I've been to Malaysia twice but it has either been for work or with family when I was just 13 years old. Also both times, it was a visit to Kuala Lumpur.

This time along with several other travel and lifestyle bloggers, we got an opportunity to visit two new destinations in Malaysia - Genting Highlands and the island of Langkawi.

Genting was fun but we had a more fun and memorable experience in Langkawi. Maybe because we love beaches and islands more than the mountains.

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So here's what we did at Langkawi.

The Stay

We all stayed at the Resorts World Langkawi and it was quite beautiful. The location was a bit off from the main town but it was quiet and serene.

The best part was the view. The restaurant looked out to the bay with a few cruise boats docked around. It added a bit of character to the place.

We also liked the design of the resort buildings, which had a Spanish/Portuguese influence, adorned with yellow and cream paint.

The rooms were also very comfortable and spacious.

Kayaking around the resort

On our spare time, we went kayaking at the bay right in front of the resort. We rented one at a shop nearby and paddled out to sea, but not too far since the waves were a bit fierce and crashing against the rocks.

It was fun. I really enjoy kayaking and other water sports such as paddle-boarding, snorkeling and jet ski. I always try to do one of these things when I visit an island.

Mangrove Boat Tour

On a separate day, we all went to explore a mangrove forest nearby the island with a local company. The tour had 4 parts - the mangroves, eagle-watching, interacting with the monkeys and visiting a fish farm.

As we went deeper into the mangrove forest, we started seeing more and more wildlife. Birds were most common but we would also see crabs, insects and even spotted a snake!

But the most exciting animal we came across were the "swimming monkeys". They are considered the main attraction here and rightfully so. Just look at these cute little things.

Tourists would throw peanuts and other snacks in the water so that the monkeys would swim and eat them. Their heads bobbing out of the water as they paddled with their hands back and forth. It was just so cute!

One monkey even made it on our boat and took a short ride with us. Looks like he came for more than just peanuts as this one was ready for a photo opp.

Not far from here, we watched eagles as they would swoop up and down between the sky, trees and water. They were marvelous creatures!

Later on we reached a fish farm where there was actually quite a large variety of fish. Some very exotic like a manta ray, puffer fish and other gigantic fish.

Finally the day ended with lunch at a dock somewhere in the Andaman sea.

Sunset cruise Party

After the mangrove tour and a bit of rest at the resort, it was time for our sunset cruise dinner and drinks party. The cruise was quite nice and big enough to hold about 100 people or so. I think there were 40 of us though.

As the cruise left the dock, we started drinking. It was an open bar and we never shy away from that. Some of us sat inside, some on the 2nd deck and some on the sides and front of the cruise. We also had an opportunity to dive into the water.

As the sun started to set, dinner was served. Music was also playing at the same time so when people would finish their food, they danced.

It was a lot of fun. A great ending to an amazing trip.

Langkawi is definitely a gorgeous island with lots of things to do. Maybe one day we will return and explore more of it.

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 Monday, October 2, 2017 1:38 PM