Today I would like to do this review for people who love waterfalls. There are so many beautiful waterfalls that are more beautiful with rainy. As it is raining for few days now in Bangkok if it is also raining Saraburi that would be perfect time that we should start our journey. But we should call to make sure the situation.

Let's go with me with a half day trip to the closest waterfall near by Bangkok

Ton Rak Sai Waterfall & Sam Lan Waterfall

of Sam Lan Waterfall national park, Mueang, Saraburi

First of all, let check how many waterfalls within 100 km near by Bangkok. By set the starting point from "Victory Monument". As you can see, we can find so many waterfalls around Bangkok.

Then I would like to know which one is the closest one. I use Google map to find out and the result is Sam Lan waterfall is only 104 km far from Bangkok.

All photos are taken in the beginning of this month. During that period, it is raining in Bangkok a lot and I think that there would be a lot of water at the waterfall. So when I arrive, I ask the officer if there is a lot raining here. He tell me that I did not rain for more that a month. However, the waterfall is still beautiful and has a lot of water even though there is no rain.

1st Level of Ton Rak Sai Waterfall

You better choose to go there during weekday to avoid crowd. For me I decide to take business leave to come here during weekday. It feels so private.

Just have someone going with you for more fun and do not feel lonely...

There are 2 level of Ton Rak Sai waterfall.

2nd level of Ton Rak Sai waterfall
It has less water as there was no raining for long time.

I believe that Ton Rak Sai waterfall is the closest waterfall near Bangkok. You can park your car at the National Park and follow the sign to the waterfall. It is about 400 m.

The next waterfall

Sam Lan waterfall

If you do not stop by, it means that you have not got here yet.

Moreover, there are other waterfalls other than these two with the national pathway that connect each of them together. Below list with star is the waterfall that still open for tourists. If you are interested, you can contact the naitonal park directly. (I will post the number for you)

* Sam Lan Waterfall

* Khao Daeng Waterfall

* Ton Rak Sai Waterfall

* Nang Jone Waterfall

* Pho Hin Dad Waterfall

Krok E-ver Waterfall

Phaeng Ma Waterfall

Kroy Kueak Ma Waterfall

This photo is to show how big of the waterfall.

The national park officer tell me that here used to be a volcano, it means this mountain....Oh my god, we are stand on the ancient volcano...

Selfie with waterfall^^

I do not know that origin of Sam Lan but I guest it come from the big three steps of waterfall as you can see

One short for my self^^

I think that I have lost my model...but there she is combining herself with the water...hahahaha

Let's she enjoy the time here...

Actually I really want to go in too but I did not prepare for my new sad T_T

For the direction, this map has starting point at Saphan Khwai intersection heading to Saraburi. When you arrive to the East by pass, turn in to by pass and continue until see the traffic light intersection then turn right and continue straight about 4 km. There you go.. arrival at the National Park Office. (No need to find the national park sign because it is quite difficult to find)

At the intersection...

Telephone No. of Sam Lan National Park: 0812398383 "P'Dong" the national park officer

If you are bored to go to the shopping malls.

If you would like to find some natural places to enjoy...Not too far from Bangkok.

I think here could be one your choice Sam Lan waterfall and Ton Rak Sai waterfall.

Thank you very much

See you on the next review!!!


 Monday, October 26, 2015 11:47 AM