"Pang Ung - Baan Rak Thai" Mae Hong Son where anyone will fall in love....

Pang Ung is a very romantic place where people named its as Switzerland of Thailand. Especially in winter, this is a very suitable place for relax and very peaceful where you should not miss.

Do not miss this corner!!!

Bamboo rafting service for only 150 THB and you can enjoy the most wonderful moment.

With warm sunlight and romantic moment, it would be great if we have our love one with us.

"Beautiful sunrise in a cold day"

With its location and atmosphere, Pang Ung becomes a famous place for visitors.

Sunlight with pine trees in the morning reflecting the shadow....

View from drone also not bad at all...

It is an amazing moment that we are standing right here with our love one.

For camping, if you have your own tent, you just have to pay for upkeep fee 100 THB per tent. However, if you do not have your own tent, you can borrow from the national park for 400 THB including 2 bed sets. Tent rental by local people price is between 300 THB - 500 THB depend on the size of tent. Bathroom serviceable which is located near by. Moreover, there are many shops that we can buy food, snacks, drink or even rental shop that you can rent flashlight, mat and mobile phone and camera battery charging.

You also can stay at the bungalow of the national park or go to stay at Baan Rak Thai Village and come here later.

Breakfast in the morning with an amazing morning....

This is also another place that you should not miss, Baan Rak Thai Village. It is a small village that most of local people are Chin Haw (Chinese People who migrated from Yunnan). The hight here is Lee Wine Rak Thai Resort which is earthen house that build in the middle of tea field on the mountain steps. There is also a small cafe that can sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Do not forget to stop by at the cafe...

Let's have a cup of milk tea before continue.

On the second floor, you can enjoy the view of the village...

There is also restaurant here (we are still full from breakfast at Pang Ung so we did not have a chance to try but you should) >-<

Tea field and Earthen Houses are so well matched....

It is really beautiful and amazing. Regretfully, we do not have a chance to stay here according to limited of time. So we stay at Pang Ung and come here for taking photos. However, if you have time, we suggest you to stay one night at Pang Ung and one night at Baan Rak Thai Village.

So amazing especially in the morning.....

There are many resort style, you can choose as your preference....

Feeling like in China

There are restaurant, cafe and souvenir shops at the front, do not forget to stop by....


1. By Car

Route 1 Bangkok - Hod

From Bangkok, heading north to Mae Hong Sorn and continue to Pang Ung by passing Pha Sue waterfall, Pangtong Royal Palace, Baan Mok Jum Pae then turn left to Pang Ung. The road from here might be difficult then continue to Baan Ruam Thai, pass through the village and we will arrive at "Pang Ung". If we continue straight we will arrive at Baan Rak Thai Village.

Route 2 Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Sorn

Taking the route Malai - Pai - Pang Ma Pa where you can stop by at many tourist attraction places. At Baan Mok Jum Pae turn right and follow the sign Baan Ruam Thai and you will arrive at your destination

2. By public transportation

Take the bus from Sai Yud Market, Mae Hong Sorn, "Mae Hong Sorn - Huay Ma Kue" to Baan Ruam Thai or Pang Ung. There are round at 9.00am. and 2.00pm. and on the way back at 6.00am. and 11.00am.

Or car rental with driver to Pang Ung for 600 THB.

Or Pang Ung Tour 1,600 THB per day; Pang Ung, Baan Rak Thai, Pang Tong Royal Palace, Phu Clone. They come to pick up at 5.00am. at the meeting point as per discussed.

Tel. 081 784 5121, 086 115 2816

Hotel and resort

For camping, you can bring you own tent

Or rental from the national park, Tent include bed sets 400 THB for 2 pax

Or rental local people, price start from 300THB - 500THB depend on the tent size.

Bathroom and parking lot available

There are many shops for food, snacks, drink and rental shop for other items and battery charging service.

Or stay at the national park bungalows

Or resort at Baan Rak Thai Village

# For more information
* Tel. : 0821911746
* Location : Pang Tong 2 Royal Project, Pang Tong National Park, Mok Jum Pae Subdistrict, Mueang District, Mae Hong Sorn 58000

+ GPS : https://goo.gl/maps/Knzakkod3w52

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