" I have heard some gossip that the new island in Myanmar has been opened since the beginning of this year, this island is very beautiful. The water is crystal clear, it is as nice as Similan Tachai once we think backwards last decade ago.

According to the photo, it really proves that all above compliment for this island is true, it has the white sandy beach. However, we still need to discover how nice the underwater is. I am so lucky that my close friend, Mr. Tum who is known as Thailandism Guru inviting me to take the photos at Cock's Comb island... the emerald island.

I am so excited once I am invited by him, I admit that I have previously thought about the trip to this island but I never expect that it will be so soon. Indeed, I guess that many people have ever heard about this island but some may not know about this island. Hence, I would like to grab your attention to discover the beauty of this island with us."

To dive into the underwater of this island is really fun and not too tired at all because the wave is not so strong and we prefer to do diving near the cave entrance.

We guess that inside zone of this emerald island must be really wonderful, we are warned by guide that the center zone is very deep. However, the rim where we do diving, it is not deep and it is only 2- 5 meters depth.

Guide suggests us to continue diving at the entrance of the cave where we can see various corals.

We are really curious to search for them. We try to look for the corals but we could not obviously see them because it is impacted by the powerful wave which makes us get the blur photos.

This zone is highly recommended and it should not be missed once you visit this place. Be careful if the sea level becomes very high, it is quite dangerous.

After diving, we continue our trip to the second island named Dun Kin Island. It is not far and we spend only 15 minutes to reach this island. We decide to have lunch over here and take the rest afterwards.

The beautifully sandy beach and blue sky are the highlight of Dun Kin Island.

Even though, the beach is not so long but there are many trees providing shady atmosphere, it is such the nice place to sit and relax.

The trees on this island are not well trimmed but this really reflects the nature outcome. Unfortunately, the accessibility to this island is still not available but it will be developed in the near future.

There are some restaurants and toilets, which are currently under construction. Furthermore, it is planned to have camp on this island and it will be mainly focused on eco- tourism.

Once you reach here, you will not see people doing driving because the wave is too strong.

Let's have a look for our lunch on the island, the food is served in the eco lunch box which is environmentally friendly and it also decreases the rubbish.

There are 2 choices for us, the first is stir fried pork with basilica and the second is stir fried pork with garlic. Apart from the both mentioned menus, there are also 2 chicken legs and boiled egg in the box. It is quite the big portion but we would like to eat them all.

Our trip joiners decide to separate from to the group to find the private zone and chill out.

For me, I prefer to take a walk and take some photos on the beach.

Here comes the sun ray, the sun ray has spread out throughout the area, it is very beautiful moment. Our guide mentions that it is so nice that we can finally see the sun ray at the last minute before we continue our trip to other destination.

You may wonder that why there are so many photos of Dun Kin Island, this is because we spend time on this island for almost 2 hours, lol.

If the beach was longer and the way to discover the nature over here, I would be so sure that I will spend half day of my last day trip on this island.

But, I need to continue to my next destination "Zadetkyi Island "

We also do diving in Zadetkyi Island, however we are unable to get to the beach of this island because it is under the authorization of concessionaire.

The corals are closed to each other, they are connected like the big sheet. We do not know how to compare with other island but what we can say that the corals' condition are very completed and beautiful.

We have seen that there are some outstanding sheets of coral, it is really amazing. Even though, we are not good at swimming but we still spend time for diving about 45 minutes

It is time to be ready on the boat back to the shore but we do not really want to go back, we actually prefer to do diving.

Generally, the corals are gathered together and become very big coral. Once we have made the measurement and found that some corals have got axis about 8 meters.

In summary, we have never seen such this big coral before.

After departing from Zadetkyi, we then head to Grand Andaman Hotel in order to have dinner and take a shower in this hotel.

We reach the pier of Grand Andaman Hotel at 16.00 hrs. and we have been picked up by the hotel limousine.

For those who like to do swimming, they are able to continue in hotel's swimming.

Our guide has distributed the dinner coupon to us, the dinner will start at 17.00 hrs. and we can our dinner whenever we want.

Our guide and boat driver will leave us but they have asked us that what time will we go back because it is necessary that they need to inform limousine at the shore of Ranong to take us to the hotel.

Grand Andaman Hotel is located on Son Island of Myanmar, hence we need to take boat from the hotel to Ranong shore.

But, for those who drive their own cars, it will be so convenient because the boat from Grand Andaman to Ranong shore has departed every 1 hour.

The hotel staff will ring the bell to inform customer once there is the last boat at 23.00 hrs.

We have our buffet dinner at Victoria restaurant of Grand Andaman hotel.

We guarantee that there are various choices of the menu, most of them are Thai menu. It really matches with preference for those who get tired from diving.

There is the secret at Victoria restaurant that you can see the beautiful sunset over here too, hence it will be so romantic if you come to have dinner during sunset.

After finishing dinner, we spend sometime to discover duty free shop and casino.

The main product of duty free are some snacks, chocolate, perfume, watches, whisky, cigarettes and Kipling wallet.

This is our first time in Casino, we are so excited but we mostly lost because we have less experience in this. We prefer to stop gambling in casino. Otherwise, we will not have enough money to go back home.

We are at the hotel till 19.00 hrs. then we take the limousine in front of the hotel, it will escort us to Ranong shore.

We have the safe trip to hotel and we will stay at Farm House hotel in Ranong province, we are served with nice breakfast. Furthermore, the room at this hotel is very nice and clean.

We wake up in the morning and get ready for checking out but we will need to wait for our limousine at 20.50 hrs.

Nevertheless, we will need to manage of how to plan for our trip efficiently while we are waiting for the limousine. There are actually many attractions in Ranong.

You are able to soak your bodies in the steamed water, to take an adventure in National Park, to visit waterfall, to go up to the mountain etc. All of these will be shared in the next reviews because we could not upload all photos in this review.

This trip is really impressive trip especially the sea. It should deserve with the word " beautiful", it has white sandy beach, clear sea and completed corals.

Our trip is extremely fulfilled with beautiful nature in the island.

There is only our group on the day that we go to Dun Kin Island, we can really feel that how private it is.

For those who would like to go to this place, it is necessary to make the decision to go early.

If you are reluctant, you will face with the challenge because we have heard that they are fully occupied in some days especially in public holiday. It should be reserved in advance.

I would like to say special thank to Mr. Tum, Thailandism who has invited us to see this unseen attraction.

I also would like to thank for your attention for this review and see you again in the next review.

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