Imoon Shabu

Sawaddee Krub

Imoon Shabu is located between Ekamai Soi 13 and 15 (Opposite Wattanapanich shop) with parking space provided. The restaurant decorated in white and brown tone, combined with wooden table sets and big glass wall which makes the restaurant brighter and beautiful. For Shabu Buffet is for 2 hours. Let's go>>>

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'Original Soup/ Kurosake Soup'
Original soup is a clear soup with unique taste "Recommended"

Kurosake soup is quite tasty and good smell "Good job"

'Pon Shi Sauce'

Taste of sweet and sour, I recommend you to add more seasoning

'Seafood sauce/Sesame Nut sauce'

Wow!!! presented in big tray (there is small tray as well)

Beef: 'Chuck eye / Sirloin / Strip loin / Rib eye / Brisket'
All over, they are quite big pieces and soft "Recommended"

Pork: 'Spare rip roast / Bacon / Sirloin '
Also recommended

'Moo Sa Dung' (Pork)
Big piece of pork and seasoning with sauce "Recommended"

'Tub Sa Dung' (Liver)
Fresh and tasty "Recommended"




'Dolly Fish'
Look nice

'Watame seaweed'

Good quality


'Fried rice with garlic'
Smell good and taste good as well

'Steamed rice'

'Pork wrapped with Seaweed / Mushroom with bacon/ Shrimp Dumpling / Fish Tofu / Shrimp ball / Fish ball'
Pork wrapped with seaweed taste very nice "Recommended"

Mushroom with bacon is good smell of bacon and quantity of mushroom "Recommended"

Shrimp dumpling is good with soft dumpling sheet and very tasty

Shrimp ball is ok

Fish ball is quite tasteless

'Mixed vegetable'
Fresh and clean

Moreover, there are also hor d'oeuvre menu such as:

'Dragon cheese ball'

Crispy cheese ball "Recommended"

'Karake Chicken'

Taste quite good, no need to dip with sauce

'Twister fried'
Look nice and taste good

'Shrimp toast'

'Japanese seaweed salad'

'Japanese soybean'

The price is including drinks and desserts (self service)

'Soft serve ice cream'

Vanilla - Green tea

'Water / Ice green tea / Soft drinks'

The restaurant is nice, good service and using all fresh and good quality ingredients. Moreover, if you share this review from today to 26 October 2015, get free 100 baht discount (more than 20%). Do not waste your just share....

Thank you very much


Promotion Detail

Free 100 Baht discount (more than 20%) when sharing this review from today to 26 October 2558.

Buffet Detail

Shabu Buffet including drink and dessert for 2 hours at 459 net.

Restaurant Detail

Imoon Shabu

267/30 (Between Ekamai Soi 13 and 15) Sukhumvit 63 Rd., Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Open: 11:00-22:00
Tel. 08-5199-5165

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