Cold but heartwarming....

In Google Maps, it's only 300 kilometers. But it takes 6 hours to drive! The route is quite curvy and complicated as you have to go up and down the mountain all the time....


  • Point 1 - Viewpoint กม.12
  • Point 2 - Thong Pha Phum National Park
  • Point 3 - Colline Change Suek
  • Point 4 - Etong Village
  • Point 5 - Pilok Mine
  • Point 6 - Pilok Mine Temple
  • Point 7 - Thai-Myanmar Friendship Pass (Ripped Mountain Pass)
  • Point 8 - Nuern Sao Thong
  • Point 9 - Chokkradin Waterfall
  • Point 10 - Vajiralongkorn Dam

A narrow curve where cars pass

Point 1 - Viewpoint กม.12

It is located on the left side of the road before you reach the Thong Pha Phum national park. You can park your car here and watch the fog.

Viewpoint กม.12

(Also known as the Pilok mine entry viewpoint)

The front

Minibus Etong-Thong Pha Phum

Attractions sign

The attractions indicated on the sign are as follows:

  • Peteng waterfall
  • Thai - MyanmarFriendship pass
  • Nuern Sao Thong
  • Etong market
  • High mountain viewpoint
  • Somsak mine (4 wheel-transportation is recommended)
  • Jet Mit waterfall
  • Chokkradin waterfall
  • Thong Pha Phum national park

It takes around 9 kilometers of driving from the viewpoint กม.12 to reach the Thong Pha Phum national park

Point 2 - Thong Pha Phum National Park

It is located in the Huai Kayeng national conservation park and the Kao Chang Puek forest in Amphoe Thong Pha Phum and Amphoe Sangkhla Buri district.

Admission fees

  • Thais - Adults 40 baht/person, Children 20 baht/person
  • Foreigners - 200 baht/person, Children 100 baht/person
  • Motorcycles - 20 baht/each, Cars - 30 baht/car
  • Camping fee (tents) - 30 baht/person/night

Nuern Gud Doi

A viewpoint where you can see the complicated mountain ranges. Just a short drive from the entrance.

Camping site

The fog is coming

The balcony hanging from the cliff

Tarzan's house - Accommodation in the park

Point 3 - Nuern Chang Suek

It is the 135th border patrol police's base (Chang Suek base) and a viewpoint on the peak of the Thai-Myanmar border. You can camp here, there are toilets but there aren't any rooms, shops or restaurants.

There is a concrete road to reach the Nuern Chang Suek around 1.8 meters from the entrance.


At 3PM, the fog is getting heavy

I can't see the view outside

We leave Nuern Changsuek to travel to Etong village (around 2.8 kilometers)

Point 4 - Etong Village

Etong village is a small village located near the Thai - Myanmar border. It is very quiet and safe. There is still natural ways of life here.

Etong market

The well in the middle of the village

For our stay tonight, we stayed at the Love Pilok home stay for 300 baht/night including breakfast + hot water + TV + WIFI

Inside the room

One fan is enough as it is very cold at night

In front of the 2nd floor room

After packing, we went to the market

Getting hungry, we had lunch at Jae Ni's restaurant

There are also souvenirs from Myanmar for sale

Nice scented Burmese tea (30 in a pack) - 90 baht

It's getting dark!

Finishing the night with a hot Bua Loi

Second day

It's been raining since morning and it's cold too

While waiting for the rain to stop, I had some boiled rice + bread and coffee

Let's make some name tags! Only 20 baht/each

Mine is in there too

Point 5 - Pilok mine

Pilok mine used to be an old tin and wolframite mine. Nowadays, there is no more mining. Only tourists come to visit the mine.

Mining tool shed

Old tools that were used for mining in the past

Outside Pilok mine, we walked to the left side

Helicopter parking space

Etong Mine School

Point 6 - Pilok Mine Temple

The temple is built in Burmese style and located on a mountain in the west which is more than 1,800 tall.

While walking, we took in the beautiful nature

You can see the village from here

We pay our respects here

We leave the Pilok mine temple and drive to the Thai-Myanmar pass (around 850 kilometers)

Point 7 - Thai-Myanmar Friendship Pass

เป็นช่องทางแนวท่อก๊าซจากประทศพม่า มายังฝั่งไทย มีจุดพักท่อตามแนวสันเขาผานช่องแคบนี้ ไม่อณุญาตให้นักท่องเที่ยวข้ามไปยังฝั่งประเทศพม่า สามาถเดินเข้าไปสุดแค่ป้อมฝั่งพม่าไม่เกินแนวนี้ จะมีทหารไทย และทหารพม่า คอยดูแลพื้นที่การเข้าออกอยู่ตลอดเวลา

It is a pass for gas pipes from Myanmar to Thailand. Tourists are not allowed to cross to Myanmar from here. This is the farthest you can go. Thai and Burmese soldiers are here to keep watch too.

Myanmar side

View from the Myanmar side

Point 8 - Nuern Sao Thong

Nuern Sao Thong is a border between Thailand and Myanmar. You can visit this place as there are soldiers keeping the peace here.

Near the Burmese base

Gas pipe way

Burmese base

View from Myanmar


PTT. Gas factory

Next we will go to Chokkradin waterfall

Point 9 - Chokkradin waterfall

It is quite rough at the entrance

It is unfortunate that it was raining when I got there. I couldn't go in the waterfall because of the rain. So sad :(

Let's go home!

On the way home we went to Vajiralongkorn Dam

Point 10 - Vajiralongkorn Dam

Vajiralongkorn Dam or Kao Laem is the first dam built with rocks in Thailand and used concrete and metal to support it. It is located on the Kwae Noi river. The dam is mainly used for producing electricity.

On the dam

Around the dam

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