Hi, I will take you guys to live slow life at Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi Province, a small town that seems to has nothing interesting whereas it looks charming. I think that it is worth travelling for 2 days 1 night, a comfortable and pleasant trip. I went there on 07-06-15.

All the photos are taken by gopro hero4, yi cam, cannon 550d. The photos might not beautiful I am just a rookie photographer.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Bamee

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Now let's go travelling together.

// We arrive at Sangkhla Buri District and check in at 14.00 pm. and have Jae Porn Noodle for breakfast. And whoever visit Sangkhla Buri has to eat this.

The restaurant is located on the roadside which can be easily seen.

/// The breakfast is finished and we then brainstorm to plan for the next place to go # I should not ask this question because I am inviting them to join me. The map I prepare is no used. I have no second plan so let cancel the plan and go straight aimlessly.

/// Driving along the road, don't know point of destination, we actually plan to go to Burmar but the weather is too hot. I am wondering that this is Sangkhla Buri or the Pan fried egg. So, let's go to Mon bridge first, it's extremely hot here.

Passing through Wat Wang Wiwekaram Sangkhla Buri, let's worship the Chedi Phutakaya first.

Strolling and buying things from a cute Mon girl.

Visit Mon bridge, the weather is really hot and the sun shines with its full strength.

It's not a check in time yet so we just sit at the raft and hanging leg while eating Som Tum (papaya salad) at Song-garia River.

The water is surprised me that it's very cool and I like it. It helps cooling down my emotion here. We order a simple menu; Som Tum, grill chicken and Larb Goi (spicy piece of meat).

The food cost very cheap, the total of this meal is 70 Baht/person.

The weather is very hot, so we play with water for a while.

Hey! We have got only half of gasoline and we are afraid that it would not be enough. Lets find a gas station but there is only one branch which is located on the way intersect to Burma.

Before heading to Sangkhla Buri, you better put in gasoline first for your safety and put in gasoline one more time when you reach Sangkhla Buri is the most safest way.

//// We reach the accommodation at 14.00 pm. The accommodation named P.Guest House is reserved via phone. The room are with air condition and fan types. We choose air condition room with the rate of 1,250 Baht for 3 people. Let see the atmosphere of the room first, we have to take a sleep first because we start travelling since yesterday so we are getting very tired and sleepy.

Sleeping inside the room

The bathroom. It has a very low-flow shower, it is so inconvenient that I have to move my body attach to the wall when showering, but still it is not that bad.

The evening atmosphere with a sunlight emitting to the room's front.

I like to take a selfie so many pictures of me are posted here, please don't fed up with it.

///Let's find something to eat. We drive to Mon again to eat Pra Yin Kanomjean. I recommend banana stalk Kanomjean, it is a delicious noodle and unseen food for me. The noodle is mixed with Tamarind juice and Cayenne pepper. The taste is very okay. The restaurant is located on the side of Mon bridge.

Now let us continue strolling at the Mon Bridge. Not many people travelling on weekday so we don't have to fight for photo taking area.

>>>>My sister is posturing "A tiptoe to get high, a hardworking to get smart" concept <<<<

I have seen another unseen beautiful lady on Mon bridge again, Miss Yen. Do you know her? We know her from many reviews that have written on the internet. So, she invites us to make a merit on tomorrow morning at this Mon side and we admit it. She asks me where our accommodation is, then I say P.Guest House. She offers us to arrange the boat and pick up us at the accommodation ( the accommodation is next to the river with a pier). I have asked her about the price but she says it is free. Heyyy, I turn my face to my sister and think that there is still a free thing on earth because she lets her husband arranges the free pick up and drop us off to the accommodation.

Meeting a diver here so I just ask for photo taking with a smart boy but I forget his name.

a little cute guide.

Fishing a canned fish with auntie hahaha

The sunlight begins to fade now, so it's time to find something to eat.

Going to the market

And we find 1 baht stick of dipped pork but I haven't tried it because I always easily have a Diarrhea when eat something strange.

Walk into 7 eleven, a local dogs are welcoming us there too.

//Getting back to the room, I am so amazed of the view in front of the accommodation. It's so beautiful and I am feeling so good to see that, but it would be better if we drink beer and listen to the music there.

But I promise to myself that I will travel with no L, so I can only sit here to look at the night atmosphere in front of the room and yet I am so blessful.

I get back to the room and sleep at 21.00 pm. because I have to wake up early in the morning.

///// 05.30 am. the phone ring. Miss Yen make a phone call to me and ask whether I am awake or not and I say yes and finish taking a bath at 6.00 am. Miss Yen then call me again to check whether I am ready or not because she will arrange the car to pick me up and I say that I am ready and walk to the pier of the resort. The boat is already there.

Ahhh, let's go.

A good atmospheric fog in the morning.

We arrive now and then walk to Miss Yen's store. A set of food offering to monk is 99 Baht.

It's also my sister birthday.So lucky that she has a chance to make a merit for her birthday, HBD, Nighting.

at Miss Yen's store

Miss Yen's favorite child.

Doing some speculate after make a merit.

Eating rice gruel at restaurant that Miss Yen recommends. This restaurant 's gruel, coffee, Ovatine are all delicious.

( Rice gruel with eggs is 25 Baht, Ovatine 10 Baht).

The restaurant atmosphere. It's a cute decorated style. This is a restaurant for breakfast, so cool.

Let's take a deep breathe and strolling to see the morning atmosphere. A cute small town, I really like it.

I am going to school.

Let's go to Wat Dum Nam by the same boat driver. His name is Mr.Sor, a boat driver and Miss Yen's husband. Let's go.

The boat driver ( he is cute but put too much powder on his face ).

He sails so quick.

We arrive to Wat Gao now. It's very good that we can arrive the temple at 8.30 am. Let me take photos for a moment.

We ask Mr.Sor to take us back to the accommodation to prepare our stuffs for check out.

There is a small cool coffee shop near the accommodation.

Visit Chedi Phutakaya once more.

The top fence is under construction.

Enter Wat Wang Wiwekaram Sangkhla Buri and worship before we leave this cute place, Sangkhla Buri.

I meet with Mon's transformer.

There are many beautiful pictures and stories lined there.

Say goodbye by the picture of temple's monk. Thank You people who fall into my trap and read the review. I hope that everyone will feel the same with me which I really want you guys to visit this city.

Goodbye to Sangkhla Buri..

Bamee Bm

 Monday, September 28, 2015 10:40 AM