After previous chapter where I took you guys to contently go eating, traveling and staying in Taipei city.

And at this point, I believe that you guys already knew about Taiwan moderately, thus, today we will take everyone to upcountry to Taichung city, another interesting city that should not miss out when you visit Taiwan!!

Getting there: Taipei-Taichung

There are many methods to choose such as High Speed Rail, Normal Train, Bus. I choose to travel by bus, traveling abroad once in a while, I would prefer to try traveling by local transportation. In fact, I just want to save budget, Lol. :p

From Taipei to Taichung, we catch a bus at Taipei Bus Station where we can walk connectedly from Taipei Main Station, use Exit M2.

Upon arrival at Taipei Bus Station, we walk directly to Ticket Counter located at the inside area.

We buy a ticket of UBUS company which costs NT$260 per person, after that we get on a bus at the platform that was indicated in the ticket. From Taipei to Taichung would spend approximately 2.30hours. We ride on a bus to the terminal stop at Taichung Railway Station.

Upon arrival, we take a bus to our accommodation, but it seems that the more we ride, the farer we are from the hotel. Later, we find out that we take a bus in a wrong direction, thus we need to get off and take a taxi instead. Well, they say that if you haven't got lost, meaning that you haven't really reached the place ^_^.

We finally get on the taxi, but the story is not end just that, how can we communicate with the driver? Luckily, the driver that we found, he opens the voice translator application to communicate with us so the problem is solved. And when he find out that we are from Thailand, he doesn't hesitate to open Thai song for us, how lovely he is! Therefore, we change our plan from going to the hotel first to let him takes us straightly to the attraction instead.

Rainbow Village

Getting there: Taxi is the most convenient way to travel and the price would depend on the distance. Our traveling distance is a bit far so it costs around NT$300. If you guys use the bus, it will take more time connecting many bus routes and you need to walk a little bit as well. Well, for an easy way, open "google app", it will show all the route in details.

If you travel to Taichung and miss to come to Rainbow Village, it is kind of you haven't actually reached Taichung.

Rainbow village is a tiny village with colorful decoration all over places which there are a lot of cute corners for shooting a photo.

From here, we take a taxi to our accommodation around 30 minutes. And for this trip, we stay at

Trans Inn 伝思文旅

Getting there: take a bus fom Taichung Railway Station around 2-3 stops.

The hotel is located on Zhongxiao Road. It is just only not more than 5 minutes walking after you get off from the bus.

There is a clear signboard in front of the hotel. Inside is decorated with black and white tone colors which make it looks pretty simple and easy on the eyes.

On the way to the entrance of the room will have a trendy drawing decorated which looks very interesting.

Inside the room is adequately spacious, not too small or too big with fully facilities. The room is rather new and pretty clean with a bathroom inside. Moreover, there are free wifi and breakfast available as well.

I would say it really is an interesting hotel for those who will come to Taichung and the most importantly the room price is reasonable.

And for those who interest in booking this hotel, I would recommend you guys to make a reservation through Traveloka application as you will get a special price and there are many hotels to choose from as well.

You guys could download this application bothios and Android and Android operation or if you want to reserve the hotel in Taiwan, you could enter Traveloka website to check out for the hotel and price as well.

Hotel Contact Information : Trans Inn 伝思文旅

Address: 402 Taiwan Taichung City, South District, 忠孝路150號

Email : [email protected]

Phone : +886 4 2285 1702 , +886 908 183 885

Line : transinn

Website : http://www.trans-inn.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/taichungtransinn

Located near the hotel where we stay is Zhongxiao Night Market, it is pretty convenient for us to find a delicious food, I think this place is just right for us Lol. Well, as we come here already, we will go to find brilliant food shops that they recommend.

The fruit tea of this shop tastes so good, it comes in a large glass, why we choose to try this shop? it is just because I see that there are many people buy it, hence, we will not miss out to try as well. Lol.

Oh, Don't Forget!! fried sweet potatoes that sell along the food stalls, it is pretty good with a taste of sweet, salty, and a bit oily, I would absolutely recommend it.

Well!! another recommended food is Luwei, it is kind of a food stall food, there are many kind of meats, vegetables and noodles for us to choose from. We have found it everywhere in the night market, this kind of food stalls are always crowded with people, thus, we will definitely give it a try. (our concept is that wherever there are a lot of people, meaning that there something special in it)

We pretty enjoy picking the food that we end up with a big portion of it, Lol. It tastes delectable, Recommended!

Yizhong Street

Getting there: From Trans Inn, ride on a bus approximately 20-30 minutes.

It is one of the attractions in Taichung where you should not miss out when travel here as it is a center of various goods such as clothes, shoes, bags which the price is much more cheaper than those selling in our country, it is even cheaper than those in Taipei. Moreover, there are a lot of foods available to try along the way.

No matter where we walk, we always find things that we like to buy, it is only that our budget is limited Lol. thus, we could buy only the food. I just come to truly understand the word traveling till "Bankrupt" from this trip as whatever I see here, I just want to try and buy every single thing.

2nd day - In Taichung city.

We choose to take a bus out of town to see the beautiful view from the high angle.

The Luce Memorial Chapel

การเดินทาง : จาก Trans Inn สามารถนั่งรถเมล์ได้ ใช้เวลาเดินทางประมาณ ชั่วโมงนิดๆ

Getting there: It takes around one hour from Trans Inn by a bus.

The Luce Memorial Chapel is located inside the Tunghai University

This university is situated on the mountain where we can see the panorama view of Taichung city.

It is pity that the church is closed, the day we visited there, thus we could not take a picture inside. We feel a bit upset as we see the picture on internet and it is absolutely nice.

I suggest you guys to come here during evening as the weather is quite pleasant, you can sit back, breathe in a fresh air and admire the beautiful view. Furthermore, there are a lot of adorable things here which is nice to take a photo as well.

Fengjia Night Market

Getting there: From Tunghai University, cross the road to the opposite side and catch a bus, it would take approximately 30 minutes, then get off at Feng Chia University.

This place is regarded as the popular shopping center of Taichung teenagers.

This is the top night market where people like to come. Why? it is because there are cheap products, delicious foods and a wide selection of products to choose from.

Cheese Chicken of this shop is super delicious, if travel here, you guys should not miss out. There are a lot of people queue up and as I cannot speak Chinese, thus the order method is so easy, just point at the menu and you will rightly get the menu that you like. Lol.

The last day here before get back to Taipei, we have to get on a bus at Taichung Railway Station which is a spot to get on a UBUS car. Nonetheless, how could we go back, if we still haven't come to this shop?


Getting there: It takes only 5 minutes walk from Taichung Railway Station to Miyahara shop.

And this is Miyahara shop is the shop that local Taiwanese people recommend to me, thus we surely won't lose a chance to come!!

It is the most popular Ice-Cream shop of Taichung city, the price is a bit high, but as I come here once for a while, thus I will try a bit.

There are a lot of things selling here, apart from Ice-Cream, they also offer tea, coffee and other souvenirs as well.

The taste of Ice-Cream is awesome!! it is as good as what the rumor says. Hence, for those who will come to Taichung, I would strongly recommend this shop, it's absolutely good!

It is our first time traveling in Taiwan and Taichung city. There are a lot of interesting things that we haven't visited. It is not the city that we should look over anymore as there are many interesting things that make me cannot help but to stop over and spend time here, whether it be shopping places, foods and many more attractions and the most important thing is the price of accommodation and things is cheaper than those in Taipei, it's pretty good actually.

10 things to note before going to Taiwan

1. Taiwanese Currency is equally to Thai baht (1 TWD : 1.1 THB), so don't be worried as it is pretty easy to calculate.

2. Thai tourists no need to apply for visa when traveling to Taiwan (free visa).

3. Upon entering to Taiwan, you must fill in the immigration form which you could fill it online or fill in the immigration form that airlines officer distributes it to you on the plane. Choose one or another.

4. Use 2 pin flat plug similar to Thailand (If you guys use 3 pin plug, you need to use an adaptor)

5. Taiwan time is 1 hour quicker than Thai time.

6. The attractions (Taipei) are easy to access as they are situated near the metro station.

7. There are many airlines offer direct flight to Taiwan, the travel time would be approximately 3.30 hours.

8. For Internet matter, I suggest you guys to buy it at the airport as it is rather difficult and be a trouble to buy it outside or just buy it from Thailand.

9. There is a free wifi at many attractions and along the metro line.

10. EasyCard is pretty useful as you could use it to travel around Taipei, make your trip easy, convenient and comfort.

Mobile Application that you should have to help you during the journey in Taiwan.

- Google Map : This application is quite important, it makes us not to get lost and easy to travel along, must have!

- Voice Translator: It is important, you just speak and it will translate, use it when you could not communicate.

- Traveloka: it is a booking accommodation and air ticket application, it will help us save cost and even more it offers a special discount as well.

If you guys have question or would like to inquire more information, you could contact us at


Thanks and Sawasdee Krub