Nan : Stream-Mountain-A Golden Rice Field

Nan is a small peaceful province which fulled of enchantment.

No matter a travelling place, an accommodation or people's courteous.

We would like to lay down to listen to the sound of water and relaxes beside a steam at Bo Gleua in this trip.

We are searching for a golden rice field which is a short period before harvesting only.

We plan to have a chilly trip.

We just have a roughly plan and adjust during we are on the trip.

After we book the accommodation, then it comes to plan our trip.

Our program start departures from Bangkok.

Day 1 : Bangkok - Pua - Bo Gleua

This trip we choose to travel by an air-conditioned bus.

We book the bus with Sombat Tour, Bangkok - Tung Chang and get off the bus at Pua district for 790 Baht per person.

After that we take a mini bus from Pua district to Bo Gleua ditrict.

This is our roughly plan for our first day trip.

We come to wait for the bus at Sombat Tour which our destination is Bangkok - Tung Chang and get off the bus at Pua district to change the bus to Bo Gleua district.

Our ticket and bag are ready to get on the bus and departure.

Sombat Tour bus is a Supreme style. A snack is provided on the bus and we have a night gruel at Phitsanulok province.

We get off the bus at Pua Transport Company Limited and get on a minibus at the station but we don't see any bus there, we afraid we would miss the first round of the bus so we get on the motorcycle taxi and pay 30 Baht to ride us to Bo Gleua minibus station which is located at the back of a fresh market of Pua district, opposite gas station.

We arrive there at 7.30 a.m. which we can catch up the first round of the minibus. They service up to 2 p.m. but if there is less people, less bus service will be provided accordingly. We recommend you to get on the bus in the morning so you certainly would not miss it.

We are ready to depart to Bo Gleua district, distance is 48 km. It is a mountain route so we take around 2 hours to be there. The bus stops at Bo Gleua only so we have to ask an uncle driver to charter the bus to our accommodation which costs 200 Baht. Don't forget to appoint him to pick up you in the morning too.

2 sides of the rout are many beautiful high mountains and a fresh air.

Accommodation for the first night : Bo Gleua (Oun I Mang at Saphan)

This is our first time to visit Nan province.

So we start searching for travelling detail but we already have a plan in mind to stay at this place. The place is Oun I Mang at Saphan, a place next to the stream at Sapan, Bo Gleua.

We call them early in the morning when they start reservation on the first day.

A lot of people are making the call, so we have made a call at least 200 times.

But as the moral precept said " Where there's a will, there's a way"

We get a tent house booked, the room rate is 900 Baht/person, including breakfast - dinner, share shower room.

Noe we arrive at the accommodation, Oun I Mang at Sapan.

We arrive here quite early in the morning around 10 o'clock. Previous customer hasn't Check out from the room yet, so we go to sit and have some coffee first.

Coffee here is made by dripping but we can get a delicate taste and aroma smell, similar to the coffee which is made by a coffee machine.

Sitting and drinking an aroma coffee while looking at a beautiful view, so enjoyable.

The room is not ready yet, so we better ride a bike first. There is a bike for rent to ride around the village.

A beautiful view at the bridge, you can see Oun I Mang, mountain and stream that water is hitting the rock.

A peaceful road in the village, no people walk by. The mountain in front of us is so beautiful.

We ride a bike to Sapan waterfall. We have to park the bike down there. After that we walk up but not so far. The walk way is shady, full of trees, fresh air, we feel vigorous when we see a beautiful waterfall.

After we finish visiting Sapan waterfall, now it 12.00 p.m. We already planned to have lunch at the restaurant we passed by so we ride back to have lunch at that simple restaurant, Kru Pueng.

Our simple dish. This meal costs only 110 Baht.

After our stomach is fulled, now it is time to Check-in. The accommodation we have booked is a tent house type with sharing shower room, separate male-female which costs 900 Baht/person, including breakfast-dinner. Inside the tent house is decorated beautifully and located at the stream's side. We lay down and look at the water flow. There is no air-conditioned provided but it is so cold at night, very comfortable.

We are laying to see water flow in front of the house, this point is very comfortable.

Who want to sit and sip a cold drink, we guarantee that the atmosphere is so good.

We walk and take a picture at the wooden bridge, in the middle of the stream. The place looks more beautiful when the light is turned on.

Now it time for dinner, whose stomach is not fulled, you can have some more rice here.We now feel fulled and prefer to go back to sleep and listen to the sound of the wave in front of the room.

Day 2 : Bo Gleua - Pua

We appoint an uncle who drove us yesterday to pick up us at 8.30 a.m. So we wake up around 6.00 a.m. to see a beautiful atmosphere in the morning and have breakfast first before we depart to Pua district.

We wake up in the morning and see a beautiful fog in front of our room.

Who want to sit here can also see a beautiful fog view here.

Drink a coffee in the morning while looking at the view at Oun I Mang, the atmosphere is so good.

We go there during end of October, temperature around 20 degree Celsius. The weather is so good, cool.

Now it time to go back, Adi thinks that happiness time is passing so fast and we don't want to go back now.

Minibus comes to pick up us on time because he has to go pick up other passengers at the station at Bo Gleua, 9 o'clock. He sees that we are traveller and afraid that we will miss something good in Bo Gleua, so he sends us to Bo Gleua Salt Wells and original source of Nan river.

-Bo Gleua Salt Wells

Visiting an ancient salt well, there is a salt product sell as a souvenir too. Adi order 1 piece of salt spa to try. There are many scents for you to choose, 60 Baht/ piece.

Walking over a salt well which is an original source of Nan river.

Bye Bye,...Salt well. We promise to go back again. Adi like this atmosphere, natural beauty, peaceful because we can experience a real nature and relaxation.

We arrive at Pua, the bus stops at the same place. The station is located at Wat Prathatpengsakud and Vieng Nakorn (Prua ), so we go there to worship and take a photo first.

-Wat Prathatpengsakud

Praying respect to Wat Prathatpengsakud, sprinkle water onto a Buddha image at a provided point, the water will spout out from the mouth of King of Naga.

-Vieng Nakorn, Prua city

Vieng Nakorn, Prua city. It is located near Wat Prathatpengsakud.

It almost afternoon now and we start to feel hungry. So, we walk back to have noodle for lunch. This restaurant is named "Ton Hu Guang noodle restaurant" The restaurant is located besides PTT gas station, opposite to where we get off the bus. You can obviously see Hu Guang Tree in front of the restaurant.

- Ton Hu Guang Noodle Restaurant

A pork noodle, pork bone, red pork, pork ball are delicious. Whoever arrives Pua district, do not miss it, Adi confirms. We have an uncle's telephone number from asking him on the first day, so we call him to pick up us to the next place.

You can call him to ask for the price, he also admires to provide a charter service.

Motorcycle taxi Pua: Uncle One 061-845-3488

-Wat Phuket

-Tub Na Tai Luer

This place is located beside Wat Phuket. Who wants to dress Tai Luer's dress and take a photo, there is a photo taking service here too.

Atmosphere inside Tub Na Tai Luer

This is the area in front at Wat Phuket, farmers are gathering for growing rice now.

After that we go to Baan Tai Luer coffee shop which is located next to Lamduan Pha Tor shop. You would not feel disappointed buying a beautiful woven here.

-Baan Tai Luer coffee shop

-Lam Duan Pha Tor store

After that we sit and chilly drink a coffee for a while and we walk to see a woven then we call One uncle to pick up us at our accommodation.

Accommodation on the second day : Pua (Tub Na Home-stay)

On the second day, we book the room at Tub Na Home-stay at Pua district. We book in Tub Nan area. There are 4 houses which belong to the same owner. The price is 1,600 Baht/ room, including breakfast. We also book for dinner too, the price is 400 Baht/ 2 person.

Normally people who come to travel in Pua district, they mostly want to see a green field, but for this time, we quite lucky to see another beautiful atmosphere which is a golden rice field. It is only a short period of time that the rice is ready to be harvested. The rice turns golden-yellow before the harvest period. Let follow me to see its beauty.

Now, we arrive at our second night accommodation, Tub Na Home-stay.

The way to the accommodation are fulled of beautiful flowers, a really beautiful decoration.

A golden-yellow rice field is growing along the walk way to a beautiful accommodation. We are going to put our stuffs in the room first then we will take you guys to see the beautiful view of the golden-yellow rice field.

The room is decorated beautifully inside. We open the window and see a beautiful field of the golden-yellow field.

We go to drink a coffee at Tub Na fresh coffee after we put our stuffs in the room. Let's enjoy drink coffee and see a rice field once more.

We sit and have a coffee at a beautiful golden rice field like this. We don't know how to describe this atmosphere by word because we feel so enjoyable.

For those who don't drink coffee, you can order smoothies instead, we sit hear and we feel so much enjoy seeing the flower view. Who can't book the accommodation, you can come to visit here to drink coffee and walk around in the resort to take a photo.

A very beautiful golden rice field intersect with a mountain view.

We walk around to see a beautiful golden rice field until dawn, then we go back to have dinner at our accommodation.

Here the dinner is served, it look so yummy. Green chili dip, Northern Thai spicy sausage are the northern food we want to eat. We prepare to go to bed when our stomach is fulled. Tomorrow we have to prepare ourselves to go adventure at Nan province.

Day 3 : Pua - Nan - Bangkok

We wake up around 6 o'clock in the morning and plan to lay down and look at the fog and see the sun rises in the morning,

There is a little dog sitting beside me to see the morning fog.

The sun rises in the morning, reflecting a golden rice. Adi feels that the picture in front of me is a very special and complacent moment.

"A good experience is not easy to find,

but it is not that hard to find if we go out and chasing it"
Chill with Adi

After we walk to see a morning view, we hurriedly take a shower and have breakfast. Our program for this morning is to ride a bike at Tub Na which is prepared to service customer for free. We are going to ride to Wat Phra That Jom Thong which is not far away from our accommodation.

We ride on a short cut route passing through the Irrigation Canal at the back of the accommodation till we see a paved road.

We park and take a rest at a beautiful route on the way.

The way on the back is quite slope so we park the bike first and go up.

The ladder is all covered with Mos. It is surrounded by a trees, so shady.

Pray our respect to Pra That Jom Thong for the prosperity before we departure.

We go back by pass down the back road. We walk through the wind and look at the beautiful view from the top.

Now it time to check-out, we have taken more beautiful picture of the flowers in the morning before we departure.

Tub Na has a bus service to pick up and send you to get on the bus in Pua for free. So we ask the driver to send us to the entrance, there is a pavilion for people to wait for the bus. We wait for not so long because we go out to wave for the bus. We get on the public bus Tung Chang-Pond and get off at The Transport Company Limited, Nan which costs 50 Baht/person.

This is the picture of Tung Chang-Pond bus, we feel so relax to look at the side view.

It takes around 2 hours to reach The Transport Company Limited, Nan.

Our bag weight is heavy, so we plan to find a near accommodation at the Transport Company Limited, Nan to keep our stuff and take a shower to refresh our self before we go back to Bangkok because we have to get on the bus at 7 p.m. at the transportation company.

We have no hesitate to find the hotel information on the phone. The best place for new plan is "Nan Sabaidee Hotel" which is not far away from the transportation company, Nan. The normal price is around 500 Baht but we arrive here almost 13.00 p.m. and we just plan to keep our stuffs only, don't plan to stay for so long because we have to Check-Out at 6.00 p.m., so we ask for discount. The staff is very kind, they reduce the price to 300 Baht which free bicycles are available too. Adi recommends "Nan Sabaidee Hotel" to be one of your choice which its location is very convenient to travel and offer a low price if you visit Nan.

Hotel's lobby of Nan Sabaidee Hotel.

The room has beautiful decoration, wide and full of facilities.

A free bicycle for lend to travel in Nan.

Our bags are put in the room and we are ready to visit Nan city. The hotel is located near the middle of the city area. We start from the first temple, walking from the hotel for a short distance.

-Wat Sri Pan Ton

The time is over 12 o'clock now. We have to find something to eat, so we have Kao Soi (Northern style curried noodle soup with chicken) for lunch at a popular restaurant of Nan. This restaurant is named "Kao Soi Ton Nam restaurant" which is located near Wat Ming Mueng.

After our stomach is fulled, lets continue our journey.

7-Eleven store in Nan province waive the red and green color on logo which is the signature of the brand. It decorated in a brown tone to match with the atmosphere of Nan. We have to praise their cooperation between Entrepreneurs and local government.

-Wat Ming Mueng

-Wat Phumin

"Pu Man Ya Man" is a depicts legend picture known as "The World Whispering". It was painted during B.C.1867-1874 by Nan Bua Pan, Tai Luer artist. This is the important place you have to visit while travelling in Nan.

-Plumeria Nan National Museum

-Wat Hua Kuang

-Wat Phra That Chang Kham

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng and Phra That Kao Noi are located outside city area, so we have to pay to a motorcycle to ride us there. There are a lot of motorcycle taxi services in the city. Whoever come here and couldn't find the motorcycle taxi, you can call this uncle. He can ride you to travel and gives you a details of travelling in Nan. Motorcycle taxi, Nan: Jun uncle 089-261-1961 at Wat Phra That Chae Haeng.

-Wat Phra That Chae Haeng

-Wat Phra That Kao Noi

-Wat Phaya Wat

After that Jun uncle ride us to Wat Phumin. Anyone comes to visit Nan during Friday-Saturday-Sunday, there is a walking street opposite Wat Phumin. There are a lot of food and souvenir. We go to zip a coffee and wait each other at Amazon. This branch is so beautiful, designs to match with Nan city too.

Around 4 p.m. ish, the stores start to set up so we hurriedly go out because we have to come back to take a shower before we go back to Bangkok. We have to control our time.

-Walking Street, Nan


The yard in front of Wat Phumin. There are a mat and Kantoke place there for people to buy food and come to sit there.

We hurriedly come back to take a shower at the hotel and walk to Nan Transport Company Limited. We book a Gold Class from Nakornchaiair bus. The bus depart at 19.00 p.m. and arrive at Bangkok around 5.30 a.m.

It is time to go back home now but we still don't want to get away from Nan. We just realise that we travel here only 3 days but we already fall in love with Nan city. The city looks peacefully but it can imply the city's charm, nature, temple, people when everything assembled together. It is the city that Adi feels like I am falling under the spell and falling in love with this northern city which named is " Nan City "


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