10 Attractions for travel, eat and rest towards Pak Pra

If you have a chance to copy a trip from TAT, don't hesitate to do so. They provide full details no matter attractions in deep alley, delicious restaurants or even prime location of resorts. Let's try. This trip Nai-Fa has an opportunity to travel with TAT in the south. Let's check on the route from Hadyai to Songkhla and Phatthalung. Highlight of this journey is Pak Pra, Phatthalung.

10 attractions along the route Hadyai-Songkhla-Phatthalung within 3 days 2 nights. Where they gonna bring us? You can copy the whole trip or adjust according to your preference.

At 5.00 AM, we check in at Don Muang Airport for a flight at 6.00AM. We land at Hadyai International Airport at 7.00 AM with Nok Air, flight DD7102.

Attraction 1. Breakfast at Chokdee Dim Sum

7.002040, 100.475735

Dim Sum at Amphoe Hadyai, Songkhla

From airport, we go straight to the restaurant, heading towards Hadyai municipality. It is our first eating stop, 15 km. from airport. Map for routing Airport to Dim Sum. Here we are at famous Dim Sum of Hadyai.

Dim Sum: 18THB per serve

Bak Kut Teh: Large 300THB / Small 100THB

Steamed rice 10THB

Drinks Hot / Cold 16THB

Operating hours: 6.00 AM - 12.00 PM and 5.00 PM - 12.00 AM

At first, we plan to go to Cook Chai Dim Sum which is nearby. Location of Dim Sum restaurants in Hadyai You can visit at your convenience as both of them are equally famous. However, TAT bring us to Chokdee Dim Sum. So, the taste is guaranteed. Now we are happily full with first meal at Hadyai especailly Dim Sum. Superb.

Attraction 2. Visit Khao Kho Hong for worshiping 3 sanctities

After the meal, we move to Khao Kho Hong for 7.9 km. Routing

Distance up to the hill is 5 km. Start with ...

Sanctity 1 The Goddess of Kindness

The Goddess of Kindness is made from white jade of Hadyai.

The goddess image in blessing attitude with size of 9.9-metre-height and and 80-ton-weight. White jade is imported from China and carved by Chinese craftman. The statue stands on top of octagon facing to the west which is Hadyai downtown. Whoa, morning sunlight doesn't support in taking photo. To get beautiful light, we have to photograph at the back. T T

Let's observe inside octagon, under goddess image. Pillar at center of octagon is attractively and outstandingly surrounded by plenty of golden goddess images.

Sanctity 2 Pra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj

Drive further for 600 m.

The Buddha with right hand up posture, facing towards Muang Hadyai too. Previously I don't want to take photos of the goddess in contrast with the light. So, taking photo from the side should be okay. However, let me photograph Pra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj in the front too. If you would like to get nice sky, I recommend to come in the afternoon or later than that. In the evening is even better. After paying respect to the Buddha and taking photos, we watch Hadyai city view. This area is the highest and most beautiful viewpoint of Hadyai.

There is an observatory nearby but we don't visit. We stick to the plan, worshiping sanctities. Let's continue.

Sanctity 3 Brahma

Worshiping Shiva, Goddess Uma Devi, Ganesha and Airavata.

After merit, we leave Khao Kho Hong and there is another place to visit in the same are. Let's escape the heat to the chillness.

Hadyai Ice Dome


The temperature is -15 ํC, freezing.

Opens everyday from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Entrance Fee

  • Thai: Children (Height 100 cm. – 150 cm.) 100THB, Adults 200THB
  • Foreign: Children 200THB, Adults 300THB
  • Disability, elder with age more than 65 years and children under 100 cm. Free
  • This fee includes overcoat and gloves.

Caution: Please carefully protect all electronic appliances especially mobile phone and camera. Particularly when leaving the dome, it causes water drops on your appliances like water splashing all over them. I think best way is to put them in multiple plastic bags and tightly wrap them. After coming out, leave them for an hour or at least 30 minutes to let them eventually adjust to outside weather.

Map for visiting Khao Kho Hong

Routing for dropping by The Goddess of Kindness, Pra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj, Brahma and Hadyai Ice Dome.

After that, we move towards Koh Yor crossing first part of Tinsulanonda Bridge and turn left to small road.

Visit OTOP woven fabric. Distance from Khao Kho Hong to this place is 24 km. Routing

Attraction 3. Koh Yor's woven fabric, OTOP

Tumbon Koh Yor, Amphoe Hadyai, Songkhla

7.164726, 100.548077

Koh Yor's woven fabric is local products carried on since Krungsri period to Rattanakosin period and up until today. Koh Yor villagers gather into various group. Each of them has unique pattern. Today we visit 2 group.

"Ratchawat Saeng Song Lar Group" and "Baan Kru Nid Group"

Leaving Koh Yor, we go back the same way shortly to land and go to Songkhla municipality, in order to watch this ...

Attraction 4. Old Town, Muang Songkhla

Experience lively old town through 3 routes including Nakorn-Nok road, Nakorn-Nai road and Nang Ngam road, or so-call 2 Nakorn 1 Nang road. Hundred years residences in Chino-Portuguese style or Chinese style. Old but charming.

Recently the wall is painted in street art making it even more charming. Tourists like to come and take photos for uploading on social network.

If you have few hours, you can walk along these 3 roads.

But if you don't have much time, watch highlight wall painting at ...

First stop 7.197481, 100.589181

Nakorn-Nai road connected with Soi Ya Ring
Image of 3 girls playing tablets

Hub Ho Hin, Songkhla Lovers Association, former red mill, Learning Center for Songkhla History

7.198280, 100.588548

You can visit inside. There are lots of interesting things. In the evening, around 5.00 PM, the door will be closed which you will see chic painting.

Next is image of 3 uncles beside ex-tea shop, Fu Jao.

7.195416, 100.590844

If you seek for city view point in the evening plus Songkhla lake view, I recommend to have dinner at "Krua Man Talay" (restaurant on hill). You can have a meal together with watching top view of Songkhla lake.

Attraction 5. Evening view point of Songkhla lake at Krua Man Talay

7.142936, 100.604314

There are various accommodations in Songkhla. For us, TAT brings us to check in at B. P. Samila Beach located in front of Samila beach.

7.213960, 100.595296

Hotel Facebook

In morning of the second day, we depart from Songkhla heading to Phatthalung.
We travel from one province to another which there are 2 routes. You can take car ferry or drive cross Tinsulanonda Bridge. If you take the ferry, distance is 23 km. shorter.

First stop of the day. Map for Routing

Attraction 6. Por Teung Field, Ram Dang

The filed will fully bloom, to welcome all tourists, in August. It is currently a popular attraction thanks to TAT's promotion. There are many nice corners for photographing or checking in.

Next stop is 40 km. far. Routing to Wat Pa-Koh

Attraction 7. Wat Pa-Koh, Amphoe Sating, Phra Luang Por Tuad Yeab Nam Talay Jued

7.601237, 100.391438

You can drop by the temple. It is totally beautiful plus legend of Luang Por Tuad (word for calling respected monk) who stepped in the sea. Then the sea became tasteless which acquires faith and adherence from villagers. There are more than 1 legend as the temple is ancient, since beginning of Ayudhya period.

We leave Wat Pa-Koh at noon. TAT brings us to this restaurant.

"Samkak Talaynoi Restaurant", Amphoe Kuan Kanoon, Phatthalung. The food is good. It also offers herbal juice plus nice view. It is located in the middle of pond. For reviews of the restaurant, please click on the link. https://goo.gl/Nb3cm1

Location 7.767895, 100.121764 Map https://goo.gl/5ZRDee

Next place after lunch is watching the view joyously.

Attraction 8. Visit tower to watch Talay Noi, Talay Noi Waterfowl Park, Talay Noi Natural and Wild Animal Learning Center

Direction to parking lot 7.788222, 100.124513 Distance of 2.4 km.

The walk way is located on wetland where terminal point is tower with 5-round-winder to the top. Equals to 5-floor-building. The tower gives you bird's-eye view of Talay Noi. If you come at right time, during February to April, you will find plenty of emigrated birds. You can also sail to watch birds and lotus.

Attraction 9. Don't know where to go in the dusk! Come to watch twilight at the longest bridge in Thailand, Aekachai Bridge.

The bridge is locally called "Huapa-Saikling Bridge" or its official name is "Chaloem Phra Kiat 80 Punsa Bridge" (means glorifying king's 80th birthday). Apart from the beauty of lake bank, the north bank is Phatthalung Talay Noi while southern bank is the north part of Songkhla lake. There are water buffalo which has special skills in burrowing into water and eating grass.

Evening at Pak Pra. There are many romantic resorts on your choices. For example,

Wetland Resort and Sri Pak Pra Resort.

For me, I stay at Sri Pak Pra Resort, very nice ambiance. We have dinner at the resort and wake up to see extremely amazing atmosphere!

Attraction 10. Watch the sea of Yor Yak (means giant fishing equipment) at Pak Pra. This is special highlight of the trip, dream destination.

Image of Yor Yak all over the Songkhla lake especially at mouth of Pak Pra canal. We have seen photos for long time but today we experience it by ourselves. It's our turn to sail and photograph. One more dream comes true.

After that, we return back to Hadyai Airport by using Phatthalung-Hadyai route. If you feel hungry during the way, you can drop by Larn Ta Chu Restaurant for steak and Thai food in country style. Location 7.710623, 99.990747 See you again in next review.

Map of the whole trip


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