Hi there!.... I have an opportunity to travel with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), so I would like to share my impression, together with photos during this journey.

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Start the journey with Bangkok Airways.

4.30PM Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, check in and sit in the lounge of Bangkok Airways waiting for the flight to depart at 6.55PM. During the time, I observe the lounge.

Massage chair

I have flown with Bangkok Airways once when I went to Samui. But unfortunately I didn't have time to sit in this lobby. I almost missed the flight. The area looks nice.

Here's exclusive snack. I try many pieces of steamed dumpling, delicious.

Now I'm full. Get ready to sleep...Oops! No. Prepare to get on the plane heading to Udon Thani. I stay at Prajaktra Hotel for 2 nights where close to Nhong Prajak. The room is nice and clean. If you are interested, find more details at http://www.prajaktrahotel.com/home/

"Talay Bua Daeng" (Red Lotus Sea), Nhong Han Kumphawapi Lake

During December to February is when flowers in Thailand starting to bloom in each location from Toong Buatong in the beginning of December, Sunflower in beginning of January and Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom in mid of January. Therefore, in early of February is time to take photos at Talay Bua Daeng, Udon Thani.

To travel to this place. If you have personal car, you can easily take highway no.2 (Udon Thani - Kumphawapi). Or get on a bus to Udon Thani and get off at Amphoe Kumphawapi. Don't have to go to the city. In case you come by plane, I recommend to hire taxi.

At Talay Bua Daeng, there is boat renting service offering 2 types of service charge;
1. 500THB for small round trip, suitable for those who don't have much time. It takes around 45 minutes.
2. 1,000THB for big round trip which will go farther. Takes 1.30 hours.
Unfortunately I have less time, so I can take only small round....Actually I want to have a bigger one. I guess I have to come again next year. Recommend to come in early morning otherwise lotus will bud in late morning. Miss a chance to see beautiful view.

There is press conference to promote tourism which arranges in the middle of Talay Bua Daeng consisted of 4 speakers;

• Nophawat Singsakda, Province Governor of Udon Thani

• Anupharp Thirarath, Deputy Governor for Domestic Marketing, Tourism Authority of Thailand

• Ploenpit Kosolyuthasarn, Sales Vice President for Strategy and Promotion, Bangkok Airways Co., Ltd.

• Mike Piromporn, Udon Thani's famous folk singer

After the conference, I land and try Khun Mike's coffee which he makes by himself. The price is reasonable plus his singing, haha.

Ban Chiang National Museum

Ban Chiang is an archaeological site of pre-historic livelihood for more than 5,000 years ago. Before becoming World Heritage Site, villagers formerly used this pottery in feeding dog...I'm quite surprised. Anyway, they just didn't know its historical importance.

The bangles were used to dress dead body, like need to wear some accessories.

The jar in below photo is reproduced based on production process in the past. Then break it in order to be displayed outside. The real one is kept in the showcase.

From Ban Chiang National Museum , we move to Amphoe Ban Dung to try salt spa at Kunnapat Spa.

The owner brings two kinds of salt to test.

From photo, the green salt is smaller than white one. Upon scrubbing, the white salt doesn't hurt and makes skin softer and smoother. If I have enough time, I wanna try whole body scrub.

Afterwards we return back to Muang Udon Thani in order to have site seeing around city. Normally the tram parks at Nhong Prajak. If you come as a group, please contact in advance.

The tram ends at Thai-Chinese Cultural Center which is another must-visit site of Udon. Inside is projection room showing 3D movie about history of cultural center and the Pu-Ya faith.

We have dinner at UD in UD town and go back to accommodation.

Next morning, we depart for Amphoe Phue, visiting Phu Phrabat Historical Park.
Legend of Usabaros which sees rock formation alike Sema (stone boundary markers) located around Hor Nang Usa. Watching paintings on rock wall.

After that, they bring me to try rafting at Keeree Wongkot Village. At first I think I will be wet but it turns out to ride on E-Tak (farm tractor). Passing watercourse would be less scary if we just walk. Sitting on tractor makes me scared of falling down. Afterwards we have lunch in front of waterfall which I really the food. It's more tasty, fresh and scented than restaurants in Bangkok.

If you are interested to go, please contact Pu-Yai Narin at 083-147-9004 or visit "OonSonkeeree" fanpage. Price of E-Tan plus lunch is 1,500THB.

Then we drop by strawberry farm which is community's mixed farm before going back to Bangkok.

Lastly, thank you TAT for giving me an opportunity to gather new experiences from the journey. I would like to invite you guys to travel at Udon Thani during February. Especially on 14 - 15 February, there is "Million Lotuses Wedding Festival". If you are interested, please contact 042-248-582.

So, this is the end of review. See you on next trip...thank you for reading.


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