::Erawan Waterfall with an easy traveling::

Erawan Waterfall, Erawan National Park, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province is regarded as one of the top beautiful waterfalls of our country. There are totally 7 levels which have a different beauty vary in each level. The crystal clear water which you could see the fish swim has attracted a lot of tourists both Thai and foreigner to visit and experience the beauty of this waterfall. For the traveling matter, it is pretty convenient as the car could access to the national park area, moreover, there is a shuttle golf car available to serve the tourist who would like to travel to the waterfall. Well, It is pretty convenient that you may want to visit once, right? Apart from the waterfall, for the tourist who would like to stay overnight at the national park, there is a tent service available with a river view and a tranquil atmosphere during the night time or for those who would like to stay in the accommodation, you could directly book the room with the national park to get some rest to the fullest on your holidays.

::น้ำตกเอราวัณ มีทั้งหมด 7 ชั้น ได้แก่ Erawan Waterfall has totally 7 levels include::
ชั้นที่ 1 ไหลคืนรัง Level 1 - Lai Kuen Rung (means come back to the nest)
ชั้นที่ 2 วังมัจฉา Level 2 - Wang Macha (means place of fish)
ชั้นที่ 3 ผาน้ำตก Level 3 - Pha Namtok (means cliff of waterfall)
ชั้นที่ 4 อกนางผีเสื้อ Level 4 - Oke Nang Phee Sue (means chest of butterfly)
ชั้นที่ 5 เบื่อไม่ลง Level 5 - Bue Mai Long (means never boring)
ชั้นที่ 6 ดงพฤกษา Level 6 - Dong Pruk Sa (means place of forest)
ชั้นที่ 7 ภูผาเอราวัณ Level 7 - Phu Pha Erawan (means erawan mountain)

::Getting there by private car::

Erawan Waterfall is away from Kanchanaburi city approximately 70 kilometers, ride straightly along Highway No.3199 until reach the field of The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Srinakarin Dam then cross the bridge to Kuen market, ride along until you see the direction sign indicated to take a turn to enter to Erawan Waterfall or you could set GPS in Google maps as it is pretty easy to travel along.

::Getting there by public bus::
- Take a van service in front of Future Park Rangsit to Latya, it costs 149 baht, get off at 7-11 convenience store Latya then wait to catch a bus Kanchanaburi-Erawan route there.

- Take a bus Kanchanaburi - Erawan route which costs 45 baht, the bus will send you off at the national park office.

::The admission fee that you should know before visit national park::
- Entrance fee costs 100 baht per person (foreigner costs 300 baht per person)
- Car fee costs 30 baht per vehicle
- Renting tent fee of national park which there are small and large size available.

Large tent costs 300 baht, Small tent costs 120 baht per night.

- For those who bring their own tent, there is a stay overnight fee for 30 baht per person per night.
- A shuttle golf car from the national park office to the waterfall costs 15 baht or you can straightly walk to the waterfall.

***Remark: The tent price is around 120-300 baht which is not included the bedding equipment or visitor could bring their own tent and bedding equipment and pay for the tent area 30 baht per person. The national park will not accept the tent booking in any case, it would be first come first serve condition or for more information you could contact below number:


or at facebook ➡️อุทยานแห่งชาติเอราวัณ


Bus from Kanchanaburi town to Erawan would give a bit of classic vibes.

Finally, we reach at Erawan National Park, the bus would stop inside the park which is pretty convenient.

Upon arrival, we head to find an area to put up a tent first. There are a lot of spaces for putting up a tent and the most thing that I pretty like is that there are many washing dish areas available here, as I have seen it has more than ten spots.

Tent that you see in the picture is the tent that the national park put up for tourist to rent.

The atmosphere during the night time would be very terrific.

There are a lot of available spaces left.

I wonder whether they feel burning hot from sunbathing or not?

It is evening time now, thus, we would cook something for eat. Well! it is prohibited to kindle a fire here.

We wake up early at 06.00 o'clock this morning and walk hurriedly to take a photo of the waterfall during the morning time where there is still no people. For those who would like to take photo of the waterfall with no people inside must wake up a bit early, as people will start to come here around 08.00 o'clock and it will be hard to find a nice area with no people in the frame.

We begin to take a photo from level 1, then continue to upper areas.

After we feel fully content, don't forget to keep the place clean as it is another way to lighten the workload of the national park officer and it also could raise our awareness in tourism which will lead to the existence of the nature so that we could admire it like this forever.

***Lastly, if you guys would like to follow the travel information and our journey, you could visit our facebook page: นายตัวน้อย ค่อยๆเดิน


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