Ratchaprapa Dam or Cheowlarn Lake is one of traveler destination because this place has known and famous with very beautiful nature and landscape that been called "Guilin of Thailand". In addition, the highlight for travelling to Cheowlarn Lake is staying at the floating resort for relaxing and living with nature without mobile signal. Yes!! This place doesn't have mobile signal and it means you will really enjoy and have experience with nature for 100%. So let's get started our 2 days and 1 night trip at Ratchaprapa Dam!!

Day 1

The first day we started from downtown of Suratthani to Cheowlarn Pier by car, it takes time about 1.30 hours.

This is the Cheowlarn Pier where we got into the boat for our trip to Chieowlarn lake. We arrived at the port nearly 10 o'clock in the morning.

Let's go.

This is video clip while we rode the boat to show you the beauty of nature and atmosphere.

You cannot bore taking photos while travelling on this lake because it is so spectacular for capture every moment.

It looks like we are going to Kong Island. Do you think so?

At this point, it is one of the highlights of cruising in Cheowlarn Dam, called Khao Sam Kler, three mountains standing in the lake. You can see the beautiful reflection of them with the water like mirror. I cannot explain how beautiful they are, you should come to see with your eyes.

The guide said "You guys can take a picture here like Jack and Rose from Titanic" but I think it is not a good luck. hahaha

Okay. let's go for other destinations.

We arrived at Pae Nang Prai for take a break and see the fish.

We can see many fish in very clear water.

After that, we headed to Pae Sai Chon, our accommodation, for checked in and had lunch.

Tour package that we bought include 3 meals and box set of catering for eating on the boat in the morning.

This is our first meal at Cheowlarn lake.

Our room was fan room with bathroom inside that made us too comfortable and don't worry for no air condition because the weather was very nice and not so hot.

We took a nap after lunch before went to the Coral Cave.

We had to ride a boat, walk through the forest and rafted to The Coral Cave.

At this first point after went by boat, this sign said we had to walk about 1.5 kilometers through the forest to the raft point.

So we walked through the forest and enjoyed with green nature.

This is natural water sources.

After finished 1.5 kilometers in the forest, we rafted to the Coral Cave.

It took time about 10 minutes then we arrived. The cave was very dark, so you had to follow the guide and he will give you flashlight. Inside Coral cave has many beautiful and strange shape of stalactites and stalagmites. Attention!! do not touch anything in the cave because you will destroy them.

So. Let's start with this picture that looks like you took photo of the coral under sea water.

And this. You know it. ahahaha

Many teeth.

This group of stalagmites shining like crystal.

After we finished travelling inside the cave we came back the same route to our resort.

In the evening you can canoe, swim and relax with very nice atmosphere before dinner.

Sunset at Cheowlarn Lake.

After we finished our first trip on the first day we took a rest overnight for wake up early morning on day 2 to see atmosphere of fog in Cheowlarn Lake.

Day 2

We rode a boat to see the fog at 6 am.

In front of our room. There is little fog.

The day that we went do not have much fog but landscape in that morning still very nice.

After took some time on the boat in early morning. We came back to our resort for having breakfast and prepared to go back to the shore.

Before we left Cheowlarn Lake. I took a picture of many fish in very clear water to show you. Look really like magic with no filter.

And another video clip of fish.

It was not the end of the trip. Before we headed to the airport the guide took we to see the sight around Ratchaprapa Dam.

Ratchaprapa Dam is also the place that generate the electricity.

This is Kao Pung bridge and the Mountain heart.

Under the bridge.

The mountain heart was very cute.

We had very great impression and it was our quality time at Ratchaprapa Dam for 2 days and 1 night. We suggest that this place must be the top destination you cannot miss.

Finally we hope you have enjoyed our article and see you in our next trip.

Thank you and Bye Bye.


 Friday, October 6, 2017 5:09 PM