Hi everyone! This is my 3rd travel review so far.

This time I am going to take you to "Hua Hin and Pran Buri", the popular tourist destinations.

I normally use my professional camera DSLR for the review but this time I would like to challenge myself

by using only phone camera. Let's see if I will get any good photos!

These are what I get from the phone camera!

On the way to our destinations, Hua Hin and Pran Buri!

Beautiful shape of cloud before approaching Hua Hin.

The traffic in Hua Hin is already busy on the weekday so no need to mention about the weekend like this.

We have come to check in at our accommodation for tonight first before continuing our journey.

We are staying at The Curve Residence located near Khao Tao in Hua Hin.

The hotel is very calm and quiet with lush greenery surroundings. The majority of the guests of the hotel are foreigners.

The restaurant in the hotel (It is not opened yet for today)

The view from the second floor.

Table set in front of the room. Nice ambiance!

The interior is in Loft style. It is very beautiful.

Once I see the bed, I feel so sleepy suddenly.

We have settled well so let's go out now!

Our first stop is Pran Buri Forest Park. Even though it is in the afternoon, it is not hot at all. The breezy wind is very refreshing.

Not far from Pran Buri Forest Park, it is Khao Kalok.

The scenery of fisherman village at Pak Nam Pran is truly beautiful.

The second day of our trip has approached and we are going to take a deep breathe of fresh air at Chang Hua Man Royal Agriculture Project.

Then our day continues at Wat Huai Mongkol and Sam Pan Nam Floating Market.

We have stopped at Mae Klong Railway Market for fresh vegetable, meat, and seafood before heading back to Bangkok.

And this is everything on this trip through my lens from phone camera.
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Actually I also have taken photos using my professional camera DSLR on this trip and here they are.

My brother and I who have come up with this trip, we always carry huge cameras around.

This is our family hero car that has been taken us through the nation for ages. He still takes a very good care of us these days.

I am so in love with this spot at first sight. These three trees have grown up together uniquely.

I like to walk through the nature. Sometimes people may wonder why there is a certain walkway with a sign "Please stay in the walkway". That is because this way we won't step onto some little creatures like this.

This is a totally peaceful spot, I like it very much.

I guess that not many people ever seen this scene of fishing boat hub at fisherman village Pak Nam Pran.

This is my most favorite photo on this entire trip. Even though there is neither ocean nor wave in the photo, I just feel so good somehow with it.

Chang Hua Man Royal Agriculture Project, the scenery and atmosphere of this place do look like somewhere in European country.

This is my family kind of trip. All members will go around taking photos on their own hahaha.

A walk through the old market beside Mae Klong Railway Market.

This little kid is teasing the cat and it seems like the cat is so happy to be teased.

Last but not least, I am ready to give you my secret phone camera I use on this trip. It is HTC ONE M9 Plus.
If you like it, you may want to look for it and buy one.

Thank you for all your feedback and kind support and I will see you all again soon.. ^^

Mobile Photographer

 Tuesday, October 20, 2015 10:18 AM