Hello everyone, today Auddy will take you guys to take a eat-chill out and walk around the place near Bangkok.

After I have spent long time of my previous weeks on going uphill and hiking, so today I just want to have a meal in Bangkok and try to taste on Dim Sum.

It is another of my favorite menu (I'm wondering is there anything I don't like) hahaha in the famous food street area, Yaowarat (China Town).

He Cheng Fong is located at Charoen Krung Road, opposite Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Lengnoriyi)

Let not waste the time and go together with me to try whether the food is taste delicious or not.

if I have some free time, I am going to find a delicious food to eat outside my home on this weekend

My destination for today is to try Dim Sum at He Cheng Fong Dim Sum B.B.Q in a Hong Kong style at Yaowarat which is located on Charoen Krung Road, opposite Wat Lengnoriyi.

I choose taking on the public bus for this trip due to I am not quite familiar to the route in town and often get lost every time .

A bus no.8 is coming, runnnn, I start from the Victory Monument during the hot and sunny morning day.

Just get another feeling after changing the atmosphere by taking on the bus which I haven't taken any bus for a long time ^_^ .

I tell to the ticket collector when paying the fee to remind me when I nearly reach Yaowalat, then the ticket collector rogue so I can easily taking a photo and don't have to worry that I would get lost.

I cry Aowww! when I turn my head on, I am now arrive at Memorial Bridge but wait!! It is the end of the road now and where is Yaowalat, the ticket collector

I finally pass the station and what I can only do is looking at the ticket collector and just leaving with sorrow hahaha.

(actually I have to get off the bus near Klong Tom market, it can be walk through to the place directly) but I have already passed the way so just taking a photo around here first.

Actually in the pass, I have walked pass Memorial Bridge so often but I rarely notice the buildings and houses here. This time I just know that it's so beautiful, the whole area is filled with an ancient building, suitable for taking photo in the evening.

If taking people with the atmosphere, the picture with looks in a Vintage style, I definitely find another chance to take a photo here.

Can't believe that taking photos really makes me see things differently.

After walking back to the Memorial Bridge, I can see Shrine of the Empress of Heaven, so praying and worship for a while.

After worship the shrine, I then continue my journey but the weather is very hot and I know that I could not bear walking to to that place so I decide to ride on the motorcycle hehe. I actually don't know the way to Wat Lengnoriyi and I don't expect to lost my way again .

Guys...Just a moment to reach Wat Lengnoriyi

Let's making more merit before we are going to find something to eat.

I am afraid of losing my weight due to the sun bask that it might burn out around 1,800 calories hehe .

After making enough worship, now it's time to find something to eat.

Walking out of Wat Lengnoriyi, we will meet He Cheng Fong Dim Sum restaurant, let's cross the road.

และแล้วเราก็มาอยู่ในร้านติ่มซำ เหอ เฉิน ฟง กันแล้วครับ เป็นร้านติ่มซำสไตล์ฮ่องกง โดยเชฟส่งตรงมากจากฮ่องกงกันเลย

ภายในตกแต่งด้วยสีสันฉูดฉาด จัดจ้าน เพิ่มความกระหายในการกินให้เราเพิ่มขึ้นมาอีก

And now we are in He Cheng Fong, Dim Sum Hong Kong restaurant style. Cooking by chef from Hong Kong.

Inside is decorated colorfully that increase our craving for food.

The restaurant provides 2 floors for customers. The first floor you will see the cooking space, this area is quite hot because they provide a fresh cooking, surrounding by the smoke from the stove.

The 2nd floor, a comfortable seats are provided with a soft music that give an atmosphere of Chinese restaurant in a Hong Kong style.

This is a new open restaurant, not many people know it so today we invite you guys to try how the food taste.

There are many various menus for you to choose no matter Sala Bao(Bun), a familiar dumpling or Hong Kong cuisine.

There is some strange menu such as Egg custard bun, Red snow pork bun,

Gao Gi Flower jelly, you may feel strange with the name, so let's see the picture and taste it together.

Let starts with a restaurant's signature menu first, Mushroom Bun, the restaurant is highly recommend and states that they recently only one selling this Mushroom Bun in Thailand.

It looks like a normal mushroom when you look at it from the outside but when you bite or break part, you will see stuff filled within.

The recipe is invented by the restaurant which a dough is made in a mushroom shape with stuff inside.

There are 3 flavors of stuff which are B.B.Q pork, mushroom vegetarian and chocolate lava.

The dough is chewy with a well fit filled of stuff.

But I would like to warn you if you are interested to taste it, don't eat too many, you will feel full and can not eat other food because the size is big enough^_^ .

Next menu is a steam bun with pineapple cream and steam Snow bun with BBQ pork.

This menu is a dough filled with stuff and bake until the surface is a bit crispy and then serve it. This menu is a recommend menu of the restaurant also.

But I think a pineapple stuff has too less smell of pineapple and a bit of stiffness taste.

Shrimp egg dumpling and Seafood shrimp dumpling.

Dumpling here is quite big, suit with the price. Putting shrimp on every big pieces, dip serves with soy sauce. So yummy.

A Steam Spinach dumpling and Chao Zhou Assorted dumpling

Both 2 menus look similar that it is covered with an outside dough and fill with stuff inside.

The stuffs are shrimp, spinach, salted egg and Century egg. It is a real Hong Kong style, the taste is good with a great smell of vegetable.

Next menu is Xiao Long Bao Crab

Xiao Long Bao Crab, the stuffs here are pork and crab with a moisture soup.The soup is splashing in the mouth when bite it.

It is swelling by a soup inside which the soup can be seen in the picture.

A dumpling with Shang Hai sauce.

This menu has a good appearance and colorful. It's a dumpling covering with a Shanghai chili sauce.

and add coriander on it to tastes a bit sweet and spicy.

After eating so many menus of Dim Sum, now let's see the fried menu ( I can eat more of these food) hehe

Fried shrimp dumplings He Chen Fong Style.

Fried shrimp dumplings, it's the receipt of this restaurant that is well-cooked in a beautiful ripe orange color fried-dumpling, eating with Wasabi. But, I don't like to eat Wasabi so I dip with soy sauce again

It's is chewy and delicious.

A Custard Larva Fried-ball and a Black Sesame Larva Fried-ball.

It's a dough crispy fried ball with a custard and black sesame stuff in it. After tear apart, the stuff is running out here.

Dough has a bit scent smell, the taste is not too sweet but a bit stiffness taste.

Fried gypsum with shrimp stuff

A thin dough with a shrimp mixed with flour and pork inside. Eat it with sweet sauce. The taste is good but it's too oily.

Now let's see a noodle dish.Pork rice flour rolls.

This pork rice flour rolls. It fills with many shrimps and the flour is chewy.

Covering with a scented fried garlic with coriander and pouring with sauce. This menu is very delicious.

There is also a B.B.Q menu served too.

Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken

Large piece of chicken is served and poured with Hong Kong Soy sauce.

This menu is a winniner of all if it's served with rice hahaha

Peking duck

Peking duck serves with a thin flour, coating with a little oil, not to make the flour stick together and add vegetable with a little sweet and sour sauce.

He Chen Fong duck

This menu is a soft roasted duck meats attach with a soft skin and serving with flour and wrap with fried gypsum. This menu may be a bit greasy but it would be good if eating with vegetable but it's okay for me because I can pick up a vegetable from another dish hehe. Anyway, I like this menu very much, the taste is great.

We are having so many main dishes, now let's see the dessert(no not yes finish hahaha+)

Sago Pomelo Mango

This is a dessert menu that restaurant recommends to us. There is a Sago, Pomelo and mango putting together. It provides a suitable sweet taste but not that sweet like Thai dessert.

Egg pie or Egg tart

Egg tart of this place is a Hong Kong style. The dough is crunchy and crispy like western pie which is different from Macau style which the tart flour is a soft layer.

Mango Pudding

A soft mango pudding, little bit sweet.

Last menu of today is Gao Gi Flower jelly.

เป็นวุ้นที่ผสมเกสรดอกซากุระและเม็ดเก๋าคี่ หน้าตาและชื่ออาจจะดูแปลก แต่รสชาติอร่อยใช้ได้เลยครับ

และแล้วก็อิ่มหนำสำราญท้องแทบแตกกันไปแล้ว ได้เวลาที่จะต้องจบรีวิวนี้กันแล้วครับ

โดยรวมแล้วอาหารรสชาติดีครับ แต่ราคาอาจจะสูงกว่าที่ผมเคยทานมานิดหน่อย

แต่ด้วยปริมาณและคุณภาพของอาหารแล้ว ผมถือว่าคุ้มค่าสมราคาครับ

หากท่านใดผ่านไปผ่านมาแถวเยาวราช หรืออยากลองชิมติ่มซำ B.B.Q สไตล์ฮ่องกงแท้ๆ ที่ไม่เหมือนใคร

ก็สามารถลองแวะทานกันดูได้ครับ ซึ่งช่วงนี้เค้ามีจัดโปรโมชั่น สำหรับวันศุกร์และเสาร์ลดราคา 30% ตลอดทั้งวันอีกด้วย


It is a jelly that mix with Sakura flower and Gao Gi seed. It appearance may looks strange but the taste is delicious.

Finally I am full and it's time to end the review now. Overall, the food taste great but the price is quite high when compare to what I have experienced before. But, with quantity and quality of the food, I consider it as a great food and suitable price.

If anyone passes to Yaowarat area or wants to try B.B.Q unique Hong Kong Dim Sum style, you can visit and try this restaurant which the restaurant has set up 30% discount whole day promotion on Friday and Saturday and also a promotional set menu of the restaurant to let us choose.

He Chen Fong's restaurant detail

Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/hercheunfong

Address : 464 Charoen Krung Road, opposite Wat Lengnoriyi, Sampanthawong district, Bangkok

TEL. : 02-222-0323

and lastly I would like to end the review at this point and I have to Thank You everyone for visiting this page and always encourage me, so please forgive me if I make a mistakes.

Thank You and Sawaddee