China Table restaurant located on the 3 floor of Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok. You can take BTS to Asok station and walk till the end of the skywalk. It is about 5 minutes walking. Then walk down the stair on the left, facing to Prompong Station and then look for Sukhumvit 27 sign. The hotel is located at the entrance of the side street.

Here we are!!! arriving at Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

Take the elevator to the third floor

China Table is a Chinese restaurant. When you get off the elevator, the restaurant will be on your left.

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday opens 11.30 am - 2.30 pm and for dinner 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm.

Friday - Saturday opens 11.30 am - 3.30 pm and or dinner 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm.

Let's go inside the restaurant>>>

Once you walk through the door there is a long table for 12 people at the entrance I think this area is not private because it is located at the exit and opposite to a conference room.

This is a zone of small tables for 2 and there are 4 private rooms

This is close to decoration shelf of Chinese porcelain. If you come when there is a seminar, I think it will be busy.

Those tables that located behind the long table are in the private area far from the entrance.

You can see outside view from this zone. But restaurant is on the same level as BTS railway so you probably cannot see the whole view.

Close to outside seeing view zone, there is a colorful sofa and pillows, which makes the room is brighter. Chinese painting and cloudy painting are well-macthed. I choose to sit in this zone.

Now let's go to the private room

There is a round table for10 people and prepared for 2 rooms

Here is another private room

This room is using a square table for 6 people, there are 2 rooms that has a connecting wall

Come to see some decorations!!!

There are many Chinese porcelains including beautiful carved jade. If you like Chinese old style decoration, you will enjoy with a lot of things that the restaurant bring in.

For food, there are 2 types; A La Carte and Buffet.

For menu, you can view food photo and prices on iPad.

Food is about to come.

Dim Sum at China Table separates in category. Starting with the first one is Dim Sum from the land, which the main ingredient is four legs animal such as pork.

Start with Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling: pork dumplings with fit texture, decorating with carrot, celery and mushroom.

Following by Deep-fried taro with barbecued pork: wrapping of taro is crispy and soft. And the combination of taro and roasted pork quite goes well together.

Next menu is Steamed pork spare rib with black bean sauce: Fermented pork spare rib with black bean sauce and steamed. The taste of black bean sauce will absorb into pork spare rib. It tastes not too salty.

And followed by Pan-fried pork & green chive dumpling: Not only green chive but they also add pork then chef will fried it until it is crispy outside and soft inside.

Barbecued pork puff: Puff powder is soft and crispy wrapped with barbecued pork...Hmm... yummy^^

Deep fried radish cake: Again crispy and soft dip with sweeten sauce very delicious.

I did not try Shanghai dumpling and Barbecued pork bun

Next category is Dim sum from the Sky; ingredients are mainly poultry such as chicken and duck.

I have tried Deep-fried chicken fritter “HAM SUI GAU"

"HAM SUI GAU" is made from sticky rice flour through a process of fermentation like Kanom Kai Hong (Thai Dessert) process but HAM SUI GAU will be thinner and more crispy. it tastes really good I suggest that do not miss this menu.

Dim Sum in this category I only try Steamed chicken dumpling, Steamed glutinous rice & Chicken in lotus leaves, Crispy duck & chicken spring roll and Deep – fried bean curd roll with chicken & shrimp

Next category is Dim Sum from the Sea: ingredients are mainly seafood such as scallop, shrimp and crab.

Let start with Steamed scallop dumpling: fresh scallop makes inside dumpling sweet and bounce.

Follow by Deep fried crab meat with white onion and cream cheese; crispy dumpling flours wrapped with crab meat, cheese and mayonnaise. I think menu is missing taste and smell of crab but for cheese lover you will like it.

For Dim Sum from the Sea, there are many menus that I have not tried yet such as steamed prawn dumpling, Steamed prawn rice roll, Steamed scallop rice roll, and Deep fried scallop with green chives

Moreover, there is Dim sum from the Garden, a vegetarian menu for people who do not eat meats, which main ingredients are from vegetables. There are only 6 menus; Vegetable shu mai, Vegetable Ha Gaw, Steamed mixed vegetable "Fun Gor", Steamed mushroom rice roll, Deep fried vegetable spring roll and Deep fried vegetable bean curd roll. I have not tried any menu in this category.

Next one is Sweet Dim Sum

Start with Steamed bun with red date: smooth red date stirring with soft bun. When chewing you will taste and smell of red date all over you mouth.

Following by Egg Tart; crispy and soft flour and not too sweet

Moreover, Steamed cream bun is one of recommendation menu but I have not tried it yet.

Next is Soup category, which we can choose 1 menu

This is Wonton soup with bamboo fungus; it is a little bit tasteless

And other 2 menus are Vegetarian hot & sour soup and Cream of sweet corn & crab meat

Following by Rice and Noodle category; choose 1 choice of 3 menu which are Stir – fried Hong Kong noodle with seafood, Fried rice Yang Chow style and Vegetarian stir – fried rice or noodles. Again I have not tried these menus.

Lastly, Dessert; there are 3 menus but can choose only 1

Sweet sago with taro, this menu is full-flavoured of coconut milk and sweet

Sesame dumpling in ginger syrup; sesame is not too sweet and ginger syrup helps to clear my next

And another menu is Fresh Fruits

For drinks, they provide many kinds of Chinese tea both hot and cold.

Every menu I have tried today are selected by Mr. Adam Robert Beasley, Director of Food & Beverage

See all menus that I have tried once again.

Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling

Deep-fried taro with barbecued pork

Deep fried radish cake

Deep-fried chicken fritter "HAM SUI GAU"

Steamed scallop dumpling

Deep fried crab meat with white onion and cream cheese

Steamed bun with red date

Wonton soup with bamboo fungus

Highlight of China Table Restaurant : It is easy get here, close to Asoke Station. Restaurant is decorated in Modern Chinese Style, looks luxury, airy and comfortable atmosphere and also such a good service.

However, the restaurant is located in front of the seminar room, customers who sit in the front might lost their privacy. For the area that can see outside view, it cannot really see anything because the restaurant is on the same level as the BTS railway so it is obscured visibility.

For the food taste, I have no comment because people have different taste but there is one menu that I try and think that it is good is Deep fried crab meat with white onion and cream cheese even though it is missing taste and smell of crab meat.

I have to thank to Mr. Adam Robert Beasley that welcome me here and prepare all the menus for me.

If anyone is interested to come to China Table Restaurant, you call 02-302 3333 for more information and booking.

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday 11.30 am - 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm.

Friday, Saturday and Other Holidays 11.30 am - 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm.

If you like Dim Sum, you should not miss China Table Restaurant


 Thursday, April 16, 2015 2:13 PM