One day a year ago, I've got a chance to see the picture of stunning "Yo" (Wooden fisheries machine) view beautifully crafted on sunrise lighting scene on my friend's FB wall.

Immediately, I clicked to view the Album....Wow....Where is this trip? It's so speechless, a beautiful lighting and also a red lotus lake.

And not a second wasted, I texted my friend and found out that this place was Pak Pra, Talay Noi, Phatthalung.

Well....In fact, I also heard of it before, but just never realized that it was this beautiful...

So, after that, I researched for more information right away, started from Pantip and it's just confirmed that this place was just a real beauty.

The best season when the red lotus is fully blossom is in March, so then we started to plan our trip.

My friend recommended us to stay at Wetland Camp, we booked it about half year in advance because we came to know that there's only 4 houses available.

Once we found a good promotion from Nok Air, we booked the trip to Trang right away. And after that, we just kept waiting with more than excitement.

And we are so happy and truly meet all of our expectations. This trip is indeed very fun with breathtaking view. It is sincerely a very impressive trip.

Let's go see how this trip is fun and exiting, and how the view can be so breathtaking!!!! Are you ready? Let's go explore Phatthalung with Dek Jew together now....

Dek Jew (Little kid) started her journey since 5 months old, please follow her other trips at:

To start the trip to Pak Pra, Phatthalung, we need to take the flight to Trang, because there is no airport at Phatthalung.

We have 6 members in our trip, so we rent mini van. We start the trip by stopping by to take a short tour in Trang first before moving to our destination.

We arrive at Trang airport early morning, Dek Jew is still in her pajamas. I carried her straight from bed so she could continue her sleep and fully wake up once we arrive.

Since we already here, so we try Trang style breakfast and there's many interesting restaurants. We choose Ruen Thai Dim Sum restaurant.

Everything is yummy, such as Dim Sum, Rice Porridge, Bak Kut Teh and fried stuff.

When the stomach is full, it's time to start journey... Well the Daddy of Dek Jew just gave me this task a day prior to our trip that let's also travel to one unique place in Trang, and this is how Mommy manage to come up with...

Tham Le Khao Kob is situated at Huai Yod District, Trang Province. It is the big big cave where water is flowing along inside. The only means to go exploring inside the cave is by sailing the boat in.

Mommy tried to find out in the very limited time about how would the sailing experience be. Many people said that it was the most thrilling experience, sometimes it's the nearly survived experience. But Mommy still didn't have enough time to search further on how it might look like and also couldn't understand just sitting the boat and floating inside the cave, how can it be described as live and death experience?

And then I found myself a crystal clear answer with my first hand experience. Are you ready to see how it is? If so, let's come floating together....

It is 300 THB for each boat with 2 boatmen and usually take 5 tourists. We have 6 people including the child, so it's ok for us to all go together.

Atmosphere before going to the cave, very greenery and shady.

Now we start moving to go inside the cave. Although the ceiling is quite low, but we feel it's not anything near 'scared', just lower your head and you will be all just fine.

Then we stop for 2-3 places and need to walk in a group with the leader (it's our boatman) because he has flashlight.

Even though there's light in the cave, sometimes monkeys could accidentally unplug it and that could be a problem.

Stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave is beautiful. Dek Jew is taking a walk, and actively making her pose for Daddy shot.

Dek Jew really likes it, she can riding boat and waking inside the cave. She said it's super fun.

Stalactites inside the cave are damaged a lot. I take a close look and feel pity, if it were not broken, it could have been much more beautiful.

We notice that on the shirt of our boatman writes "It's super fun, going under the dragon's belly".

Then we asked him what it is. He explains that the local people here believe that going under the Tham Le Khao Kob is like going under the dragons' belly. You will be fortunate and the misfortune will be washed away. You will be free, its' like new born. (wow.... is it really that much?)

After we visit every stop, our boatman tells us to get on the boat and says that on the way out, the ceiling is going to be very low, we all should just lay down to the boat otherwise our head will clash with the stones.

This is how it basically look like, we keep laying down and getting up and laying down and getting up again. Daddy can still take some photos and we are still laughing and having fun.

The boatman sees us still laughing, having fun taking photos, he stops the boat and tells Daddy to keep his camera and stop taking photos because it is very dangerous and from now on the ceiling will be extremely low.

And then he starts to organize our position, everyone has to lay as flat as possible and keeps nothing off the boat.

Up until this point, Mommy still hold onto the mini GoPro on stomach. The boat man says Mommy cannot position it like this and now we start to feel scared, is it going to be that low?

Now the boatman keeps saying please listen and obey him for everyone's own safety. We then also start to feel really afraid, so now I place the GoPro on my side and try to take photos as much as possible.

From that minute on, it is really something adventurous and extremely scary, even the boatman also has to lay flat with the boat.

Like, you know, the ceiling is extremely low, some stalactites touch my stomach as we are passing by. The speed is quite fast because the boatman is pushing the ceiling away so that that boat could go quickly.

What we see now is how stalactites, one after the other, running through in front of us in a very close up distance, some even almost touch our noses.

There is one time when I look back to Daddy and sees the stalactite going pass his glasses just by 1 millimeter.

Dek Jew who is at first still having fun also starts to feel scared because all adults are and scream from time to time.

She starts to move and says she cannot stand it anymore because it's very uncomfortable but I have to force her into her old position because if she were to move up, her head will hit stalactites for sure.

As soon as we are out of the cave, to the outside world........It is just like what have been said earlier about going under the dragon's belly, it's exactly that feeling.

It is so free, woww.......It's really like reborn, unbelievable!!! hahaha. It's really like....we survive now...yes!

(The photos I put here may be not so adventurous, you may try to see from the video and you will surely get the feeling......)

Before boating into the cave, we really had no idea it would become this scary because we didn't see any photos beforehand.

When people said it's very adventurous, we couldn't imagine how that could be, but now we fully realize that. And for small kids, we really NOT recommend to come.

Because Dek Jew is already 5 years old and already can speak and understand things but she still felt very scared and uncomfortable. She kept wanting to get up and I had to force her to stay still.

If the little kids were going and no one is keeping them down. Once they were up, their heads could easily be broken. It's a little bit too dangerous.

If I have to play again, the answer is, of course, NO. I already tried it and that's enough!

The below video clip is Dek Jew taking you to tour Phatthalung, Episode of Travel at Tham Le Khao Kob.

Chilling time, just enjoying stalactites and stalagmites.

Super adventurous, going under the dragon's belly.

After this, we go straight to Phatthalung. Driving from Tham Le Khao Kob to Pak Pra is about 2 hours and it's already noon once we arrive at our accommodation.

We stay at Wetland Camp like our friend recommendation, and there's not a bit disappointment. We are really enjoying our time here.

Wetland Camp has 4 houses. From the review, they recommend House no. 2 and no. 3 as they offer the best view so then we choose house no. 2.

All walkway is the lifted up wooden bridge like this because the house is located, literally, next to the river.

This is house no. 2. Upon open the door, you will see this view, splendid!

The bathroom is also very comfortable, it is equipped with hot showering and flushing toilet. However, we didn't use the shower, we just take water from the bath jar, it's much more fun that way.

Dek Jew has never experienced taking bath from the jar, she's so loving it!

Sitting at the balcony of the room, you can closely see the 'Yo' view, the wind is softly blowing by, so good.

This is house no. 4, similar decoration and the same style of bathroom.

And this is the balcony of house no. 3.

Late afternoon, we go to enjoy our food at View Yo restaurant at Sri Pak Pra Resort, it is close to our accommodation.

Here is the place for both resort and restaurant.

Sri Pak Pra also offers the View Yo for its guests.

Today has a very good weather, sunny with strong wind but not too hot.

Now, let's turn to look at our menu, all are very delicious.

Geng Kua Hoy Lo (Shell curry)

Yum Pla Luk Bre (Different kind of small fish caught by the 'Yo')

Fried Eggs with Liang Vegetable, I really like this dish, we order two dishes :)

And then..... Grilled Prawn, Deep-fried Fish and Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup.

The video clip of Dek Jew @ Phutthalung, Episode of Checking In and Lunch Time .

Now that we are full, let's go enjoy the sunset view at Sapan Chaloemphrakiet 80 Pansa (The honor bridge of 80 years).

This bridge was built in the occasion of 5 December 2007 to celebrate the King's 80th Birthday. It is bridging between Khuan Khanun District in Putthalung Province and Ranot District in Songkhla Province.

The bridge was built across the wetlands between Talay Noi and Songkhla Lake. The entire bridge is 8 km. and the scenery along the bridge is exceptionally beautiful.

Many people also like to appreciate sunset view here. The closer to the sunset time, the more parking car to be seen along the bridge.

At where we park our car to enjoy the sunset view, there's a buffalo paddock around. Some people called them river-buffaloes because they were raised in the water, but in fact, they are swamp buffaloes or water buffaloes. (I found this on Website Manager Online, Thank you very much for the information :) )

Local people here raise buffaloes freely in this Pru Talay Noi field. The water buffaloes here leave their paddock to eat grass in the morning, freely swim and then return to thier home late afternoon or evening.

We move 2-3 times to find the good viewpoints that Daddy is satisfied with. After that, he captures the last light of the day and then we go back to our accommodation.

Video Clip of Dek Jew @ Phatthalung, Episode of the Sunset at Sapan Chaloemphrakiet.

Before going to our room, we also stop by at Sri Pak Pra again to capture twilight light.

It seems like many clouds right there, I think tonight will be no moon.

After we return to our room for a while, we go to the terrace and surprisingly, the moon appears herself to say hello in her biggest circle, so so beautiful but she also goes quite high up already.

And Daddy immediately takes out the camera right then with no second wasted!

The next morning we have the program for riding the boat to see the sunrise from the front of our accommodation and then will continually go to Talay Noi.

We all wake up and get ready at 5 am, but the wind is very strong and so is the wave. The boat cannot be sailed out, we wait for sometimes but there's still no sign of calmness.

Khun Num, the Wetland Camp owner, then takes us to see the 'Yo' view and the morning light at Sapan Pak Pra (Pak Pra Bridge).

Here, we also meet Khun Fong Sabu, the owner of Pak Pra and Talay Noi photos who inspired us for this trip.

Video Clip of Dek Jew @ Phatthalung, Episode of the Sunrise at Sapan Pak Pra .

From Pak Pra Bridge, Khun Num take us to Nok Nam Talay Noi National Park for taking the boat to appreciate Talay Noi view instead.

Here, the wave is not as strong as in the morning in front of our room. And today the weather is extremely nice, not so hot with a clear sky and some clouds that is enough to make sky look much more colorful.

The water is so still that it can totally reflect the sky.... So amazing!

Nok Nam Talay Noi National Park is the first forbidden place for hunting in Thailand.The area has a very diverse biological and wildlife, aquatic animals, various plants, especially birds which are in big numbers.

In addition to watching birds, another highlight for Talay Noi tourism is red lotus lake which will be fully blossom during March to April. And it will only bloom in the early morning but will start to shut down in late morning.

A lot of birds, flying back and forth

Dek Jew also takes with her some snack, so she's indeed very much enjoying her time here. While having snack, she can also watch birds and appreciate the beauty of flowers.

Video Clip of Dek Jew @ Phatthalung, Episode of Boating in Talay Noi to see Red Lotus.

Because the weather is so nice today, we are very happy for our sightseeing boating experience.

(We also go boating the next day, but the sun is too strong that we cannot see such stunning reflection view).

Birds at Talay Noi is indeed abundantly, it can be seen everywhere along the way.

This kinds of birds are really a lot. When we first see it, we are very excited. Daddy cannot stop continually taking the snap shorts every time seeing them flying.

However, eventually we cannot take moving shots like this because the memory card will be full too quickly as there is really a lot of birds flying around. It is truly so rich in its nature.

There's also the 'Yo' in Talay Noi. The villages are also out here fishing. It is so abundant place where there's fish in the water and birds in the sky.

The sun is going high enough, the dark blue sky is contrasting with white clouds. Stunning!

I'm not sure of how long we have been boating, I didn't even look at the watch because it was a so good and enjoyable time.

The boatman takes us back to the same spot where we got on. And near this pier, the red lotus is densely blossom.

Video Clip of Dek Jew @ Phatthalung, Episode of Boating in Talay Noi and Appreciating Water Birds.

Before we return to our place, everyone is already so hungry as it is already late morning, except Dek Jew because she's eating all the way on the boat.

Breakfast at Wetland Camp looks plain and homely but everything is so delicious.

Especially, Deep-fried Pla Luk Bre in combination with hot porridge,, it is much more yummy than American Breakfast.

For this afternoon, we actually are a little bit hesitate as of where to go. Khun Num suggest us to go rafting at Nan Mod Deng.

I used to see the photos and saw that it was the small canoeing boat, not the rubber boat so I'm afraid that it might be too dangerous for Dek Jew.

So then we walk to ask Khun Num again whether Dek Jew could go. He confirms that she can go and it is safe because the owner of Nan Mod Deng is his friend, he knows him well and knows that they have a good security team and system. So we decide to go as Khun Num strongly confirms that it's very fun and certainly safe.

We drive to Nan Mod Deng about half an hour. The adult ticket is 200 THB and the child is 100 THB.

After that, we go to choose our lifeboat and suitable helmet. For Dek Jew, we take her own lifeboat from home so that it can be perfectly fit.

When all are ready, then we are heading to the starting point. The entire rafting time will be 2 hours.

Actually, we just realize this when we getting on the boat that 200 THB can do 2 hours rafting, so worth the money.

Our team is separated into 2 boats. The first team is me and Dek Jew in which the staff is our canoer. Another boat is Daddy and his friend.

Daddy is somewhat paddle-able because he used to go canoeing many places but his partner never had any experience, are they going to make it???

We are just canoeing along the river until we reach one big rapid. The staff tells us that here the staff team will help take video when we are going down that rapid.

In a hurry, I say no need, I can take it myself because I have my own camera. I thought that we have to pay much extra like when we go to amusement park.

But for some reason, I ask staff again that how much for that, and he says it's free as it already includes in the canoeing package.

Oh Oh...... It's free.....So why not....... Of course, let's take it.... haha

To go through this big rapid, every boat will turn upside down so it is the point for taking photos of the team. In fact, me and Dek Jew's boat does not turn upside down but the water is so strong that it blows us off the boat anyway. One hand, I hold onto my daughter, the other hand is holding the camera.... So no more free hand to grab the boat, and here we are, also end up in the water....

When we are canoeing for about half way, we take some break and play in the water. Mommy and Dek Jew is not tired at all because we just simply sit in the boat with staff paddling for us.

But for Daddy and his friend.......It is quite a different story...

Upon getting off the boat, we take Dek Jew to shower and go to get the CD that record our fell off the boat moment at the big rapid.

In summary, we love rafting at Nan Mod Deng very much. Many rapids, very fun, the water is not deep, not dangerous and the staff indeed take a very good care of us.

Plus, they also offer free CD of turning upside down moment. Many shower rooms also are available, very comfortable.

So, if anyone is planning to go to Phattalung, please also stop by to try out this rafting experience at Nan Mod Deng, and you won't be disappointed.

And then, we enjoy our sunset moment at the Viewpoint of Talay Noi. And this time, again, we follow Khun Fong Sabu, thank you again for guiding us :)

For dinner, we again, place our stomach under View Yo Sri Pak Pra restaurant. While eating, we are waiting for the moon to appear.

Yesterday we missed her appearing moment, so today we cannot miss again. But after one waiting after the other, the moon is still shy so we decide to return to our room.

And as soon as we going back, the moon also decide to appear herself......

Tonight, the moon appears in red, similar to the sun but just less bright. Usually, we never seen this red moon in Thailand (I only saw once like this at Chiang Kan).

These photos are captured from our room at Wetland Camp.

After taking enough photos here, we again go back to Sri Pak Pra because they offer slightly different 'Yo' view.

The 'Yo' at Sri Pak Pra will be closer whereas at Wetland Camp we can capture the far away shot. Nonetheless, both are very beautiful.

The moon is extremely bright.

The higher the moon, the more color it changed. From reddish orange to lighter color until it eventually baths the 'Yo' and water into silver.

The last morning at Phatthalung, we still eager to go boating sightseeing the 'Yo' in front of our room. So again, we set a time to meet with Khun Num at 5 am.

Once we wake up, we find out that the wind is seemingly strong. Khun Num said it is less than yesterday, we could go but better not bringing a child.

Dek Jew is very delighted because she is still sleepy and doesn't want to go. So I ask my friends to take care of her while me and Daddy will go boating around.

This morning, huge clouds are at the horizon. We already made heart that we may not see the sunrise moment, but at least to see some orange light will make us satisfactorily.

The staff takes us venturing around each and every corner of the 'Yo'. Any view that we like, we can always tell him to stop.

Lifting up the 'Yo' is simple but elegant way of people's living. Early morning, the villagers will set off the boat and come for lifting up the 'Yo'.

Then they will get many different kinds of small fish or Pla Luk Bre to cook for their family.

And only if they have some left after cooking, then they will sell to earn some money for family. This is a true beauty of sufficient life.

While I'm enjoying myself watching this and that, Daddy sees some extreme bright red emerging from the water.

At first, he asks that what is that red and orange light from the boat, is it the sun?

When we turn around to carefully look at it, that red is gradually appearing. I almost scream out, the reddish sun is literally emerging from the water. It's just so astonishing. I don't remember the last time of seeing this view, or probably none at at.

(This set may be a lot of photos, Daddy literally takes almost every shot of the sun rising from the water.)

Taking photos while floating and under strong wind condition can be very challenging and difficult.

Sometimes, photographer wants the sun here and the 'Yo' there on the frame, but it's impossible because the wind is not reassuring.

After sometimes of collecting this egg yolk emerging from the water scene, we ask the staff to take us to the Mangrove apple area before this golden light disappear.

The villagers grow Mangrove apples along the riverbank as to against the wave.

And this preventing strong wave line is just so beautiful. The real scene is much more beautiful than this, I can just sit here and look at it all day and won't feel bored.

We are boating under the 'Yo' again and heading towards Talay Noi to again to enjoy the birds.

It seems like Talay Noi today is not as beautiful as yesterday. We come to think of why is it like this.... Is it because yesterday was a fresh feeling and today we already seen once, so not as excited or what.....

And then we find out that may be because today the sun is very strong, so boating today is a bad experience because it is extremely hot and we are also very hungry.

On the way back, the staff takes us to shortcut. The boat is going through the Water Mimosa forest. At this point, it is so much fun, we are slapped by Water Mimosa countless times.

We leave Pak Pra, Talay Noi at Phatthalung with a more than impressive memory. Everyone is having a fantastic time and very happy.

We are so impressed with our place of stay, Khun Num, the owner of Wetland Camp is exceptionally kind.

He is not merely providing a place for tourist to stay or simply giving recommendation, but he was driving to take us to see the view.

Taking us to boating at Talay Noi instead on the first day when the wave was too strong at our place. In all, he's trying every way to give us the best experiences.

On the day that we were able to capture the egg yolk emerging from the water scene, Khun Num seemed to be even more delightful than us.

For anyone who wish to travel here, I strongly recommend Wetland Camp.

(This review is CR 100% but I just really want to promote this place from the bottom of my heart.)

Dek Jew now have to say BYE BYE, see you all again for our next review.

Thank you very much everyone for travelling with us. ^____^

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Tuesday, June 30, 2015 4:56 PM