When the cold winds begin to pass along while the rain starts to fade away.

The smell of soil and the green hills with mist remind me of the nostalgic feeling.

The story on same route is still in the memory, just like it was yesterday.

I was really impressed and now I am back to stand on this route again 'Phu Langka – Pua'.

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This record starts in Chiang Rai, Mae Fah Luang International Airport

Over the sky, the lush green paddy fields of Chiang Rai create a sense of freshness from the first step of the journey.

The sky brings me to the northernmost territory in Siam.

The difference of today is compatible with the end of rainy season and the beginning of winter.

When looking out to the lush green paddy fields.

I decide to fly to Chiang Rai instead of Nan Province because I want to experience the green route of Chiang Kham District in the northeastern part of Phayao Province.

I have been on this route once in the summer and I found it really beautiful.

Thus, I choose to come back in this season and today is probably the most refreshing day.

From Mae Fah Luang International Airport in Chiang Rai, I take the route Thoeng District - Chiang Kham District to go to Phu Langka as the following map.

The lush green paddy fields along the two sideways from Chiang Kham District to Phu Langka

The morning dews on the paddy leaf make me feel fresh and relaxed.

Friendship and smiles are not difficult to find when travelling here.

The grandma farmer greets and smiles to me from far away, in the midst of picturesque paddy fields.

The outlines of a beautiful summer still remains. Today is the end of rainy season and the beginning of winter

But I think the beauty does not differ from my last visit at all.

It is the beauty of a story, a journey combining with friendly smiles that always makes me feel so complacent.

About an hour drive from Chiang Kham District through the hills and the paddy field village.

It is pretty nice paved road through the way to Phu Langka Forest Park.

Until arriving at the popular viewpoint in front of Phu Lamgka Resort

The flow of mist that covers the hill at dawn today.

This time gives a different feeling from last time because I can stand and watch this mist happily.

Someone asked me if this is the only view of this place.

I responded to that. "It's just right here."

The big piece of limestone mountain stands vertically in the middle, which is surrounded by unusual shapes of mountains

And it is this piece of limestone that creates a long lasting impression.

That is the reason I have to come back here again.

In fact, since my last visit I feel that not only a single piece of limestone, but also the mountain trails, the peacefulness and the mist that make this place so impressive and full of beautiful story.

In the morning, locals ride motorcycles to the farms.

Walking and holding cattle along the way and greeting each others with smile.

This is the charm that enhances this place so impressive.

The guesthouse of Phu Langka Resort at a price of a few hundreds is pretty simple and not luxury.

There are mosquito nets, hot water, foods, phone and internet signals, no AC, no fan but plenty of friendly smiles from a person who takes care the resort.

The house is simply, which made of wood but there is a balcony that extends for guest to see views happily.

Someone asked me whether we can capture the same view if we don't stay at the resort.

On the route 1148, you can stop to shoot this view on the sideways without staying at the resort.

Mostly, tourists ride the motorcycles to take pictures here in the morning.

If you use the route 1148 from Chaing Kham District to Nan Province, you will surely pass this point.

It's the point of Phayao Province and Nan Province border.

The blooming flowers are mingled with the mist and morning dew.

During this good time I want to stay here as long as possible.

In addition to the Phu Langka Resort, there is another property called the House of Sea Mist or Ban Talay Mok in Thai.

There are many pretty colorful flowers that you can take memorable pictures by having the backdrop of popular limestone mountain.

These places either Phu Langka or this route.

The best time to visit is this season until late winter.

However, it doesn't mean that you will find the sea of mist every time. This is my second time visiting here but I still have not seen it yet.

Previously, there is the sea of mist almost every day. It depends on the weather and a mix of small luck.

From Phu Langka, I take the same route 1148 to Nan Province.

It is the route that I was impressed during my last visit and I am about to retrace the old days.

The worthless roadside flowers are always pretty in the eyes of a happy person.

The stories on this route are slowly rising up.

When passing the point which is still in the memory.

"Young man, are you here for visiting? The paddy fields will be much more lush and it will be more misty in the rainy season".

I still remember very well the smile and the greeting in northern Thai dialect of the uncle who growing the cornfields.

An elderly man who was busy in doing something with cornfields on the edge of the main road right here.

"Sure, I will come here again in rainy season" I replied the elderly uncle with a smile.

I'm back again now to stand at the same place like my last visit in April but this time is at the end of rainy reason and the beginning of the winter ... however, I don't see the elderly uncle.

I would like to tell him that the paddy fields are so lush and it's misty just like he said and I have also fulfilled my promise to come back here again.

The difference between one to another seasons can be clearly seen.

Even though the farmers already harvested all the cornfields.

Only the corn stumps are left but it is still full of refreshing green paddy fields.

A car rarely passes by here. Mostly, there are just farmers who cultivate along the sideways.

My first visit was because of curiosity and this visit is because of my preference and impression.

There will be more visits to come because I fall in love with this place. I have a feeling that I will come back here many more times.

The viewpoint of Tham Sakoen National Park is also on this road.

It's about ten kilometers away from Phu Langka.

This roadside viewpoint makes me feel so excited.

And it gives me a sense of beauty that I have to stop by and capture the touching moment.

The massive form of mist covers a steep mountain.

I can't believe that this magnificent scene can be found on the roadside.

This is the charm of Nan Province that makes me fall in love.

"Nan," is full stories during the journey and it's always a beautiful destination.

A small viewpoint but gives a great sense to visitors that come from far distance.

The aged rails, the dilapidated shack

And the sea of mist in the foreground seems to be perfectly matched in a simple look.

Actually, this viewpoint of the sea of mist is in charge by Tham Sakoen National Park.

However, the office is pretty far away. I think this place can be a very interesting tourist attraction if there is maintenance in place and someone to take good care.

I stop by to capture the atmosphere for quite long. There are tourists visiting this place from time to time.

If we can possibly move and locate this place in the central part of Thailand or we can develop the route to get here easier and more comfortable, there might be quite many people want to come and see the sea of mist.

The lengthy road in the refreshing green season

When it comes to winter, there might not be that green but the beauty will surely remain.

The first step to Pua Distirct in Nan Province, I am really glad to be back here again.

A good memory and great impression have never fade away.

The paddy fields are turning golden thus the rice harvest will soon come.

Some are still green and having Doi Phu Kha as the great backdrop.

Pua District in my memory, which is full of smiles, friendship and simple lifestyle.

The road through the village is still having lush green fields along the two sideways.

The roadside to Doi Phu Kha is full of lush green fields on both sides.

The curved road is still the same but the memory is growing beautifully.

The great mountains remain green on both sideways to Doi Phu Kha National Park.

There are many stories on the route of Pua-Bo Kluea District for us to explore.

To see the mountains that are high up to the sky and the Chomphu Phukha flowers (Bretschneidera Sinensis Hemsl.), which are vividly beautiful.

To pay homage to Luang Phukha and to buy mountain salt as a souvenir

This trip is part of an impressive record.

Throughout the route more than 250 kilometres from Chiang Rai to Pua District, which the two sideways are lively green.

It does not matter whether it is the same destination.

If you seek for new aspects and look for what is around us.

Thanks to all of you who travels with me. See you again in the next travel record. Sawas dee krub!

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