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Pink Ribbon Menu 2015


Do was invited to taste a healthy menus to against cancer at Blue Elephant Restaurant, Chef Nooror Somany Steppea, a team leader, who was established Blue elephant restaurant and one of the honorary ambassadors of the Against Breast Cancer Campaign, using Pink Ribbon Menu as a name of this project which Khunying Finola Chatamra, the Honorary Advisor of the Red Cross and Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation, was honorably acted as a president of this event. Now let's go and taste the food together.

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'Goose Liver with Momordica sauce from Royal Project and Spicy Ruby'

It is a beautiful thick golden piece. The meat is cooked in a medium rear, not to hard and soft, a very great dish. It is a strange menu, eating with a spicy ruby and a soft scented of pomelo which build up a fresh taste. Serving with a mash potato and striking basil. Eating all in one bite gives a fresh mellow taste, I recommend that it is a very delicious dish.

Spicy Sunchoke and Winged bean, eating together with a river shrimp and Benedit soft-boiled egg.

A good quality in a medium rear shrimp piece, eating with a crispy spicy and nice-smelling dressed salad and added egg which gives a soft touch and uncommon taste.

'A black tofu salad with a vegetable of the Royal project with a white sesame sauce and apples,Beef tomato, Lotus root and Argan Oil'

Wrap everything in a spring roll shape, fresh and crispy with a standard scented white sesame.

'Soft shell crab fried with Turmeric and herb, serving with a seafood and sweet fish sauce'

A scented crispy big fried pieces of soft shell crab cover with a thin flour which is strange but a great fit with a sweet fish sauce.

'Rice Noodles in sweet curry sauce with a fresh shrimp, vegetables and fried crispy flower'

A scented, strong, mellow of sweet curry sauce with a crispy fried flower. I recommend that overall this menu is yummy.

'Rambutan soup with a Soursop Durian'

A clear soup with a scented of Rambutan which gives a sense of simple taste and charm.

'Sour and Spicy Smoked Dry Salmon Fish Soup'

A well cooked piece of fish. An outstanding of a very scented soup and mellow taste. I recommend this menu.

'Steamed fish with curry paste with a snake-head fish in a Noni leaf'

A fresh fish from Singburi with a well-fit of full ingredients

'Chicken curry with a Garcinia leaf'

Garcinia leaf from Chantaburi, it has a soft touch, easy to eat. The taste of soup is not that strong but has a mellow sense. I recommend this menu.

'Spicy and Soup Curry with Shrimp and Vegetable Omelet'

A big piece of shrimp, a scented vegetable omelet with a delicious and strong taste of spicy and soup curry. It is a great dish.

'A grilled Saba fish with a chili sauce and sweet tamarind from Phetchabun'

' Momordica Sherbet and Karanda'

A little bit sweet and sour, very fresh.

'Panna cotta Avocado baked with candle smoke/ Phule Momordica/ Date Palm Custard/ Tao Suan Ginkgo with young coconut.

Chef Nooror Somany Stepp, Founding Partner and Director Senior Corporate Executive Chef of Blue Elephant

An elegant and classic beautiful atmosphere which is a fit mixed between Thai and international style, same as Pink Ribbon menu that Chef Nooror is proudly presents today is fulled of Thai style but it also easily attract people from different places and focus on healthy food. In addition, nearly all the raw materials come from different parts of Thailand, For some portion of the price after deduct an expenses, Blue Elephant restaurant will distribute and donate to Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation, starting from now on until the end of October 2015 to help patients with breast cancer. It is considered as a a good quality food that very healthy to ourselves and other people.

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