There is a small welcome show from every staff in the room but I feel so impressed.

Last dish is a dessert

I would like to say that the dessert on the ship is the most delicious.

Unlimited ice-cream is provided because it's a low calorie.

Auntie Kai confirms that the dessert is delicious.

After dinner, there are many shows before bed time around 22:30 pm - and midnight is a time for dancing with in a thundering noise.

The first day's activity end.

I forget to tell you that Cruise Compass is a document that mentions all activities with a time schedule on the ship.

We can make a plan according to this document. Cruise Compass can pick up at the Guest Service and it will send to the room every morning.

Agenda of the second day, we will reach at Kaohsiung on 14:30 PM.

In the morning this cruise ship is still sailing in the middle of the sea, there is a stall selling a sale product at Deck 5 Royal Promenade

But Uncle Deng Auntie Kai just take a look only, we don't like shopping.

A watch, Jewelry are selling here like a small walking street.

Here is a duty free for COACH's fan.

We have some tea and coffee first because it's still a early morning.

Many passengers are all gathering in the dinning so we just sit quietly at Cafe Promenade because we feel more pleasant here.

Secretly filmed Auntie Kai during her coffee in the morning hehe.

In the late morning, we are going to Windjammer room which is located on the DECK 11, the room serves breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet.

This restaurant is very big, there are numerous kind of food which I am too stuffed to eat all of that hahaha.

Just eat up a little bit of each food then I feel stuffed.

The dessert is delicious.

Beverages are orange juice, lemonade, fresh water but I think orange juice and lemonade is not delicious, quite dilute.

And last one is fruits.

A variety kinds of yogurt that I take some of it to refrigerate in my room in case that I am hungry... but finally I have not eaten it because I was fulled all day hahaha.

Then I lastly left it in refrigerator and haven't try it at all.

Let's explode some energy after feeling stuffed from the meal at the ship roof.

There is also a climbing mountain activity which anyone can climb to the top because staffs are help pulling you up hahaha.

You need to study the Cruise Compass so that you can join the activities on the ship.

Taking picture with Alex the Lion from Madagascar.

Strolling around the ship for a while and take a photo with Panda Kung Fu.

Before lunch, we eat at 24 hours Cafe Promenade for free again.

I gain 2 kilo body weight because of this trip that I only have to eat and take a photo hahaha.

Light meal is changed by time.

It time to watch ICE UNDER THE BIG TOP show, it's unexpectedly a great show.

It's very fun, you can take only a picture without flash light but the most important is VDO record is prohibited here.

The show is great even through it's not in the world class level but I am very impressed.

Let's see the show's picture.

I can remember that this show takes more than 1 hour.

Hope you have fun looking at these pictures.

There are many shows.

This is the most nicest actress.

After ICE UNDER THE BIG TOP ends, now we are well prepared travelling to Kaohsiung.

Let's travel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Uncle Deng Auntie Kai buy the tour and ship program for US$ 69/person, around over than 2,000 Baht, and it takes around 4.30 hours, excluding food.

About the detail of travelling in Kaohsiung, I will make a review in the next chapter but right now I want to focus on the ship first.

After travelling in Kaohsiung which is a 3 temple tours, now it's time to get on the ship.

Our group go back to the ship at 20.00 PM, a time for dinner.

Dinner today is a lot more delicious than yesterday. The first dish is Scallop Skewer.

A big grill sweet smelling Scallop.

Another 1 more appetizer ANTIPASTI : Cured Italian ham, seasonal melon, grilled vegetables, marinated

pottabella mushroom

and bake caramelized garlic

A main dish GARLIC TIGER SHRIMP, a grill butter with spices and rice.

This is Auntie Kai's dish : Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs.

One more main dish,you can ask for more of any dish if you are not fulled yet.

SILK ROAD BRAISED LAMB SHANK : Lamb Stew, Shin medium and simmer until it becomes tender but still a beautiful piece.

Every snack, dessert on the ship is so delicious and for tonight I will eat it with no limit now.

Last menu with a hot tea.

After dinner there is a dazzlingly show.

The show names Gallery of Dream, performing a live show of singing, playing for the whole night.

Actors are performing the downright show.

It is over the expectation of Uncle Deng Auntie Kai that it's our first time travelling on the cruise ship, we can feel that the activities are worth watching it.

There is a show after one another (actually there are many shows) but Uncle Deng choose to watch the show performing by a cartoon character from DreamWorks at the deck of the ship.

We are having fun with the show.

After the show is a dancing session by DJ, the party runs up until 12:00 AM

Let say goodbye to the second night by a picture at the deck.

But not yet…

Before we go to the room, we then take a look at Royal Promenade booth, every pieces sell at US$ 10.00 for tonight.

Yeah..it's very cheap but we buy nothing again hahaha.

Before going to bed, we walk pass the free food store so we take cookie and 2 pieces of pizza hahaha


DAY 03 : Today we wake up so early in the morning because tomorrow we have to get off the ship which we somehow feel depressed hahaha.

We intend to explore the ship because we are not finish making a survey in every room. The ship is very large.

For the ship cleaning, apart from a wipe cleaning, they also use Antiseptic to wipes the whole ship for last cleaning process too.

It still so early, less people outside the room maybe they are sleeping like tops.

Casino has open/close time.

Many types of slot machine for you to play.

The master or VIP will choose their personal room.

DUTY FREE shop, the goods' price is similar to a firm in Thailand when they set 10-20% discount.

Additional income of the cruise ship is a photo taking selling to passengers because during we are having meal, taking photo with cartoon characters, there is a photographer who helps us taking some photo too. Anyone interesting in it, can choose and buy it.

There is a small church for those who wants to marry on the chapel of the ship.

The captain will be officiant to perform a ceremony here. It is said that captain has been officially appointed to be officiate and has a right to perform the ceremony instead of bishops-.

This morning we just walk around to take a photo until the breakfast.

After breakfast is a selling shirt for charity, all earning will go donate.

And it is special that the captain will sign his name on the shirt by himself too.

Photo taking with cartoon Dreamworks character activity but this time many people are lining up so I then take a photo with staffs in stead hahaha.

The weather this morning is very good, so we go to the deck again to take some hilarious picture hahaha.

Before lunch, we still continue explore the ship.

Adventure Ocean, a Game room.

We are waiting to take a photo with Puss in Boots.

Puss in Boots, a cartoon character from Shrek.


plenty of it.

plenty of it.

You can order more, if you are not stuffed yet.

Dessert, every meal is so special and delicious.

Before we go to sit and lie on bed at our room, we have to take some snack with us as usual.

Getting back to the room in the evening, there is a documents indicate the regulation of getting off the ship on tomorrow morning.

The details are as listed below

1. A green TAG, fill up all detail and stick on the luggage.

2. Bring the luggage that want to take off the ship and put in front of the room at 23.00 PM

3. Go to pick up the luggage at window number 25 in the morning after get off the ship.

4. Before getting on the ship on the first day, we have to inform them that we want to pay by cash or credit card, if there is any additional charge.

- On the ship, if there is any special service and pay by credit card, we have no need to sign the document, the ship will automatically charge it ( then you can get off the ship).

5. Time for getting off the ship of Uncle Deng Aunt Kai is in a group number 25. There is an announcement in the papers to pick up the PASSPORT at 8:30 AM at the appointment point in the SAVOY THEATRE restaurant.

The good point of Royal Caribbean is the ship price is including the staffs tip.

Therefore, you don't have to pay any tip...this document is an Evaluation form.

The hotel has already arranged the staffs to take care us especially a waiter/waitress with taking a very good care of us. We can have whatever we want to eat and we can change any dish that we are not pleased, an immediately change of new spoon, napkin when it's fell.

The staffs have no fix salary, they depends on this evaluation form. They will get high tip, if they get high score but they will get low tip, if they get low score.

Therefore, waiter will remind you on the last day, so don't forget to fill in the form.

4:45 PM -5:45 PM is a farewell party "Captain's Farewell Reception with the Suave Band @ Royal Promenade".

Champagne and punch are served to all passengers on the ship in the party.

This party is fulled of joy.

Champagne is served unlimited.

I have to go for meeting first. And I will update the last night on the ship at night.

The meeting is over now, let me finish the review before the office is closed.

Since the 3rd day is a day we stay on the ship for the whole day.

We have plenty of free time so Aunt Kai requests to climb up to take photo with the boat sign hahaha.


The slogan is The Original Hamburger.

It is a special restaurants that you have to pay for additional charge. But only US$ 4.50 is charged ( around140.- Baht ).

If you order sparkling water, US$ 2.25 ( about 70 Baht) is charged per person.

US$ 4.50 per person (around 140.- Baht) + sparkling water for US$ 2.25 (around 70 Baht)

Price is calculated by number of people because it is a BUFFET.

Uncle Deng Aunt Kai just know it too, at first we think that it's a SET menu but after the inquiry, we then know that we can have HAMBURGER, snack, fried food or Ramen as many as we want but we only have to pay for US$ 4.50+US$ 2.25.

It's worth the price.

There are many types of Hamburger or you can order Japanese Ramen more without additional charge if you are not stuffed.

Just order it as many as you want but you have to eat it all.

So worth paying for it but... we can eat for a little because we have eaten for the whole day now.

6:10 pm - 6:30 pm DreamWorks meet & Greet with Shark & Finona in their Formal Wear @ Lotus Lounge

Taking picture together.

7.00 pm: Fare Well Spectacular Showtime @ the Savoy Theater.

It seems like a farewell show because this is the last night now.

The actor begins with Juggling show and at the end he sings a Chinese song and playing with his guitar which draw the attention and applause.

The show continues and end with a goodbye state.

By tradition, we have to dress formally for the last meal.

Some passengers dress up in a very formal suit and evening dress.

I forget to tell you that, short pant/ vest/ and bear foot are prohibited for having dinner in this room.

Last meal on the ship

A delicious grill meet.

There is also a show from the restaurant staffs to expressed their gratitude inside the room too.

Last dessert

We are getting off the ship with an impressed feeling from the cruise ship which we really feel so impressed.

We can see how staffs work to take care of all passengers with up to 3,000 people on 1 ship.

We can see how they manage the luggage transfer, meal and many great shows.

The review is just a part of it only because activities are held in the afternoon and some activities are held simultaneously in 4 areas so we have to choose only one by personal desirability.

Lastly, Thank You for following us

See you again soon.

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