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Nai Ake Tom Yum Noodle Restaurant has many branches throughout Bangkok. Today I will take you to its main branch at Wat Sala Daeng, Leab Klong Taweewattana. It is located on the opposite site of the entrance to Sanamluang 2 (Thon Buri Market). Parking space is available. The restaurant is clean and spacious with its high ceiling. It is also equipped with electric fans. Moreover, there are two types of tables for you to choose from. You can choose a normal wooden table or a low table that you need to sit on the wooden floor by the canal. If you are ready, let's eat!

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The menu.

'Dry Spicy Tom Yum with Glass Noodle'
Glass noodle is perfectly cooked and dressed with spicy Tom Yum dressing.

'Dry Spicy Tom Yum with Chinese Egg Noodle'
Flat tender Chinese egg noodle is dressed with spicy Tom Yum dressing.

'Tom Yum Pork Cartilage Bone with Chinese Egg Noodle'
Chinese egg noodle is full of pork cartilage bone. The soup is spicy and very tasty but the noodle is overcooked.

'Tom Zab Pork Cartilage Bone with Thin Rice Noodle'
Good quality noodle is well-cooked with very good quality of pork cartilage bone full of meat. It is perfectly cooked in spicy Tom Zab style. This menu is highly recommended.

'Tom Zab Pork Bone'
It is good to share with 2 - 3 people. The pork bones come in the big size full of meat. The meat is perfectly tender. The taste is spicy, sour, and mainly salty. This menu is also highly recommended.

'Tom Yum Yen Ta Fo with Wide Rice Noodle'
The noodle is nicely chewy comes with quality seafood and red sauce in Tom Yum style. The taste is just too perfect. This menu is the one I like the most throughout the meal so no wonder why I would definitely highly recommend this menu to all of you.

'Pad Thai'
The noodle is overcooked so it is too soft. The way they cook makes the whole Pad Thai too moist and the taste is somehow strange.

'Pork Satay'

They use the part of the pork that has no fat so it makes them too dry and hard. The taste and its smell are not bad. It is served with good standard dipping sauce.

'Grass Jelly'
Good quality grass jelly is served with not sugary sauce. The grass jelly is also perfectly chewy.

Iced Tea Frappuccino: It is nicely blended but tasteless, not recommended.
Lime Smoothie: This one is also nicely blended with moderate taste, average.

To summarize, the restaurant's ambiance is favorable. It is also clean and tidy. The food is served in a timely manner with good service. In addition, the quality clean products are used in all menus. The recipe of its signature spicy Tom Yum noodle is perfectly designed, all menus are delicious. From what I have tried, I would say that the noodle that goes best with Tom Yum style would still be the thin rice noodle. And wide rice noodle goes best with Tom Yum Yen Ta Fo (noodle with seafood soup and red sauce Tom Yum style).



Details of the restaurant:

Nai Ake Tom Yum Noodle
Leab Klong Taweewattana Rd., Taweewattana Bangkok 10170
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
Telephone: 08-4433-1507

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