Happy New Year 2015 and welcome to the first review of the year , this review is mostly concerned about the photos , we will take you to travel important attractions in Rattanakosin island (Bangkok) within 1 day. Please follow us and discover together what can we actually get from this trip. If you are ready, let's go. I start my trip on the 2nd on January, I actually tend to come to these place since the end of last year as I do not go anywhere else outside Bangkok and I do not want to be impacted from crowded tourists in various tourist attractions outside Bangkok.

Back to our trip in Bangkok, I would like to travel once there are less people in Bangkok, hence I take this opportunity to take a walk and take the photos in various places in Rattanakosin island (Bangkok).

Our first attraction is "Wat Phra Kaew " (Emerald Buddha temple), this is one of tourist destination where many people usually come to this place. There is also an interesting point that it is very specially beautiful in winter season.

Due to this uniqueness, this is actually pull factor which has attracted many tourists especially foreign tourists, the main tourists are from China, Malaysia, Russia. As there are various nationality, hence the cultures are absolutely different. We better provide our warm hospitality and well perceive the culture of each other.

From this point, I will let you freely enjoy seeing the photos.

How crowded it is, you may notice from below photo, this is because people would like to pay respect to Emerald Buddha statue. Taking photo inside the hall is prohibited.

Thai culture is actually beautiful and unbeatable. We are also happy that the sky is extremely beautiful, it is the nice day.

Next, we are heading to the palace.

We have taken these photos at noon, the sun is almost behind the palace. The taken photos will be against with the sun ray. Hence, we decide to find the right corner to take better photos. As you may agree that the light is still so bright even we change the corner.

Then, we go to pay respect at the shrine of the city pillar. But we have not taken any photos at this place because it is crowded with people and relevant to the worship, thus it might not be appropriate to take the photos.

On the other hand, we have taken photos of " Giant Swing", it is one of landmark of Bangkok.

Even though, it is still anti- light but we want to take more photos of Giant Swing and Wat Suthat. According to the photo, you will obviously see sun ray, it is somehow interesting. We aim to take the photos with beautiful light for next time.

We continue our trip to Wat Phukaothong, we have also taken the photo of Democracy Monument on the way to Wat Phukaothong. Even though, the surrounding condition has not well supported us to take the photos that much due to traffic jam but it is not the serious matter for us.

We are now at the entrance to go up to Phukaothong, there is actually rest zone on the way to Phukaothong. We prefer to take a rest for a while, we have also seen Buddha statue at the step up to Phukaothong as well. At this point, we can see Phukaothong's basement at the far end.

We keep walking for a while and we can see Phukaothong (Golden Pagoda) or " Pra Borom Banphot" in Thai, even it is late afternoon but the sky is still beautiful.

This is the upper zone before we go to the top zone where is used to contained Buddha's teeth, we need to take below photo very fast because there are many people in queue.

We continue walking and stand in a queue, there are many people over here. We guess that these people have come as the group tour with the purpose of making merit.

We would like to re-emphasize that the sky in winter season is very beautiful, the wind flows softly.

We have ever wondered about the golden color of the pagoda, is it actually mixed with real gold. Once we search some information and find out that it was the golden mosaic color from Italy. It is very beautiful.

Below will be the last photo of this review, it is to reveal the sun ray reflection against the pagoda, but we really regret that we could not be here till the evening. Otherwise, we can get more beautiful photo.

We expect to come to this place again in the weekday because there will not be so crowded.

Bangkok is actually the nice place during New Year occasion. Even though, some shops will be closed but it is not the big issue. However, the transportation is so convenient because there is not much traffic, this is something that many people want to see this traffic situation to be maintained for a long period. We wish you a very happy new year 2015.

We drive our car into the downtown (We normally do not to drive the car because it is difficult to find the parking). We decide to park our car at Maha Raj pier which is close to Community Mall, it is located on Chao Phraya river's bank and next to Siriraj Hospital, the parking fee is THB 40 per hour. This parking is really good because it is indoor parking. As we walk from Wat Phra Kaew to Phukaothong since this morning, hence we prefer to use public transportation to reach the parking, we take to meter taxi for THB 45.

As this review mainly provides many photos if you have any questions, please feel free to send message to my inbox or follow up my page at http://www.facebook.com/naisoop, it is the page of officer who passionate on travelling and taking the photos.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to my review.