PHUKET with Strangers x Hotel IKON Phuket | Strangers On A Bike Around Phuket written by A girl goes there.

We are back with a relaxing weekend trip! This time, we will be taking you to 'Phuket'; which is the first time for me to ever travel to the South of Thailand to experience the Southern seas - even though I am 21 years old! Today, I will get to see how beautiful it is! If you are ready, let's

PHUKET with Strangers x Hotel IKON Phuket | Strangers On A Bike Around Phuket

PHUKET with Strangers x Hotel IKON Phuket | Strangers On A Bike Around Phuket

 Friday, March 30, 2018 7:49 PM

 Travel date:  Friday, March 2, 2018

We are back with a relaxing weekend trip!

This time, we will be taking you to 'Phuket'; which is the first time for me to ever travel to the South of Thailand to experience the Southern seas - even though I am 21 years old!

Today, I will get to see how beautiful it is!

If you are ready, let's go!

For the trip, I managed to reserve with good promotion price.

I couldn't invite my friends in time so I decided to go alone!

However,.. it's quite lonely...

Since I couldn't find a travel buddy from home, I decided to find one in Phuket instead. I started by posting my trip on a couchsurfing website.

Luckily, a woman from Russia responded back saying that she will be in Phuket the same time as me.

)This is the beginning of traveling with strangers :)

The view from the airplane is enough to take your breath away ♡


For this trip,I stayed at Hotel IKON Phuket.

โดยจุดเด่นของเค้าก็คือ บรรยากาศดี ตั้งอยู่ใกล้ภูเขา มองเห็นวิวหาดกะรน ใกล้ที่ท่องเที่ยว Their selling point is the great atmosphere. The hotel is located near the mountain and tourist areas and you can see the view of Karon beach

Most importantly, there is a beautiful outdoor pool available :)

โดย Hotel IKON Phuket is located near Karon beach around 60 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport. Also, the hotel is near popular tourist destinations like Karon beach (shuttle bus from hotel available), Promthep Cape, Nai Han beach and Patong beach.

There are 4 kinds of rooms here:

1. IKON Superia

2. IKON Ocean (I stayed in this room)

3. IKON Ocean Premier

4. IKON Triple

The bed is very large. Since I travel alone, it is especially large!

The room is very spacious and can easily fit two suitcases without getting messy.

Under the television, there are many kinds of plugs where you can charge as many gadgets as you like which is especially convenient for me because I carry many with me. You can charge your phone,camera or other gadgets without having to fight over the plugs!

There is also a sofa bed for relaxing in the room.

Tea, coffee and free water bottles are in the refrigerator.

In the bathroom, there is everything you need with many towels.

From the room balcony, you can see the sunset and Karon beach. A million dollar view!

My favorite spot is the swimming pool! It is also the most popular spot to take photos!


Start a new day with breakfast in the hotel before going on a motorcycle ride!

Today, I will get to meet my new travel buddy for this trip :D

After picking up my Russian travel buddy, we went to the old Phuket city which is filled with beautiful street art and shops that sell handmade and crafted items.

Ilona with Phuket Tuk Tuk

Ilona and I met on a couchsurfing website. Normally, the website is for looking hosts to stay with for free for those who want to save money. Sometimes you get to sleep on a sofa, on a bed, or even get a room of your own!

However, you can arrange a meet up or post your trip to find a travel buddy that will be traveling in the same period as you. Ilona came to Phuket the same time that I did so we decided to share the motorcycle rental fee and take a ride around Phuket.

She said that she doesn't want to waste money on an expensive and unnecessary tour. So she came on a local tour with me instead!

On both sides of the old city, the buildings are designed with Sino-Portuguese architecture. We liked to walk so we walked to the end of the road and visited all the shops and back again.

Street art / Mural art are everywhere!

Ilona says that she really likes the patterns on the buildings.

A shop that sells cute ceramic works is on this road too.

Everything is cute when it has a pastel color.

Even small alleys are nice places to take photos. <3

Now we have arrived at the landmark - the Phuket Clock Tower!

Then, we went beach hopping!

The one thing that both Ilona and I like is the beach!

She is always ready to jump into the sea. You can see that she takes her snorkeling mask everywhere!

Ra Wai Beach Pier

Ilona saw that straw hats are sold at a very low price in a shop so she bought one. She said to me:

"There will be only me, my hat and my sunglasses in all photos!"

Which is true.

The popular Promthep beach is filled with tourists. I went there quite late so I just looked at the beach from here and went to find somewhere less crowded.

So this is what cool light is like <3

This is the beach where we spent the most of our time because there weren't many people.It is located under the windmill viewpoint and has a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

You can also sit, sleep or take photos on the rocks.

Her beach equipment is well prepared and she also bought a straw bag to go with her hat.

The person being taken a photo is happy - the photographer is happy :)

Ilona said that this is her second time in Thailand. Before this trip, she went to Ko Lipe. As she loves the Thai sea, she decided to come back again.

The sun is going to set soon.

From Promthep Cape, we rode to Baan Grating resort. You can exchange cards with the guards in front and go in to the resort. The beach is quite private.

Actually, I planned to see the sunset at Grating Cape.

However, we didn't know that it is very far and difficult to walk there so we only went halfway there...

The rocks are quite dangerous and slippery to walk on so I recommend putting on sneakers or anything that is comfortable to walk in.

If it starts to get dark, hurry back or it will get very difficult to walk back.


On the third day, I reserved a day rip at

Ko Phi Phi Le - Maya Bay - Ko Phai

It's my first time there, so I wanted to try all the popular locations first :D

We arrived in Maya Bay around 9 o'clock according to the program so it wasn't so busy. I can now die in peace after seeing the blue and clear Andaman sea!

Around the back is the Loh Sama Bay. A lot of people are queuing up to see the view.

Ilona with her sunglasses and cool straw hat.

After walking around and sun bathing in Maya Bay, we went snorkelling in Pi Le Lagoon.

Seeing the color of the water, I wanted to jump in. It is such a beautiful turquoise color!

When the boat stopped, everyone went to the front of the boat and jumped into the sea!

ก่อนจะไปพักทานข้าวกลางวันกัน ได้แวะที่ถ้ำไวกิ้งกันด้วยค่ะ

เขาบอกว่าภายในถ้ำมีภาพเขียนสีโบราณอยู่ แต่เราเข้าไปดูข้างในไม่ได้นะคะ ได้แค่ข้างหน้า

Before having lunch, we went to Viking Cave. They say that there is an ancient drawing in the cave but you can't go in. You can only see the front.

We had lunch on Phi Phi Island! After lunch, we took photos on the beach.

It may seem like the weather is cool, but we are burned!

The last destination of the day is Ko Phai.

The white sand is so soft and perfect for sunbathing.

We didn't get to go one the long boat this time so we took a picture with one instead.


Today, I have a late night flight so I still have time to ride around.

We had lunch near Karon and rode to Paradise Beach. On the way, there are viewpoints to look at Patong beach from this side.

The beach is very beautiful but it costs 200 baht per person. The beach chairs, water, towels and other activities have to be paid for too. There aren't many people so you can rest here.

At night, there seems to be half moon and full moon parties available as well.

There is a beach on each side. If you cross it, you can sit on the rocks like this.

I would like to finish this trip with this photo

Ilona and her Banana Leaves

She said that she was very excited about the banana trees and leaves because there aren't any in Russia so she wanted to find one and take a photo with it. :D

I can't imagine having this much fun if I had traveled alone because on my journey, there was always someone to talk and exchange culture with. We talked about both serious and stupid things. Traveling really doesn't have boundaries.

See you on my next trip :)

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