Roaming 【South Korea】 in Late Spring for 6 Days in 10 Cities, Episode II: Goyang, Gapyeong, Yangpyeong, Seoul, Incheon written by น้ำ-ฟ้า-ป่า-เขา

South Korea 6 Days 10 Cities, Episode II ความเดิมจากตอนที่แล้ว , from last episode. This is my first time to South Korea, so everything looks new and interesting to me. For example, the cars go on the expressway can pay money without having to stop. It is the easy pass that is much ea

Roaming 【South Korea】 in Late Spring for 6 Days in 10 Cities, Episode II: Goyang, Gapyeong, Yangpyeong, Seoul,

Roaming 【South Korea】 in Late Spring for 6 Days in 10 Cities, Episode II: Goyang, Gapyeong, Yangpyeong, Seoul, Incheon

South Korea 6 Days 10 Cities, Episode II

ความเดิมจากตอนที่แล้ว , from last episode.

This is my first time to South Korea, so everything looks new and interesting to me. For example, the cars go on the expressway can pay money without having to stop.

It is the easy pass that is much easier than our system. There has no blockage barrier and each car needs not to slow down the speed. The car just need to run through and the money will be deducted by a sound of the scan.

Well, in fact, I also don't quite remember how it sounded but as long as you hear some voice, it means money has already been deducted, isn't it easy?

Today is my third morning of the six days trip. We will be leaving from Suwon, the capital city of Gyeonggi Province.

And then we will be heading North, go through the city of Incheon and Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to the entertainment center. There is a big entertainment complex called.....

One Mount at Goyang City

N37° 39.894' E126° 45.325'

This is a large shopping mall that has several attractions to draw in people and the first attraction is ....

Snow Park

It's like our Ice Town, except here the snow is actually falling and there's a service of a small herd of sled dogs for our pleasure to sit on as well.

Snow Park Entrance Fee

Weekdays is 25,000 KRW and the holiday is 30,000 KRW.

Our next destination in One Mount is ....

Water Park

It is located at the deck of shopping mall, it's like what Thailand has popularly built in The Mall shopping center, haha, they offer both outdoor and indoor zone.

Some of them are different but some are similar to what we have in Thailand. The obvious different is that it's not as greeny as Thailand and not as many people as well.

And this makes it more fun, I think. And more importantly, it's not as hot as in Thailand, so playing water on the deck like this is very happy indeed.

Water Park Entrance Fee

Adults are 50,000 KRW and Children are 38,000 KRW.

Another must not miss pace in One Mount is a big imported place called.....

Hanwha Aqua Planet

It is an aquarium showing the underwater world. This is much better than Water World in Thailand, much more advanced. Just by the building, it's already so elegant.

I like it here very much and indeed everybody does, especially the show in a giant glass tank which is taller than 10 meters and we can see the deep sea fish swimming back and forth.

And we can also see the performance from people wearing a wet suit for dancing and feeding rays. It is very astonishing and satisfying as it's not a short performance and does not end before we even realize it.

Entrance Fee

Adults are 27,000 KRW.

Children age from 14-19 are 24,000 KRW.

Next, a short drive from One Mount in approximately 2 kilometers is a famous place for a Korea fan, haha.

My Love from Star

N37° 39.788' E126° 44.465'

It looks like Korean drama shooting studio. Inside we will see many scenes from the famous Korean dramas.

There are also several activities for us to get in, such as, shooting ourselves into one of those famous scenes.

What I and we love the most is to take photo with multi-dimension. The fun is indescribable, you can take a look for yourself from the below video!

My Love from Star Entrance Fee

15,000 KRW

We spent half a day with various fun and another half will be spent on traveling around the north side crossing to the East of Seoul.

To the Land of Mountains

Of Gapyeong City

We will be spending our night there so that the new morning we could stop by several places in that area. The distance from One Mount to our hotel is approximately 66 kilometers.

But we go much further than our hotel as we will have dinner first. It seems like near the hotel, it won't be anything as the tour guide said that the resort is located in the middle of the mountain!

And this is a country side atmosphere restaurant called....


Gapyeong City

N37° 50.183' E127° 30.356'

Another full and delicious Korean dinner

Then, we headed back to the resort. Before that, we stop at the supermarket to buy some snacks and beverages like beers which they have several brand to offer, so good!

In front of the supermarket is a spacious parking lot, the design looks like the supermarket in the United States.

Now that we have enough food stock, let's head towards the resort. It's also just the time for twilight of spring, if it were winter, now it would have already been dark.

Kensington Hotel

Gapyeong City

N37° 45.611' E127° 23.737'

We are just in time to take twilight shots. The weather is a little cold and surrounded by far away mountains, such a good good atmosphere.

The next morning, I stand to breath in the ozone on the balcony. We have a room on the upper floors so we have panoramic views as a complimentary.

The soft classical music is mixed with the ozone in the air, such an impressive moment!

I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment for quite sometimes. And before checking out and continue the fourth day journey, I would like to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere around this resort first.

The 4th Day Journey

With a city.....a city of mountains and natural tourist destinations...

We left the resort in approximately 30 kilometers and we reach our first destination.

Petite France

Gapyeong City

N37° 42.884' E127° 29.465'

After having experienced My love from Star yesterday of all different scenes from Korean dramas,

Today we will start our trip with tourist destination surrounded by natural green, mountains, trees, and beautiful building that are used as the scene for several famous Korean dramas.

This is a place where Korean fans can go crazy and even if you are not, you can still enjoy the place as it is very beautiful and the weather is really nice as well.

Petite France, the Entrance Fee to this French Village is ...

8,000 KRW for adults and 5,000 KRW for children.

Another destination is ...

Morning Calm, the Flora Garden

Gapyeong City

N37° 44.611' E127° 21.105'

The route will be going back to the resort again and a bit further, about 20 kilometers away from Petite France. Back and forth! I'm also confused! But I will definitely go wherever the tour guide take us, hehe.

When we arrive the Morning Calm, I found that this is the wonderful place to enjoy the leaves changing their color. But certainly not today.

Because everything is so green. If we were coming in the Autumn, the whole territory will be blossoming with leaves that are changing their color in welcoming Winter.

Which will be ten times more beautiful than this. However, even if we were coming out of the season, it is still so refreshing. Very spectacular, extravagantly beautiful indeed!

Let's enjoy this video + nice sound!

It's really beautiful, isn't it? Indeed, this is another must not miss place.

We walk to enjoy the view in the garden of Morning Calm for hours.

And then we have our lunch inside the Morning Calm as well.

Morning Calm Entrance Fee

Adults are 9,000 KRW.

Children for 5,500 KRW

From Morning Calm, we move onto our next destination which is approximately 50 kilometers farther away to the Southeast.

Into another City, Yangpyeong City

Greem Coffee


N37° 31.701' E127° 29.856'

This is also another famous place that Korean fans must not miss to come.

Greem Coffee is a coffee shop that used be be a scene for many Korean dramas. We come to enjoy the coffee as well as retrace the famous scenes in Korean dramas.

This city... really has a lot of tourist places and our next stop is where we can do some exercise. It is 15 kilometers away from Greem Coffee.

Rail Bike

Yangpyeong City

N37° 28.750' E127° 35.210'

On the rail bike, it is approximately 3 kilometers which will be 6 kilometers for a round trip. We also get to go under the long tunnel.

This rail bike is extended to the public space as well. Sometimes when it goes to the public road, the wooden barriers will be down to let us move on too. A very fun time indeed and a very nice and unique experience.

Rail Bike Fee

2 bikers/ a bike is 25,000 KRW.

4 bikers/ a bike is 32,000 KRW.

It's quite late now and the tour guide takes us to the dinner by going back to the Greem Coffee. Back and forth again! I'm keeping trace with the GPS and getting so confused now, haha.

This restaurant is quite easy to get lost, the drivers are lost many times before finding it. It is deeply hidden in the country side, a kind of farm place.

EoRa Ye-on Restaurant

Yangpyeong City

N37° 31.633' E127° 29.329'

Even though it is a country side restaurant, it's looking very hi-so. The son of the restaurant is dressing like an actor in Korean drama, a type that the girl would have gone crazy about him.

A chef is the owner and for most of the raw materials, he grow those vegetables at the farm around his restaurant.

After we order, the wife of the owner take a basket to pick up vegetables right from the farm into the kitchen.

If it's not enough, the son with an actor style will go pick them up again, such a lovely picture!

When the food are all presented to the table, the chef walk to see, garden and water vegetables. He's looking like a culinary artist.

Fish is the highlighted menu here. Several kind of delicious fish is served on the table. Really worthy delicious!

We are full and now ready to go to our fourth night hotel. This is another different atmosphere with approximately 10 kilometers away from this fish menu restaurant and we will find the hotel near the river with mountains as a backdrop.

Bloomvista Hotel

Yangpyeong City

N37° 30.023' E127° 25.342'

We are, once again, on time for twilight photo shooting.Let's just spreading up the tripod from our room and shooting across from the glass window. Another day is over now.

The 5th morning with a river view in front of our room.

We are driving out of Bloomvista and heading West to Seoul.



A Capital City of the Country

Coming to South Korea and not going to Seoul, it's like we are yet arrive at this country.

So, 60 kilometers away from Yangpyeong city, and we are already standing at the center at Seoul.

The first stop is the tourist information center so that we can also pick up some travel and informational brochures.

And then we walk pass the park where they turned a sewage canal into a good smell one. It is lower than street level. They made it real good and I highly respect that. I think Thailand should also invent a sewage canal into a paradise like this.

We can walk enjoyably and serenely N37° 34.161' E126° 58.680'

Continue walking and we will find two or three important heroic monuments of Korea.

N37° 34.249' E126° 58.634'

After that, we go to...

The Traditional Korean Town

Where people are still living.

N37° 34.862' E126° 59.219'

Then I go to watch the concert through the dimensions at....


N37° 33.974' E127° 00.450'

Here, I am watching gangnam style concert of Psy and many other more famous singers. With this holigram technique, it's like the singers are actually singing in front of us!!!

It is so unbelievable! Another must not miss place and we can also try out new experience here.

Holigram Entrance Fee

15,000 KRW in the afternoon time

33,000 KRW in the evening time

Stop by to enjoy different kind of ice cream at Myeong Dong Walking Street N37° 33.965' E126° 59.044'

Then, the time that we have been waiting is coming, we will be going to...

N Seoul Tower ( Namsan Tower )

N37° 33.090' E126° 59.291'

The tower is located on Mount Namsan. At the height of 243 meters plus the height of the tower of 236.7 meters, altogether it is 479.7 meters above sea level.

This is the highest viewpoint of Seoul. There's also cable car as well as bus available for those who do not want to walk up.

For us, of course, a cable car and there we go, within a few minutes and we are already at the tower base.

Lover key, a witness of love, is what young lovers like to lock their love and their together here.

A beautiful view of Seoul on N Seoul Tower

N Tower Cable Car Fee

Round Trip is 8,500 KRW.

One-way is 6,000 KRW.

Getting down from the tower and now we will try a bizarre food of eating alive squid dancing in a dipping sauce at Myeong Dong.

And then we are walking, window shopping, and enjoying the night light at Myeong Dong Street.

At Myeong Dong, we can still see the tower up in the mountain. The darker, the more beautiful. I'm thinking that if we could have been there and looking back to the stars on earth with all this light, it would have been so amazing.

So then we decide to take a taxi back to the entrance and take the bus up to N Seoul Tower again to enjoy the city night view.

Night view of Seoul

This is a grand and satisfied closing of our 6 days 10 cities South Korea trip before we travel back to Thailand the next morning.

And this is all the route in our trip for this review.

We are traveling with Thai AirAsia X

The Airbus A330-300 is flying round trip daily from DMK-ICN. It departs at 01.55 a.m. and arrives at Seoul at 09.10 a.m., the flying time is approximately 5 hours.

(Korea Time + 2 more hours from Thailand)

The return flight from ICN-DMK departs at 11.15 a.m. and arrives Don Muang at 14.50 p.m. daily.

* This is a summer schedule time.

** There's also the advanced meal online service, such as Basil Pork with Rice, Sticky Rice with Grilled Chicken, Pad Thai with Shrimp, etc.

Ending Notes

South Korea and a first visit experience, I would say this is a very attractive country.

Everything here is united, let it be public sectors, private sectors, and the Korean people.

They are all trying to promote South Korea to become an attractive destination for tourism by exporting their culture to the world.

By the Ministry of Culture via Korean dramas, songs, games. And people are loving them and paying a visit and definitely not a disappointment.

Because South Korea opens their potential boom and is more than ready to welcoming all tourists.

What about you? Are you ready to experience South Korea?