Currently water park is a new trend in Thailand, there are some parks in Cha-Am and Hua Hin newly opened. There are not less than three places as I counted, but the newest opened around beginning of 2015 is Vana Nava Water Park in Hua Hin.

Dek Jew doesn't want to be out of the trend, have to go to this hot spot.

Even strong sunshine doesn't stop me, sun block is...ready.., Hat is..ready.. and I'm ready to go.....

**This review is SR, what we have got for this trip is free entrance tickets for two adults and one kid.

Dek Jew has started adventure since five months old, you can view Dek Jew's travel trips here bellow

I wanted to come here since when it was still under construction be cause when I drove pass I could see the equipments from far a way, which keeps me excited.

And our friend's family builds more interest, they say it's real fun there.

Plus it was a hot wave in Pantip. This rises my desire.

Look at my schedule and arrange my day off, not to waste my time any more.....let's try it out...

(we do not have a picture from the top but let me borrow from Vana Nava website for your better view, Thank you so much Vana Nava)

Before hand, let me tell you that even this review is a SR review but we will give you honest information base on our experience note (daily spending)

and our family opinion, the service as we truly received as other guests be cause none of staff knows that we come here to do the review.

We get wrist band at the entrance before getting in the park as all guests and get same services.

My first thought is to get here early as the door open because I think it must be pack of people, it should be as it is new and in trend.

(They sale the ticket at Siritkit Convention Center, there are a long waiting line almost out of the door)

As we prepare to leave home, my nieces wants to come with, so we have to wait, we arrived at mid day with the heat.

We have to get my nieces the tickets, two kids, which are taller than 122 cm. They can play all facilities, so that we have to get them adult tickets, 1000 bath a ticket. I pay by my credit card to get cooperate discount of 10%, it's 900 bath each then.

Price list

Adult (taller than 122 cm.) 1000 bath

Kid (tall between 91 cm - 122 cm) 600 bath

Senior age above 60 year old, 600 bath

Kids under 91 cm tall are free

Family Package with 2 adults (taller than 122 cm.) and 2 kids (91-122cm. hieght), 2,600 bath (good deal for the family of 2 kids)

Pay for the entrance we will get wrist band RFID to scan in and out at the door, redeem the credit for food and drink, rent the locker and taking photos.

There are photo taking service by the staffs, we have to scan the wrist band with the camera to identify our number and the photo will be collecting for us. When you want to go home you scan your wrist band again and or of your photos will be printing out for you.

(There is additional charge for photo taking but at the time we were, it was in promotion, one free picture for all)

The wrist band looks like a watch which can adjust the size, see on my niece's wrist.

We put 100 bath for deposit on each piece, and will get money back when we return it.

The beginning we will see Adventure Zone in front of entrance to the water park.

It combines with many activities such as robe climbing, cave climbing and board surfing. These three activities are not included, you must pay extra.

But none of us play this adventure because we are with kids, they are very exciting to get in the water park playing sliders.

Adventure Park Price List

- Cave Climbing 150 bath/30 minutes

- Robe Climbing 150 bath/30 minutes

- Surfing @ Chang Surf Zone 400 bath/60 minutes

Before getting in the water park we have to change and rent a locker..

For hygienic reason all guests are required to wear swim suite but allowed to wear shorts and shirt on top.

No wearing jeans and any cloth with zip or buttons

(we are wearing beating suite only my husband is wearing a shirt to protect him from sun burn)

Here is the locker and bathroom area.

Rent a locker is 150 bath

Rent a towel 100 bath and 100 bath for deposit which will get back as return the towel.

(We brought our own towels from home, no renting here)

Opposite the locker zone is restaurant and lounge

For people who don't want to play can wait here for their family. Under the roof is nice shade and cool air with food and drinks options.

on the second floor of the restaurant is a bar which is for chilling out with a refreshing cool beverages...

The rule is very usual for all fun parks, which does not allow to bring in food and drinks from outside. This is strictly controlled by their staff.

That why I will give you some extra information regarding food because it was a hot topic in social media while ago.

The prices are surely higher than outside but still except able.

Some items are even the same price when compare to the similarities.

Allow me to give examples from what we eat and what we see.

- Drinking water 30 bath, 20 bath at Cafe Amazon

(I bought it here and charge to my wrist band. I think it's same price as PTT gas station)

- Popcorn 40-65 bath a box, I got a big size, 65 bath, for the kids to share.

- Single plate food starts from 65-70 bath up

This is what I see from walking around, you will decide if the prices are fair and except able. It depends on your personal consideration which is valid from person to person.

For us the prices are fair enough.....

(I might compare to our last water park trip, which I got fried chicken, french fried, 2 water, 1 blended fruit, was 700 bath in total. That was shockingly expensive 55555)

Then we scan wrist band to get into Water Jungle Zone, the first thing to do is to find a place to put all of our belongings.

We choose to rent a big cabana because we have many people, my family one accompanists.

There are two sizes of cabanas, big and small. It is a hut with cushion and big pillows, very convenience for resting.

All cabanas have fan, The big one is 1000 bath, the small one is 600 bath a day.

Again this price is very except able for us, our previous trip we rented a smaller cabana, hotter and less convenience was 1600 bath, heart attack for 5 seconds hahaha.

My husband was excited to play as the kids, once we got home I check to photo file there is none of cabana picture...he did not take a photo of it at all...

Again I have to borrow some pictures from Vana Nava website. From this clip you will see the surroundings of the cabana.

It's time to play...

I will separate the park and explain each zone for better understanding..

Because the kids just run around across the zines many many times...If I tell you story follow them you will get too confuse...

Rain Fortres

Start with young children zone, here are seven sliders for kids, tall between 102 to 136 cm. only.

On the top is a big water tank which pours down some water from time to time to keep the kids exciting. The parents can stand outside to watch their children.

My kids love this zone, spend time longer here until I tell them to move to the next..

Video clip, part 1 of Dek Jew is playing water in Rain Fortress Zone is recorded by my husband. Adults are allowed to follow their children but not allowed to slide down.

Here are only pictures from outside of the sliders, let's have a look at some of the fun scene in this zone....

Video Clip , part 2 in Rain Fortress Zone is taken by my two years old niece.

Lucky that she is not over the height limit, so she is asked take some photo of Dek Jew..

She is both playing and shooting but she does a good job, let's see her works..

Kiddie Cove

Here is for children tall between 91-132 cm.

Low slider and a pool with a fountain

My girl likes it here even it's for younger kids

Video Clip, in the Kiddie Cove Zone

Aqua Course

I am told that, this is the only place, where has this kind of playing equipment, which I call "Walking Trail"

The challenge is to walk through a small trail with many distractions.

While walking through other people can disturb you by shooting the water to you, just to make you loss of stability on the trail.

But you can fight back as well with your water gun. My daughter is really enjoy playing it but she must have someone walk with her.

(If taller than 122 cm. they can play on their own)

At first I was thinking, how fun this equipment could be, it's only 1 meter high, done not look that challenging....

But all people who played confirm that this is very fun and exciting, I see some kids play more rounds.

Before the adventure, here is to protect fall of the trail..

It's fun for children and adults ....

Video Clip of Dek Jew, playing at Aqua Course Zone

Lazy River

It just likes it's name Lazy River. This zone is to be on a swim tube and let it flow along the river.

We can have a rest here after using a lot of energy to play around. Well but my girl doesn't want to take a rest, she always use her energy...

Video Clip Dek Jew, Floating on swim tube at Lazy River

Coconut Beach

Here is our family's favorite place, it's an artificial sea with waving every 10 minute and 10 minute long waving...

There are swim tubes for surfing, but it seems to big for the kids, they can't lie down across the tube.

It might be difficult for the kids to surf with the swim tube. But for my daughter is not a problem, she likes to swim on her own

Video Clip Dek Jew, Surfing on Coconut Beach

Next Zone is for adults, my daughter can't play, only my husband and nieces play here.

We are not allowed to take video only GoPro camera, which attaches on the chest, is allowed.

We have GoPro camera but we have no belt to tight it on the chest, this isn't allowed either, so then we don't have any camera.


It's a big and high slider tool, which becomes the highlight of the Vana Nava. If you drive pass you will see this tube from far away

Abyss is slider with six seat air-tube, slide in the slider then drop in a big cone with high speed, the air-tube will swirl around the cone until drop down into the whole at the middle and drop on the floor finally. This is so fun ... it's really fun....

(This tool is good for person who is over 107 cm in height, but my daughter doesn't play it because I worry if she would loss the handle while sliding)


This is also very scary fun as well as the Abyss, it's six seats swim ring. One told me this is the longest slider in Thailand.

The tube is swirling up and down, up and down, just like Boomerang. Every one must scream every time they play this, Why do I know? because our cabana is close by, I hear screaming as it falls down a 100% every time

(Every body with the height over 107 cm. can play)

Next are nightmare playing tools for adult or taller than 122 cm.

Even you are taller you must be brave enough to play too

for this playing I pass them all....

Free Fall

Walk through the door you will see this firstly, high slope with 60 km./hour speed

I think the players are so brave, none of my family play this, we only stand and look at it with an opened mouth hahaahaa.

The purple is what I am talking about.. it's really high slope....

Aqua Loop

Is one of other scary fun equipment, starting with a standing position

then the pad under neath is opened, the person is falling down with 360 degrees spine around against gravity.

To play this you are not only tall but also must heavy enough other your spinning will come back to the same place.

(We pass again)

The blue slider is it, nice color but it's awful.

For Free Fall and Aqua Loop are difficult to find video clips because the cameras are not allowed.

And they are very strict on clothing, only swim suite is allowed, no shirts and shorts are allowed to play.


Sharing experience from my niece, this is very fun and not that scary, older children can play comfortably..


This is also fun, three seats swim ring, swing left and right, similar to Abyss but lees scary, my niece said "with a soft scream is possible"

The last two tools are :

Super Bow

A pairs seating fall down in the tube to beneath...

Master Blaster

Swim tube with cushion especially for playing this equipment to protect scratching.

We are only watch people are playing, none of us brave enough.

It's fast and speedy, it must be fun because many people are on the line.

(I have not pictures, this are again from Van Nava Website)

Actually It's really hot I thought we will be playing no longer than 2-3 hours, but it turns out from noon until 6 pm.

I have asked the kids to stop many times but they were just ignoring me, until they announce the closing time, they are finally stop playing.

It is so fun, so hot but many trees, be under the shade is cool...

Lucky that we got the last cabana, I was reading comfortably in the cabana

Dek Jew must say good Bye, Where will be our next trip, keep yourself update....

Thank you all for reading through my review.

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Friday, September 18, 2015 9:36 AM