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This is my second time within 2 months visiting Kanchanaburi. Let see what makes me interested about this province.

Our destination is Sai Yok View Raft Resort, let's go travelling together.

We will tell you an attraction place near the resort in Kanchanaburi that we have passed through.

Before we enter Sai Yok View Resort, we will visit The Bridge of the River Kwai first which is located in the city, that we have certainly passed through.

We think we arrive here so early, around 07.30 am but there are still people here earlier than us hahaha.


A beautiful group of Miss Thailand World 2015 is having the shooting here, so many people are here in the morning.

Seems like we are shooting for pre-wedding hahaha.


Then continue driving to Death Railway, Tham Krasae which is a passing route to the resort, I recommend you to visit it.

Heading to Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, a passing route also, the water level is very low, the staff says that the water level will rise in October.


Today is 27 July 2015, the way is a little wet, it's raining while we are going to the resort. This is an entrance route to the resort.

This trip is the second time visiting Kanchanaburi, it seems that I still cannot travel around this province. This trip is focusing on water activity, jumping off into the water, impinging water, play with water, all are activities about water.

I went there on 27-28 July 2015, even it's a rainy season, but we don't even care about it.

We stay at Sai Yok View Raft Resort, Kanchanaburi.

The room rate is 1,000 Baht, including Breakfast and Dinner buffet, so worthy.

We arrive the resort too early,12.00 pm. Although we have visited many places along the way. Before we go to the resort, we have stock up supplies for party tonight; alcohol, a big pack of fresh water, full ice packed of foam crate, snacks (we prepare ourselves not to buy things at the resort to save our money hahaha, we also feel too courteous but they are no restriction about this thing haha). Each of us are carrying stuffs to the resort twice times from the parking lot to the Check-in point. Check-in time is 13.30 pm, we are getting very tired travelling from Korat to Kanchanaburi. It's overcast sky when we arrive here but we have never worried about rain and still intend to play with water.


Pay for deposit and wait for the room key.

Small afternoon party to have a little fun while waiting for room Check-in.


It's time to enter the room, let see the room's atmosphere first, we have 4 people with 2 rooms.

We reserve the room that have a stair up-down the water, a room type that we can play with water in front of the room. This time we intend to jump into the water.

(Last time we went to The Forest, we could not play with the water in front of the room because there is no stair, so we came here to do it)


We can't wait to jump into the water now, let's go jumping.


We move to have a sit in front of the residence's hall, so cool sitting and drinking here.


We are getting tired now hahaha, and waiting for a time to go rafting around 16.00 pm.

It's time to go rafting, there are 3 rounds, the first round is 16.00 pm.

There are not many staffs taking care on rafting at Sai Yok View Raft Resort, there are only 2 staffs taking care of us when we are rafting. We have to wear a life jacket by ourselves. Life jacket should be very tight because the life jacket would float up and it would brace you. But for me it seems like myself life jacket is not tight to my body, the jacket is float up to my neck that I feel very uncomfortable. For whose who can not swim, I recommend you not to jump into the water with your friend ( I also can not swim but last time I have already done it at The Forest because there are many staffs taking care of us for the whole time while I am playing in the water, so it looks very safe and more important that staffs help everyone to tight up the life jacket, it's very tight that I can't breath but it will loosen when you are in the water) but this time it's a heavy water flow when I jump into it. My friend have to always help me pull, push, propel along the way because I want to play it.


Wear your life jacket tightly.

We are planning to go for 2 rounds of rafting, but we feel that our body is no longer stand for it, we also plan to swim to the upside pool but we feel so tired.

So let see only the picture of the pool first, there is a children pool for safety, a very wide big pool (have to wear a swimming suite only)

There are 2 pools at the rafting area, both indoor and outdoor (you can wear any suit in this pool).


After we take long hour playing with the water, our body seems like we need food now. We start having dinner at 19.00 pm which we are starving. We finish taking a bath at 17.30 pm. and walk to the lobby for dinner. We are the first group to arrive but we have to wait for so long, we have eaten a big pack of snack and sip some alcohol but it affect not thing with our stomach. The dinner time is later than The Forest. I recommend you to have lunch before check-in the resort because you may lose a lot of energy by playing with the water. My friend and I have only breakfast at 7.00 am, it's too early so it make us so disappointed with the dinner. hahaha now it's time for grabbing.

A small party in front of the room. Water floating at the river side, cool, sip some alcohol, so happy ( we have packed some food from dinner buffet as an appetizer too haha).

Good morning, I wake up with a sound of light raining and see the light fog when opens my eyes, so enjoyable. The weather is breezy that I want to take more sleep hahaha.

Now, it's time for breakfast.


So enjoyable eating breakfast while listening to the sound of rain.

We like packing food, packing it to our room hahaha.

One shot kicking my friend into the water before we go back hahahaha.

It's time to Check-out now

Bye Bye Sai Yok View Raft : Sai Yok View Raft, Kanchanaburi and we will see each other again, Yeah!

The accommodation cost is 1,000 Baht/person

Pros are listed above

now let see the cons of this place, there should be some criticize also because we are customer. I personally feel that

- My friend's restroom can not lock and have to push but it's okay and lucky that they are couples but I forget to take a picture.

- Time for dinner is too late 19.00 pm. We are so starving that we have whispered the staff to quickly serve the food haha. She says can you have some instant noodle first we sell it here hahaha.

- The staff on the rafting is too few, only 2 people because I'm concerned that it is not enough to take care all customers.

- We want staff to help customers wearing the life jacket to fit in with the body and comfortably floating in the water. We wear it ourselves and think that it is tight enough but when we are in the water the jacket is floating up.


On 28 July 2015, we have visited Erawan National Park.

Entrance fee is 50 Baht. Promotion period on Monday - Friday until October only (normal price is 100 Baht).

Last time I haven't gone up to 7th floor, but this time we intend to go up to 7th floor, let's go.

While walking up to the 7th floor, I can say that we are very tired.

There is one naughty monkey here hahaha.

We have to jump over the tree, skip the rock along the walking route hahaha.

I can't remember which floor we are now, because we keep feeling tired hahaha.

This is the 4th floor, A slider reef.

The 5th floor.

The water is very clear that I can see fishes.

So we play with the water at the 5th floor for a while too.

And we are heading to 7th floor, I can say that we are so tired but anyway we can't fly so we have to keep moving on.

Now we arrive 7th floor and forget about the tired feeling because it's so beautiful.

No edit for this picture.

Here the water is very clear, so beautiful.

Let the water crush to our body to release the weary.

Feet spa haha.

Thank You very much for reading this review

and apologize for using inappropriate words.

It is a very enjoyable trip. I love Kanchanaburi province.

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