Hong Kong Suki (The Portal Lifestyle Complex Branch)

Hong Kong Suki restaurant offers Hong Kong style steaming hotpot (suki) with four choices of specially prepared soup base to suit all taste buds – Sichuan soup, Chinese herbal soup, preserved egg with Chinese parsley soup and spicy Tom Yum soup. Slurps your way through the deliciousness of authentic Hong Kong style sukiyaki coupled with the freshest ingredients ranging from Hong Kong style homemade meatballs, sliced pork, beef, to seafood and vegetables. Be spoiled for choice by a mouthwatering array of original Hong Kong a-la-carte menu items such as BBQ pork with BBQ pork belly, roasted duck, noodle dishes and freshly made dim sum. Every dish is delicately prepared by skilled Hong Kong and Thai chefs to ensure quality and deliciousness.


Steamed Pork & Shrimp with Shrimp Roe Siu Mai - 95 Baht

Steamed Prawns with Spicy Lime Sauce - 95 Baht

Pan Fried Tofu Sheet with Minced Shrimp - 95 Baht

Assorted BBQ Platter (3 Kind) - 225 Baht

Poached Kale “Hong Kong” with Oyster Sauce - 120 Baht

Egg Noodles with Beef Brisket - 150 Baht

Egg Noodles with Seafood - 160 Baht

Signature Dishes

Sichuan soup

Chinese herbal soup

Tom Yum soup

Preserved egg with Chinese parsley soup

ชุดสุกี้ยากี้ : Sukiyaki Sets - ชุดทะเลรวม /Seafood Platter ราคา 599 บาท (ฺBaht)

ลูกชิ้นฮ่องกง 4 สไตล์ : “Hong Kong Style” Meat Ball (4 Kind) ราคา 165 บาท (Baht)

Beef Rib Eye - 110 Baht

Marinated Beef - 120 Baht

Vegetable Plater - 199 Baht

Chilled mango Pudding 80 Baht

Chilled Coconut Milk with Red Bean Pudding - 80 Baht

Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle - 40 Baht

General Information

“Hong Kong Suki” (The Portal Lifestyle Complex Branch)

Location: 2nd Floor, The Portal Lifestyle Complex (Next to IMPACT Arena)

Seating Capacity: 116 seats

Opening Hours: Daily from 11 AM – 2 PM

Tel.: 02-040-8176

Email: [email protected].th

Website: www.hkfisherman.com

Facebook: HongKongFisherman

Instagram: Hong Kong Fisherman

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