:: K L O N G L U A N G ::

* Talking about weekend, it is always a family time of everyone. That's why this weekend, I take my girlfriend with me to Klong Luang which is located at Soi Charansanitwong 3.

Come with us and you will see that money is not an excuse of traveling

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We take the red bus from the entrance of the side street to the end of it for only 5 baht and it only take a few minutes.

Then get of at the end of side street and walk across the bridge.

. . . . Finally we are here . . . .
Klong Bang Luang

It does give a feel like we are in Amphora Floating Market but a little bit smaller.

Mostly, the shops are noodle shops . .

Vintage shop and painting gallery

Look.. This little cute signage...

Feeding fish activity^^

This is my cute guild . . .

There is a home stay here but I do know the price.

Many boats of tourist are passing by all the time.

Helloooooooo !!!!The only word I know hahaha

: Walk a littile bit more, we will see Ban Silapin (The Artist's House). There also have a Thai puppet show provided, let's go find out :

The weather is really hot and I am thirsty...

There is a coffee shop in the Artist House...The price is normal not too expensive.

There are exhibition of many kinds of art such as Photograph, Vintage Toys, and sadly today there is no show.

On the second floor is for all paints . . . . .

The atmosphere is very chill out . . . .

I am so regret that there is no Thai puppet show today. T T

: A big old pagoda in the Artist House: it is very old and still.

At the back of the Artist House, there is Wat Kamphaeng Bang Chak and people are selling food on the boat.

: Wat Kamphaeng Bang Chak:

Oops... There is a show in the temple.

They call Kratua Taeng Suer (Thai Traditional Show).

Traditional Thai Dance... I have so much fun.

But this little one has most fun ever. hahahahaha

It is time to go home, let try the noodle shop at the entrance of side street.

It is very delicious for only 35 baht...

::Final expense ::
Red bus 5 baht
Food for fish 20 baht
Drinks at the Artist House 25 X 2 = 50 baht
Noodles 35 X 2= 70 baht
Totally of 145 baht for this trip

If you have any question to ask or would like to get more information

Follow me here : Maikeebaht...I will show you how to travel within budget

: https://www.facebook.com/maikeebaht

I hope that this trip might be another choice for your weekend at...Klong Bang Luang, Soi Charansanitwong 3.

Have a great weekend^^


 Monday, September 28, 2015 10:01 AM