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. . .Today I'm bringing you to experience "Hokkien Baba Wedding" at "The Phuket Baba Wedding" festival.

It is a traditional culture of Phuket aged over 150 years. If you are ready, let's go!

I check in at Bangkok Airway's counter for Premier Member.

Premier Member can check in at their specific counter.

Main privileges of Premier Member include;

- Specific check-in counter for Premier Member only.

- With Tag Premier, you will receive luggage before others.

- Privilege to access into Blue Ribbon Lounge with 1 attendant.

- Maximum luggage weight of 40 kg.

If you travel often, try applying as member to collect points for free flight.

Apply for free --->


First flight gets free 15 points.

You will also get more 10 kg. for loading luggage, to be 30 kg.

For 250 points, you will be upgraded to Premier Member. Please try.

. . . After checking in, I go directly to Blue Ribbon Lounge. This morning I order boiled rice with Bak Kut Teh. I like to try new menu every time.

I would like to try all menus. The taste is quite nice. To be worthwhile, I have Dim Sum, pie and fruit tart after boiled rice. ^^

. . . For getting on plane, Premier Member can choose to get on before or after other passengers. ^^

I request to get kids meal during the flight since I can take away. I'm very full from the lounge.

. . . Before going to hotel, I drop by "Phra Yai" or "Phutta Utthayarn Yodkhao Nagakerd".

Actually I have been here last 3-4 years ago.

. . . Then I check in at The Beach Heights Resort on Kata road. The hotel is not connected to the sea.

It is located 400 m. from the sea making hotel rate not expensive. Pool Access type is only 1500THB per night during low season.

. . . Then I walk around the hotel looking for a place to swim, haha.

. . .This dessert menu is recommended, Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Sour taste of fruit combines with Vanilla sauce in the egg. I pour the sauce. Guarantee on deliciousness, haha.

. . . Afternoon Tea set is 500THB but there is promotion quite often.

However, I already forget the taste after coming up for the pool.

. . . After that is lunch time which is Indonesian Fried Rice called "Nasi Goreng". I have tried once in Bali and I like it. So, I order this menu at every hotel, haha.

Mango juice and Kratong Thong (Minced Chicken and Sweet Corn in Crispy Cup) are recommended by staff.

. . . Kids Club and Fitness Center are near by.

Free WIFI is also provided.

. . . The atmosphere and dinner tonight is in Phuket local style.

Dip with Dried Shrimp Phuket Style, Gnemon Stir Fried with Egg and Parkia Speciosa Stir Fried with Shrimp.

And end the meal with dessert.

. . . Walk and enjoy relaxing atmosphere at Kata beach.

Also watch sunset at Laem Promthep. Unfortunately the weather today is not nice, so I can't see anything, haha. So bad.

. . . Hotel's breakfast is quite varied. What I like is Stir Fried Noodle in Hokkien Style and Fried Fish with Red Curry Paste. Very delicious.

If you have a chance to stay here, don't forget to try.

. . . In the evening, I watch parade of Baba Wedding.

Ambiance before event start.

Let me introduce a little about Baba Wedding.

Chinese immigrants settled in Phuket since the reign of King Rama 3 and 4.

Later on King Rama 5 reign, Phraya Ratsadanupradit brought a group of Chinese from Penang to work in Phuket's mine.

They brought building architecture from Penang to Phuket which is so-called "Sino-Portuguese Architecture".

Moreover, they married with villagers giving births of Chinese-Melayu generation called Baba and Yaya.

Baba is used for male and Yaya for female. However, villagers like to call Baba for short.

. . . It is believed that Baba originated in Malacca around 600 years ago.

When Admiral Zheng He in Ming dynasty traveled from mainland China to Malacca.

He sent a princess to the Sultan of Malacca. Their baby was Baba and was the first Chinese-Melayu.

The half-castes are not Muslim like their father but rather follow mother's ancestors.

. . . Another well known word is "Peranakan" referring to all half-bloods.

Including half Chinese-Melayu or Hindian.

Traditional wedding of Phuket is counted as Chinese culture in Phuket.

Formerly, old Chinese wedding was popular among Chinese locals when Chinese had strong influence in 80 years ago.

. . . In present, original wedding are hardly seen.

The Thai Peranakan Association with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organize The Baba Wedding every year, on 3rd week of June.

In order to inherit traditional culture of 150 years to next generation.

. . . After the event, I find something to eat. I have to say there are plenty of food, very full.

That's not enough to make me full. Following by Ko-Benz, hehe.

Dried boiled rice, boiled Chinese pasta squares and boiled rice. I eat every menu as I don't come very often, haha.

. . . Wake up in the morning and it's time to go home. I have brunch at "You Dee Khi Krata Restaurant".

I have to say this restaurant has many interesting dishes besides Khi Krata (Pan-fried Egg). Fish menus are also delicious and fresh.

I didn't try Barbecued Red Pork with Rice but I'm wondered why it is served in bowl.

Thank you for reading till the end, hehe.


 Thursday, September 10, 2015 5:53 PM