People are concerning about money before they go on a trip...

Slow life travel...can change your perception...

But for traveler like me, it is quite hard to find a slow life moment because we are on a rush everyday!!!

Today, I would like to travel in slow life way which in my opinion means a budget trip.

Before starting our journey, we have get all information needed such as direction, hotels and restaurants to make sure that we get the most valuable for us.

This is our trip: Prachinburi - Khao Yai - Nakhonnayok and stay at Garden Home Khao Yai for 450 baht a night.

Follow me to my journey>>>

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Our slow life journey to Khao Yai is starting >>>

Heading to Prachinburi - Khao Yai with cloudy atmosphere but it just feel so comfortable.

Before arrival to Khao Yai we stop by Dasada Gallery, Prachinburi. The entrance fee is only 80 baht per person when there is no special event. Due to they have to prepare for flowers event so they sell entrance fee at 50 baht and free for children.

It is really valuable with the feel of flowers in every corner.

Coffee shop in the garden

Once the decoration complete the entrance fee will increase up to 250 baht and will have a lot more people coming especially during holidays. :)

Dasada gallery is the first place that we will spend a slow life time for 2-3 hours, enjoy beautiful flowers, nature and no need to be hurry.

With someone

With companion

Does not matter if that person is our special or not

Companion for me is someone who wants to have fate together anywhere...

Joyously see photos of Dasada ^^

After spend sometime at Dasada, we are looking for a place to stay and as our slogan "Slow Life"

We do not have any information about the resort, but we know it from our friends who have been here check-in on Facebook and they suggested here. It is cheap and close to many tourist attraction places in Khao Yai. So I choose to stay here, at least I can share my experience here to all of you.

"Non Plern Garden Home Khao Yai - Prachinburi"

Non Plern Garden Home Khao Yai - Prachinburi opens for 1 year already and right now they extend their resort. They can also organize seminar and other activities as per requirement.

Let's go find out how is the 450 baht a night will be????

Inside a small house, there is a 5 feets bed, air condition, refrigerator with 2 bottles of water, free WiFi, water heater and you can park your car beside the house.The room is clean and there are a lot of space between each house so do not have worry of disturbing the others. I think it is quite okay for it price and suitable for people who come as a group.

This bicycle gangster are riding their bicycle to Khao Yai. That's why I think it is in a good location.

Non Plern is only 7 KM away from the entrance to Khao Yai...

The over all of Non Plern Garden Home Khao Yai....

The distance of Non Plern to other tourist attraction places:

Dasada Gallery: 4.7 KM.

The entrance to Khao E-To: 4 KM.

The entrance to Khao Yai: 7 KM.

Wang Bon Reservoir: 9 KM.

For further information visit:

Twilight at Non Plern^^

Moreover, there are places in the area where you can sit and relax in the evening.

For the Fish Ponds, we can do fishing here if you like (I already ask the staff)

13 Sa Leung restaurant

It is dinner time....We are recommended by Non Plern as well and the restaurant is only 2 KM from Non Plern. It is a fusion food restaurant, both Thai and International food are provided here with Italian style.

Even it is more on Italian style food but they also can create a good taste for Thai people as well.

If you have a chance, you can come and try the food here.

For anyone who does not want to go out, you can order pork grill set from the resort and enjoy the time with a good atmosphere. I think it is also quite convenience that you also can have fun with your friends while grilling.

Good Morning!!!!

Wake up early to see the morning atmosphere after raining to refreshing myself

But slogan of Non Plern is "Sorry I am late, because I enjoy sleeping so much.

Let's me wake up to enjoy the view first and will go back to sleep later...Hahaha

ATV car for rental...You can get more information from the resort

This is the public area for breakfast, there are bread, coffee and tea provided for free.

Mostly, guests here are bicycle or motorcycle group, they go out the get some fresh air at Khao Yai since an early morning.

This group is also starting their journey now>>>

At Non Plern Khao Yai, there are 4 types of room, the price is starting from 450 baht to 1,500 baht. There is a big room for 4 to 8 people. If you are come with a big group, you can choose a bigger one.

Here is contract information: Tel. 085-456-7765, Line id : 0854567765

Mostly the room decorations are quite the same, bathroom, bedroom, and public area of the house, painted in cozy color.

The owner of the resort is so nice and kind^^

The check-out is 2.00 pm. in case the guests go out for a ride and come back late.

Another valuable place to stay that I have a chance to visit, It is very suitable for a budget trip.

We do not have to spend a lot of money but we can stay in a good location as "Non Plern" that is enough for us.

After that we continue to Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam, Nakhonnayok which is away from Non Plern Garden Home Khao Yai around 25 KM.

This is another place where car club, bicycle group or motorcycle gang like to come as we can go for a day trip. It is a popular tourist attraction place of Nakhonnayok with nice weather and beautiful view. If I have a chance to ride a bicycle here and breath in fresh air that would be great.

But most of the I would be tired of travel and would like to do everything slowly and spend a night in "slow life" style.

Moreover, there are many tourist attraction places in Nakhonnayok where you can travel within a day near by Bangkok:

Wat Luang Por Pak Daeng - Phra Pickanatre Park - Sarika Waterfall - Wang Takrai - Nang Rong Waterfall

I would like to end this review with this picture of Khun Dan Prakanchon Dam>>>

Another budget trip that spend not more than a thousand baht. If we can do, you also can do as well.

photographer : BiO (Sarawut Pathan)
Story :RinSa YoyoLive

RinSa YoyoLive

 Tuesday, October 6, 2015 11:19 AM